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Bus Pass Information and Fees

The information provided below applies to general education students only.  For more information regarding transportation for Special Education students, please see the Special Education Transportation page.


Eligibility Rules

In accordance with Board Policy 3541.1, students must live a particular distance from the school site of enrollment to qualify for school bus transportation services:

School of Enrollment Required Distance for Eligibility*
Elementary School 1.5 mile RADIUS** from school of enrollment
Middle School/Junior High School 3.5 mile RADIUS** from school of enrollment
High School 3.5 mile RADIUS** from school of enrollment

*Distances are measured using Versatrans Routing and Planning software

**The RADIUS is a straight line between the residence address and the school of enrollment.  This is not the same as driving distance.


How to Purchase a Bus Pass

Bus passes for the regular school year may be purchased at any time between August 1st and the last day of school (mid-June) in one of the following locations:

  • ONLINE at (recommended)
  • IN PERSON at the Transportation Department office, 43770 S. Grimmer Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538.  Bus pass office hours: Monday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Bus pass applications are available via the following links: English / Spanish.


Bus Pass Prices - Note: All prices may incur fees

2018-2019 School Year Prices
Pass Type Full Price 10-Month Payment Plan
Annual Round Trip* $763.00 $77.00 per month
Annual One-Way* $431.00 $44.00 per month
Semester Round Trip $431.00 Not Applicable
Semester One-Way $244.00 Not Applicable

*Annual passes may be purchased on a 10-month payment plan using a debit or credit card.  Monthly payment plan option is available ONLINE ONLY at  Additionally, the monthly payment plan option is only available for purchase during the first semester of the school year.


Free Transportation

Free transportation is available for qualifying low income families.  To apply for free transportation, parents/guardians must submit ALL of the following documents IN PERSON to the Transportation Department office:

Applications received without proof of income will not be processed.


Bus Pass Photos

Each student’s photo is printed on his/her bus pass.  In most cases, we will use the most recent school year photo for the student’s pass.  If the student is new to FUSD or did not take school pictures the previous school year, parents/guardians must bring their student to the Transportation Department office to take a picture for the bus pass.  Outside photos are not accepted.


Change in Home Address or School of Enrollment

Any changes to a student’s home address or school of enrollment should be reported to the Transportation Department as soon as possible.  NOTE: If you have moved, you should update your address with your child’s school or the Student Support Services Department BEFORE you notify the Transportation Department, as school placement may change.  The Transportation Department will not make any changes to existing services until your address has been verified by the school or Student Support Services Department.


Cancellation Policy

All bus passes are considered active until the expiration date printed on the pass.  To cancel an active bus pass before the expiration date, the pass must be surrendered to the Transportation Department office.  Once a bus pass has been surrendered to the Transportation Department office, the student will no longer be allowed to ride the school bus until a new pass has been purchased.



  • PAID IN FULL – Bus passes purchased at full price are eligible for a prorated refund based on the date that the pass was returned to the Transportation Department office.  Refunds will not be processed until the bus pass has been surrendered.
  • MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN – There are NO REFUNDS for bus passes purchased on a monthly payment plan.  To avoid being charged for the upcoming month, bus passes must be returned to the Transportation Department office BEFORE the recurring billing date.

“Program Fees” paid when purchasing a bus pass online at are not collected by the FUSD Transportation Department and are therefore NON-REFUNDABLE.


Replacing a Lost Bus Pass

Students are required to present their bus passes EVERY TIME they board the school bus.  Students without a valid bus pass will not be allowed on the school bus.

If a bus pass is lost, a replacement may be purchased for $20.00 either online at or in person at the Transportation Department office.  Bus pass office hours are Monday-Thursday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.