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SRO Task Force Overview

Update 1/20/21

Reevaluation/Envisioning of the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program – A School Resource Officer (SRO) was assigned to each of the six high schools and served all schools and offices throughout the District. The mission of the SRO unit was to ensure a safe learning environment for students, teachers, and school administrators. The School Resource Officer (SRO) Task Force was established at the direction of the Board. The Task Force was established to review the SRO program, consider modifications, and make recommendations to the Board of Education regarding the program. The Task Force met on September 24, October 8 and October 29, 2020, and drafted their recommendations. At its November 12, 2020, Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees took action to accept the recommendations of the School Resources Officer Task Force and approved the elimination of the School Resources Officer Program. At its December 16, 2020, board meeting, the Board took action to bring the agenda item back to the Board. The Board of Education has requested this prior agenda topic return for discussion and possible action. The Board was asked to review the prior Board decision to accept the School Resource Officer Task Force recommendations, and take action related to the School Resource Officer program, and/or any related School Resource Task Force recommendations. See presentation here. Board votes 4-1 to reinstate SRO Program with no funding by FUSD while in shelter-in-place and begin discussions to review parameters with the City and Police Department on options for next steps moving forward. FUSD and the City/Police Department would be asked to draft MOU.


During the November 12, 2020, Board of Education meeting, the decision was made to end FUSD’s agreement with the City of Fremont to keep our current School Resource Officer Program. As FUSD moves forward with building other structures of support for school safety and student wellness, while reshaping practices and protocols, we also acknowledge and appreciate that although SRO’s won’t be on campus each day moving forward, a successful collaboration with the Fremont Police Department must remain.

Task Force has finished its work and is no longer operational. 

FUSD offers our thanks to the officers who have committed so many years of their time and energy to the service of our community and our schools.

Meetings were held via Zoom at 6:00 p.m. on the following dates:
9/24/20 Agenda | Video | Minutes
10/08/20 Agenda | Video | Minutes
10/22/20 Agenda | Video  | Minutes
10/29/20 Agenda | Video

Documents Folder (includes final report, public input, presentations, and additional documents)


SRO Task Force Public Input Form (Google Form now closed) - All Input will be provided to the Task Force prior to each meeting.)

Public input accepted until 24 hours before the meeting.
The Task Force respects the right of the public to provide input. The content of messages should be civil and appropriate for a public meeting. Employees who are defamed by public input may be entitled to pursue legal action against those who engage in such messages.
All Input will be provided to the Task Force prior to each meeting. Input will be added to the meeting minutes. This form will be the only process to provide input - no emails will be accepted. Thank you.


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