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Test 2

Welcome. Topics (A through J) provide Information for parents/guardians to start and complete the enrollment process.

A Enrollment Announcements - Updated 11/13/18 - Quick info on current meetings and timelines.

B Enrollment School Year (2018-19) Transitional Kindergarten through Grade 12 - for current school year, a packet of pdf files to fill out with additional instructions. A student cannot be enrolled in a Fremont Unified School District school for the current school year if they are currently enrolled in another public or private school for the current school year. A withdrawal letter from the previous school must be provided at time of enrollment.

C Enrollment School Year (2019-20) Transitional Kindergarten through Grade 12 - for next school year Online Enrollment with Parent Portal - quick sign up then wait for confirmation email to continue with process.

D Spanish and Mandarin Immersion Programs - Immersion education (open to all) is an alternative educational model designed to provide students with fluency and literacy in two languages.

E Science Magnet - Kindergarten through 6th grade Mattos Elementary program that uses approved district and state curriculum standards with a unique learning experience focused on Science.

F Current Immunization Records - first & last names, date of birth, dates of all shots given, physician stamp for each shot. If immunization record has been transcribed, physician must provide stamp for each and all shots.

G Enrollment FAQs - Document explaining common Enrollment terms and providing context to the process.

H Caregiver Affidavit - Students who live with and are under the care of a family member other than the parents or legal guardian (caregiver) may enroll in the school attendance area in which the caregiver lives. Requires Appointment and Affidavit.

I Declaration of Residency - Families who live in a residence other than their home residence (i.e. living with another member of the family or living with a friend). Requires Appointment and Declaration.

J Optional Steps After Enrollment - Links to CNS, Special Ed, pre-School and other services.