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MIP/SDI Task Force

Mandarin Immersion Program (MIP) & Spanish Dual Immersion (SDI)

The Role of the Task Force

The MIP/SDI Task Force will gather, analyze, review, and consider information and data to provide recommendations to the Board of Education to consider short term and long term solutions for both the Mandarin Immersion Program and the Spanish Dual Immersion Program.

Task Force Representation

The goal of the Task Force is to assist with communication to all stakeholders within the MIP and SDI communities. The group will include stakeholders from the following groups:

  • Two Parent/guardians of current Mandarin and Spanish Immersion students for each program
  • One MIP and SDI School administrator
  • Two current MIP and SDI teachers for each program 
  • One Representative from Fremont Unified District Teachers Association 
  • Two Federal and State Programs staff members 
  • Two Facilities Advisory Committee members
  • Two Board of Trustees

Committee members represent the diversity of our immersion programs.  Members will help find solutions to serve both programs and will engage in meaningful two way dialogue and collaboration throughout the process to inform our stakeholders.

Agendas and Minutes