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Dual Immersion

Program Description

Fremont Unified School District offers two Immersion programs: Spanish and Mandarin. The district's Immersion program is open to non English-speaking and English-speaking students. Immersion education is an alternative educational model designed to provide students with fluency and literacy in two languages. In these programs, all students develop literacy in the target language first with the gradual addition of English. Students in the Immersion program are taught using the same California State Standards as all other students in the district. The Immersion program is offered in Spanish and Mandarin for students in grades K-8.


All students are eligible to enroll in the Immersion program in kindergarten and first grade. Students who wish to enter Immersion in grades 2-8 must demonstrate fluency and literacy skills in English and the target language in order to be eligible for enrollment.  All Immersion enrollment is dependent upon space.



 Target Language  Elementary  Junior High



Vallejo Mill

Mandarin Azevada






Mandarin Immersion Brochure English

Mandarin Immersion Brochure Mandarin


Spanish Immersion Brochure English

Spanish Immersion Brochure Spanish



K-6 Dual Language Application English

K-6 Dual Language Application Mandarin

K-6 Dual Language Application Spanish

Jr. High Immersion Program Application Cover Sheet

Jr. High Immersion Program Application English

Jr. High Immersion Program Application Mandarin

Jr. High Immersion Program Application Spanish

Master Plan for the Immersion Program

Immersion Program Master Plan - Chinese, click here. 

Immersion Program Master Plan - English, click here. 

Immersion Program Master Plan - Spanish, click here.