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After School Education and Safety Program (ASES) - Previous Proposition 49

The After School Education and Safety Program is funded by the State of California. This program includes both educational and enrichment activities. Activities are based on the needs of participating students. The educational activities include tutoring and homework help in language arts, mathematics, history, social science, computer training and science. Enrichment activities may include fine arts, recreation, physical fitness, career-technical training, prevention activities, as well as many others.

  • Begins immediately upon the conclusion of the regular school day
  • Contains a reasonable early release policy for participating students
  • Includes daily nutritious snacks that meet USDA requirements
  • Is voluntary
  • Remains open until 6:00 pm

The After School Education and Safety Program is Available at the Following Sites

School Address Principal
Brier Elementary

39201 Sundale Dr

Julie Williams

(510) 657-5020

Cabrillo Elementary 36700 San Pedro Dr

David Thornley

(510) 792-3232

Grimmer Elementary 43030 Newport Dr

Judy Nye

(510) 656-1250