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C&I Initiatives Dashboard

The Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Department provides teachers with the curriculum and training they need in order to deliver high quality, responsive instruction.  This dashboard summarizes the current status of major key initiatives in Curriculum and Instruction. Curriculum initiatives are generally adoptions of new standards-aligned materials for use in teaching. Instruction initiatives are generally resources and/or professional development designed to support best instructional practices.

C&I Initiatives
Category Initiative Description and Timeline Status
Curriculum Amplify Science adoption - Core science curriculum for Grades 6-8; adopted October, 2020 COMPLETE
Curriculum Social Studies adoption - Core social studies materials for grades K-5; expected recommendation to Board May, 2021. To preview the recommended materials click here PROGRESS
Curriculum Core Literature adoption - Consideration of required core reading for grades 7-12; expected recommendation to Board in Spring, 2022 PROGRESS
Curriculum SEL Curriculum - Core social & emotional learning materials for grades TK-12; timeline TBD  PRE-PLAN 
Curriculum Supplemental Literature: Optional literature available for teachers; approval meetings in December, 2020 and April, 2021 PROGRESS
Instruction History Social Studies Instructional Practices - Development of instructional practices aligned to the K-12 CA HSS Framework
- Three Phases: Phase 1- Spring, 2021, Phase 2 - Fall/Winter 2021, Phase 3 - Spring 2022
Instruction Chemistry in the Earth Systems - Development of instructional resources for College Prep and Honors Chemistry in the Earth System aligned to the California K-12 Science Framework PROGRESS