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Elementary Report Cards

Elementary report cards are one of the communications between parents and teachers about students' academic performance. They shows students' performance in different areas. Depending on the grade levels, report cards contain different information on what students will be graded on. Elementary report cards are distributed after each trimester. Please check with the school for the exact report card distribution date.

2018-19 Elementary Report Cards
English 中文* Español*
Grade TK 過渡性幼稚園 grado TK
Grade K 幼稚園 grado K
Grade 1 一年級 grado 1
Grade 2 二年級 grado 2
Grade 3 三年級 grado 3
Grade 4 四年級 grado 4
Grade 5 五年級 grado 5
Grade 6 六年級 grado 6

* Spanish and Chinese versions are available as a reference for parents.

Fremont Unified School District will be switching to Standard-Based Grading report cards in 2019-2020 school year. For more information, please visit the 2019-20 Elementary Report Cards page.