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Extended School Year/Summer School Information

Parents/guardians of students qualified for Extended School Year (ESY)/Summer School programs will receive informational material and applications from their students’ school sites. Applications should be turned in as instructed in the ESY/Summer School packets as soon as possible to prevent processing delays.

The Transportation Department will receive a list of students enrolled in ESY/Summer School programs. 

Parents/guardians do NOT need to visit the Transportation Department to fill out additional applications or forms for ESY/Summer School transportation.


Parents/guardians will be notified of their student’s pick-up/drop-off times and route numbers before ESY/Summer School starts.


School bus transportation eligibility is based on the proximity of student’s home address to the school of enrollment.  To qualify, students must live the following distance from the school of enrollment:

Elementary School Students - 1.5 miles radius Minimum Distance from School of Enrollment*

Junior High/High School Students - 3.5 miles radius Minimum Distance from School of Enrollment*
*This distance is measured as a straight line between the school of enrollment and the student’s home address.  This is not the driving distance between the two locations.


School bus transportation for summer programs is FREE.


Students do NOT need to come to the Transportation Department to take pictures.  Photos from our district-wide student database will be used for bus passes.  If a photo is not available, a generic photo will be used.


Before ESY/Summer School starts, bus passes and bus pass information (including pick-up/drop-off times, route numbers, and assigned bus stops) will be mailed to the student’s home address via USPS.