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CSEA Training Time

CSEA and Fremont Unified School District have agreed on making Training Time available to all CSEA employees.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to participate in online or in-person courses. 

All CSEA members may participate in up to sixteen (16) hours of training time per year over the course of the 2015 -16 and 2016-17 fiscal years.  

  • Employees shall receive up to a $340.00 stipend for completion of sixteen (16) hours of district-directed training per school year.  
  • The stipend shall be paid at the completion of the sixteen (16) hours, documented by timecard and verified by a district and/or site administrator, and submitted by June 30th of each year.   
  • A certificate of completion shall be submitted along with his/her timecard.   
  • If less than sixteen hours are completed during the year, the stipend will be pro-rated based on the number of hours completed.  

Please continue to check for updated courses by logging into the ERO system.

Resources for course opportunities and instructions to register or login for courses:

Training Time Catalog for On-Line Courses with Keenan (pdf updated 10/3/16)

Instructions to Access Courses with Keenan  (pdf updated 10/3/16)

FAQs (pdf added 10/3/16)

Directions EROs Classified (pdf 5/25/18)

CSEA In Person Training Catalog 2016 (pdf added 10/6/16)