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About the Superintendent


As I enter my twenty-fifth year in public education, each new school year still brims with exciting ways to connect with our school communities.
Fremont Unified teachers and support staff dedicate their hearts, minds, and souls to this profession by helping young people achieve not only academic outcomes, but also learn important life lessons, meet high expectations, become civically responsible, and develop personal well-being. We get to spend 13 years...or 2,340 days...or 14,040 instructional hours with each student throughout their K-12 career. Multiply that by nearly 36,000 students and that’s over 50 million hours!
Throughout this 2018 fall, a series of stakeholder meetings will be conducted with the goal of creating a district-wide “Portrait of a Fremont Graduate”. The outcome of these engagement sessions will be to generate a visual or roadmap of a well-rounded FUSD graduate with the qualities, experiences, character, skills, and knowledge they should attain along the way. This representation will be collectively developed between August-December 2018 and unveiled at the January 30, 2019 Board Meeting.
By collaborating with parents, community members, students, staff, and our city partners, FUSD strives toward a common vision and unites under a common mission. We want to hear your voices and collect your ideas about who our Fremont graduates should be when they walk across the stage each June. There will be many opportunities at the school and district level to share your insights, hopes, and dreams for our students. Look for outreach events in newsletters, on our website, and other upcoming communications.

Kim Wallace, Ed.D
Fremont Unified School District