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Board Meeting Highlights: August 24, 2022 (Regular)
Posted 8/25/22
FUSD District Office

Board Members

Dianne Jones, President
Vivek Prasad, Vice President
Yajing Zhang, Clerk
Desrie Campbell, Member
Larry Sweeney, Member
Sissi Zhang, Student Member

Meeting Agenda

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Next Meeting

The next Regular Meeting is scheduled for September 14, 2022 at 6:30pm; time subject to change.

Fremont Unified School District

Board Meeting Highlights

August 24, 2022 (Regular)

7.1 Superintendent Report

Superintendent CJ Cammack reported that FUSD recently welcomed students back to school, and hosted ribbon cuttings for Rix-Glankler Early Learning Center and Lila Bringhurst Elementary School. He thanked Fremont Kiwanis and Key Club members for hosting a Stuff the Bus event last weekend. He also acknowledged staff for all the work done to launch the school year.

7.2 Student Member Report

Student Member Sissi Zhang reported that all schools completed Maze Days, and are now preparing for Homecomings. SURF recently completed its retreat, and is working on outreach materials for SURFBoardE.

12.3 Tentative Agreements Between Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) and Fremont Unified Teachers Association (FUDTA)

Fremont Unified School District and Fremont Unified Teachers Associated reached tentative agreements for the following Articles: 

  • Article 1 Agreement
  • Article 3 Association Rights
  • Article 8 Leaves
  • Article 9 Transfers, Reassignments, and Surplusing
  • Article 10 Procedures for Evaluation
  • Article 19 Substitutes
  • Article 21 General
  • Article 26 Completion of Meet and Negotiate
  • Article 32 Department Chairperson
  • Article 34 Summer School and Extended Day Programs
  • Article 37 Multiculturalism

Click here to view all agreements.

The Board unanimously approved all agreements as part of the Consent Calendar. 

15.1 FUSS Recognition and Acknowledgement; Adopt Resolution No. 011-2223, Recognition of Fremont Unified Student Store (FUSS)

Fremont Unified Student Store (FUSS) was founded in April 2012 in the face of tremendous economic challenges to support the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) to meet students’ diverse educational needs by raising money for schools and programs.

After 10 years of service to Fremont students and its community, FUSS will discontinue, though some of its team members will continue their heavy involvement with the school community by serving on various district committees and/or working with other education based organizations.

FUSD acknowledged the contributions of FUSS to FUSD schools and community; Trustees and Superintendent Cammack congratulated and thanked FUSS and Director Ivy Wu on accomplishments over the past 10 years. 

The Board unanimously adopted Resolution 011-2223 in Recognition of Fremont Unified Student Store (FUSS).

15.2 Receive the 2022-2023 Enrollment Report

Each year, staff reports the enrollment counts for the first few days of the instructional year. Staff tracks this enrollment closely over the first ten instructional days each year to monitor the development of increases and/or decreases in enrollment compared to the estimates. 

As part of our Budget Adoption for the 2022-2023 school year, the District projected that enrollment for 2022-23 would be 33,133 students. This estimate was informed by the recent demographer report provided during the 2021-2022 school year. 

Superintendent Cammack presented an update on enrollment to highlight trends in enrollment district-wide and by attendance area. Including an increase of about 30 students today (not reflected in update), FUSD is seeing a decrease of approximately 560 students from projections.

Classes may collapse at schools through next week, primarily at the elementary level. 

This is a non-action item.

15.3 Receive Information and Hold Discussion on Renaming of Irvington's Valhalla Theater; Approve the Member Composition of a Citizen Advisory Committee for the Renaming of Irvington's Valhalla Theater

At the request of the Irvington Associated Student Body, students, teachers, parents, and community members, there is an interest in renaming the Irvington Valhalla Theater to honor the contributions of former Irvington High School Performing Arts Magnet Teacher Linda Jackson Whitmore. 

Ms. Whitmore is an African American/Black drama instructor who taught for 36 consecutive years, with 33 of those years at Irvington High School. The group proposed renaming Irvington's Valhalla Theater to "The Jackson-Whitmore Legacy Theater."

Pending approval to move forward with the renaming of Irvington's Valhalla Theater, staff recommends the Board approve the member composition of a citizen advisory committee specific to renaming Irvington's Valhalla Theater, in alignment with Board Policy 7310, which states, "A citizen advisory committee shall be appointed by the Board to review name suggestions and submit recommendations for the Board’s consideration. The advisory committee will develop name suggestions, gather input from parents, students, staff and elected officials, community members and community organizations and submit recommendations for the Board’s approval."

Staff recommends that this committee be represented by the following member categories:

  • One member appointed by the Fremont Council PTA President
  • One member selected by Museum of Local History Guild Board of Directors
  • One district staff-member selected by the Superintendent
  • One student member appointed by the Student Board Member
  • Five members selected by the Board of Trustees after an open application period and vote

The Board unanimously approved the member composition of a citizen advisory committee for the renaming of Irvington's Valhalla Theater.

15.7 Authorize Staff to Enter into Task Order #16 with the City of Fremont

Youth and Family Services (YFS) is a division of the Human Services Department of the City of Fremont. In a partnership with FUSD, YFS provides counseling services through its Healthy Choices Program for interested District schools, intervention services at Kennedy High School, and joint projects in collaboration with Alameda County.

Each year, YFS submits an annual Task Order to Joint Powers Agreement between the City of Fremont and the FUSD outlining the scope of services and fees for services offered to FUSD students.

Task Order #16 is for YFS and the Fremont Family Resource Center (FRC) divisions of the Human Services Division of the City of Fremont to provide programs for FUSD students for the 2022-2023 school year.

Items A and B are funded through the Task Order:

A. Healthy Choices School-Based Mental Health Counseling Program provides counseling, information and consultation to students, parents/guardians and school personnel regarding effective communication, personal problem-solving, child development, gang resistance, and drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse prevention.

For the 2022-2023 school year, nine Fremont schools will participate in the program and receive 10 hours per week of on-site services. The sites listed below have requested these services and have agreed to cover the cost of an on-site counseling intern for the 2022-2023 school year from their own school budgets (total $67,500 -- 9 sites @ $7,500/each):

  • Ardenwood Elementary School
  • Forest Park Elementary School
  • Mission San Jose Elementary School
  • Warm Springs Elementary School
  • Hopkins Jr. High School
  • Thornton Jr. High School
  • American High School
  • Irvington High School
  • Mission San Jose High School

B. At the request of Kennedy High School, a YFS licensed staff mental health counselor will provide mental health counseling, a consultation, crisis support and coordination of services for 12 hours per week during the school year. Kennedy High School will pay a total of $46,063 to cover the cost associated with staff salary, benefits, and overhead. 

The City of Fremont's ongoing partnership with FUSD is consistent with the national best practices models for community schools. Its integrated focus on academics, health and social services, youth and community development, and community engagement leads to improved student learning, strong families and healthier communities.

The Board unanimously authorized staff to enter into Task Order #16 with the City of Fremont.