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Federal and State Programs
Posted 7/31/19

The department of Federal & State Programs provides support and guidance to administrators, teachers, parents, students, and District Office personnel with federal and state funds and programs.  We support classroom instruction by providing GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) and ELD (English Language Development) professional development. 

  •    CARS (Consolidated Application Reporting System)
  •    Dual Immersion Programs
  •    ELPAC (English Language Proficiency Assessments for California)
  •    English Learners
  •    Family Engagement
  •    GLAD  (Guided Language Acquisition Design)
  •    Teacher Induction Program
  •    LAC (Language Assessment Center)
  •    Migrant Education Program
  •    Native American Studies Program
  •    Preschool Programs
  •    Private School Support with Federal Programs
  •    Seal of Biliteracy
  •    Title I Program
  •    Title II Program 
  •    Title III Immigrant Program
  •    Title III LEP Program
  •    Title IV Program
  •    Written Translations (Required): Chinese/Spanish