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Posted 7/25/18

Fremont Unified School District believes that all students, staff, parents/guardians and volunteers have the right to a safe, secure school, free of weapons, violence and unlawful or disruptive behavior. This policy is essential to maintaining an educational environment that promotes learning and protects the health, safety, and welfare of all students.

Students who disrupt the learning process, pose a danger to the safety of others or violates any portion of Education Code 48900 is subject to school discipline, suspension or expulsion. For detailed information regarding the policies and procedures for suspension and expulsion, as well as student and parent rights to due process, please see BP/AR 5114, Ed. Code 48900 and 48915 or the Parent/Student Handbook under Student Discipline.

Suspension Appeals
A parent/guardian who disagrees with a suspension must meet with the Principal to request a reconsideration of the suspension or request that the suspension be amended or reversed. If after such meeting, the parent/guardian still disagrees with the suspension, they may submit an appeal in writing to the Director of Student Support Services who will review the written appeal, make every effort to contact and discuss the request with the parent/guardian, and provide the final decision in writing to the parent/guardian and to the school