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Commitments to Professional Learning Communities
Posted 1/1/18

Our elementary schools in Fremont are already nurturing and engaging places for our youngest students to learn. As our enrollment increases, we need to continue to make sure that every child is well cared for. Creating a community of learners with a growth mindset is an intentional process. When adults are willing to try new ideas, ask for student feedback, and refine our practice on a daily basis, we model collaboration, social skills, and learning from our mistakes.  Having been the Director of Elementary Education for several years in Fremont, I firmly believe that when teachers work together, sharing their knowledge and expertise, all students win.  

Debbie Amundson, Elementary Education Director


Instructional Services Team Vision & Mission 

Instructional Services is a dynamic leadership team that collaborates, innovates, and advances together to create optimal and equitable conditions for student and adult learning.


We provide quality support and expertise that empowers:

Management to Lead

Teachers to Engage

& Students to Succeed