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Developer (School Impact) Fees
Posted 4/2/20

Current residential rate is $5.07 (Level II) per square foot of residential development, effective April 2, 2020.
Current commercial rate is $0.66 per square foot of commercial development, effective June 1, 2020.

4/6/20 Due to the closures of our offices under the current shelter-in-place mandate, we are unable to process Developer/School Impact Fees in person.  Until our offices reopen, we can accept and process these fee payments and the corresponding Certificate of Compliance as follows:

Step 1.  Please email a copy of your Certificate of Compliance issued by the City of Fremont Development Services to Kathy Moyer at  Section I and Section II must be completed and signed by the owner/developer and City of Fremont, respectively.  Be sure to email both pages of the Certificate.

Step 2.  Accounting staff will verify the permit number, status, and confirm the amount due by email.

Step 3.  Mail the following to Fremont Unified School District (Attention: Accounting Department, 4210 Technology Drive, Fremont, CA 94538): 

  • check made payable to Fremont Unified School District or FUSD in the amount confirmed by the Accounting Staff 
  • a self-addressed and stamped envelope for the documents required by the City of Fremont prior to issuing building permit to be mailed to you   

Step 4.  Accounting staff will process fee payments, certify the Certificate of Compliance, issue a payment receipt, and return the documents to the address noted on the self-addressed envelope provided by you. Please note that the Date of Payment will be the date the check is received by FUSD.

With mail service to the district office being limited (currently twice per week), please allow for a minimum of 2 weeks for FUSD to complete the processing of Developer/School Impact Fee payments and return of documents.


Please email Kathy Moyer at if you have questions.


Developer Fees FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Analysis Report - SFNA_Fremont_1920_Fn (1).pdf (3,191 KB) 

Presentation - FremontUSD_SFNA_1920_Fn.pdf (801 KB)