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Superintendent’s Message of Thanks – June 2019
Posted 6/1/19


Superintendent’s Message of Thanks – June 2019


We have reached the end of another school year and before saying goodbye and embarking on a well-deserved summer break, I would like to give out a few even more well-deserved thank yous...

Thank you to our teachers and staff. Your tireless work in and out of our classrooms has set a standard looked up to throughout the Bay Area, California and beyond. I am proud to work side-by-side with you through both the good times and also the challenges that we have overcome and continue to face together in support of our students.

Thank you to the Fremont community, whose many businesses, organizations and individuals continue to step up whenever and wherever they are needed to donate money or supplies, volunteer their time, or ride a bus to help us rally in Sacramento. We appreciate your partnership in building a world-class city here in Fremont. 

Thank you to our families, who entrust us with their children every day during the school year. We hope your faith in Fremont Unified has been rewarded and you will continue working with us to create the best educational environment at all campuses at all grade levels. 

And lastly, my biggest thanks is for our students. You are the reason we work in education and the inspiration for everything we have built at f-u-s-d. Watching your hard work in the classroom, success in athletics and the impact you have serving your community is the greatest reward of my job. Having the opportunity to see the culmination of your work first-hand by handing a diploma to members of the class of 20-19 at graduation is the highlight of my year. 

From all of us at Fremont Unified, have a great summer break and we look forward to welcoming you back august 28th. 


Kim Wallace, Ed.D
Fremont Unified School District