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Board Meeting Notes: February 23, 2022 Regular Meeting
Posted 2/24/22

Fremont Unified School District 

Board of Education Meeting Summary

February 23, 2022 (Regular Meeting)

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At its February 23rd meeting, the FUSD Board of Education:

6.1 Reported on Action taken in Closed Session

The Board unanimously approved a settlement for Claim No. 556890 for full resolution of claims. 

The Board voted 4-1 to accept the retirement of an employee. 

The Board voted 1-4, and did not accept the release of an employee. 

7.1 Heard the Superintendent Report

Superintendent CJ Cammack expressed condolences on behalf of FUSD and the Board to the family of Frederick “Freddie” H. Bobbitt Jr., a Fremont Police Department Captain who passed away this week. He will be greatly missed, and we are grateful for his contributions to our schools and community. 

FUSD thanks the Safeway Foundation for its $5,000 grant, awarded through Kids Against Hunger Fremont, to support FUSD students experiencing homelessness. 

Superintendent thanked the Fremont Education Foundation (FEF) for its support of our schools and students, and introduced Vice President Emily Thomas and Board Member Linda Dewlaney for an announcement. 

FEF is hosting its annual Excellence In Education Gala on April 9 at the Downtown Event Center. The event serves as a fundraiser for teacher grants, and celebrates honorees from FUSD and the community. This year the FUSD Technology Department, former FUSD teacher Bob Sterling, Fahria Khan and Haller's Pharmacy will be recognized. 

7.2 Heard the Student Member Report

Student events are happening. Statewide DECA conference this week, many students attending. Also some schools are conducting panels for Black History Month. 

8. Approved the Consent Calendar (Items 9.1 - 12.5)

The Board unanimously approved all Consent items, with the exception of Item 12.5 that was moved to Item 13, and Item 11.3 that was moved to Item 16. 


12.5 Adopted Resolution 027-2122 to Decrease the Number of Classified Employees Due to a Lack of Work and/or Lack of Funds

Education Code sections 45114, 45117, 45298 and 45308 permit the Governing Board to reduce or discontinue classified services and terminate the employment of affected classified employees not later than the beginning of the following school year due to lack of work and/or lack of funds. 

Due to lack of work and/or lack of funds, it shall be necessary at the end of the 2021-2022 school year to reduce or eliminate the classified services as outlined in Resolution Number 027-2122, Resolution to Decrease the Number of Classified Employees Due to Lack of Work and/or Lack of Funds.   

The Board unanimously adopted the resolution. 

15.3 Approved Staff Recommendations for MIP and SDI Program Unification (item heard out of order)

Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services Leticia Salinas and Director of Federal and State Programs Christie Rocha, Ed.D. presented the MIP/SDI Task Force Recommendations.

At the February 9, 2022 meeting, the Board considered the options and requested additional information on the cost of possible transportation, after school care , enrollment numbers for the schools and information about the added value for unification. 

This item is now coming forward for action. 

FUSD's Spanish Dual Immersion (SDI) and Mandarin Immersion Program (MIP) are a K-8 program where students develop literacy first in either Spanish or Mandarin, with the gradual addition of English. The SDI program is currently housed at Blacow, Grimmer and Vallejo Mill for the elementary program, and Hopkins Junior High for the (7-8) program. MIP is currently at Azevada and at Blacow for the elementary program (K-6) and located at Hopkins Junior High (7-8) grade program.

At its March 24, 2021 meeting, the Board directed staff to reconvene the MIP/SDI Task Force to bring forward a recommendation that would provide a long term solution that allows for the expansion and growth of the programs. At that meeting, the Board also approved a short term solution for the MIP program to accommodate the expanded strand at Blacow. 

The composition of the task force includes FUSD teachers, principals currently serving at Azevada and Grimmer elementary schools, Facility Advisory Committee members, parent/community members, two Board Trustees, and FUSD staff.

The MIP/SDI Task force was asked to draft a recommendation based on their findings, and present the recommendations to the Board of Education. It began work on September 14, 2021, and met monthly, (five meetings) to develop recommendations for the Board. The task force reviewed current capacity reports, enrollment projections, previous and current demographic reports, site layouts, and reviewed the unique needs for each immersion program. Input from stakeholders was shared with task force members and provided to the larger task force. This input was also taken into consideration when developing the current proposed recommended options for each program.

The Task Force came to consensus and recommends that the Spanish Dual Immersion program unify to one site and the Mandarin Immersion Program unify to one site each. 

  • Option A: 
    • MIP students would unify at Lila Bringhurst as the site can continue to allow for growth, even in the event of full day Kindergarten and can expand. This option would still allow for neighborhood students to attend the school due to the size of the school.
    • SDI students would unify at Blacow as the site can continue to allow for growth, even in the event of full day Kindergarten and can expand. This option would still allow for neighborhood students to attend the school due to the size of the school.
  • Option B:
    • MIP students would unify at Blacow. In the event of full day Kindergarten, the current two strands will fit but would prevent future growth which would result in capping the number of students to the current size. There will not be room to grow beyond the two strands that exist now.
    • SDI students would unify at Grimmer. In the event of full day Kindergarten, the current three strands will fit but would prevent future growth which would result in capping the number of students to the current size. There will not be room to grow beyond the three strands that exist now.

No neighborhood students would be displaced with any of the staff recommendations.

The Board unanimously approved Option A. 

15.1 Received School Reopening - COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Health & Safety Updates

Superintendent Cammack presented an Opening of School update. 

At its February 9 meeting, FUSD’s Board of Education voted to allow volunteers on campus under specific guidelines. Volunteer opportunities are offered at the discretion of each school. 

When implemented, volunteers will be able to enter FUSD facilities after meeting the following criteria:

  • Volunteers must have approval of principal/designee and teacher to enter a classroom. 
  • Volunteers must provide valid photo identification.
  • Per FUSD Board of Education action on February 9, 2022:
    • Only one volunteer per classroom is allowed on campus at a time.
    • Volunteers must complete a health/symptom screener.
    • Volunteers must provide proof of vaccination: 
      • Per Alameda County Public Health (ACPH), people are considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as Pfizer or Moderna, or 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as J & J. The vaccines must be authorized either by the Food and Drug Administration or World Health Organization.
      • Find more information about providing proof of vaccination status per ACPH: English | Spanish | Chinese 

California will revisit its TK-12 masking mandates on February 28, FUSD will review its masking policy at that time. 

This is an informational item.

15.2 Approved the Staff-Recommended Textbook Adoption for Grades 6-8 History-Social Studies

Assistant Superintendent Salinas and Director of Curriculum and Instruction Kim Kelly presented Grades 6-8 History - Social Studies adoption information, following a previous information item on this topic at the February 9, 2022 meeting.

The current 6-8 grade History-Social Studies curriculum consists of three textbooks: 6th grade World History, Ancient Civilizations (Holt, 2006), 7th grade World History Medieval to Early Modern Times (Holt, 2006), and 8th grade US History Independence to 1914 (Holt, 2006). These textbooks were adopted in 2006, so the content is out of date in many areas. 

Further, on July 12, 2016, the State Board of Education adopted the History-Social Science Framework for California Public Schools. The Framework provides guidance and steps towards ensuring all California public school students are civic-minded college and career-ready. 

In addition, several key educational legislative changes have taken place since the adoption. Because our current curriculum was adopted before these legislative changes, it does not meet the current requirements. 

We have approximately 7,500 students and 200 teachers who are using the current curriculum. The current curriculum is no longer available for Spanish Dual Immersion (SDI) classes and will likely be discontinued by the publisher soon. A discontinued curriculum means we cannot supply consumable materials, or add or replace teacher and student materials. 

This year, we initiated an adoption process to replace the curriculum. The 6-8 Grade History-Social Studies Adoption Committee was comprised of the following individuals:

  • 8 middle school/junior high History-Social Studies classroom teachers
  • 2 Instructional Coaches from the Federal & State Department (1 SDI and 1 English Language Development (ELD))
  • Program Manager for ELA and History-Social Studies from the Curriculum & Instruction Department (non-voting)
  • Director of the Curriculum & Instruction Department (non-voting)
  • 1 Instructional Coach for the Mandarin Immersion Program (MIP) from the Federal & State Department (advisory, non-voting)
  • 1 Instructional Coach for History-Social Studies from the Curriculum & Instruction Department (advisory, non-voting)

The adoption process was divided into 3 phases. The adoption team considered curriculum from four publishers: McGraw, Savvas/Pearson, National Geographic, and TCI. 

The adoption materials were made available to the public for review from October 29, 2021, through January 12, 2022. Online resources were also made available to Trustees. Members of the public used a form to share their feedback. The adoption committee received 118 feedback submissions, and members of the C&I Department met online with a group of parents and community members who had specific concerns and requests. All feedback was shared with the adoption committee who considered it when making their final recommendation. 

After a thorough review, the committee is recommending these materials from Savvas/Pearson:

  • myWorld Interactive California World History: Ancient Civilizations (2019, grade 6)
  • myWorld Interactive California World History: Medieval and Early Modern Times (2019, grade 7)
  • myWorld Interactive California US History: Growth and Conflict (2019, grade 8)

The Board unanimously approved adoption of the staff-recommended textbook and selected purchasing option 1 for grades 6-8 History-Social Studies.

15.4 Received the Supplement to the Annual Update to the 2021-22 LCAP

The Supplement to the Annual Update to the 2021-22 Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a new requirement that asks school districts to complete a mid-year expenditure and action update. The Board is asked to receive the information and at the June public hearing and adoption of the 2022-2022 LCAP, the Board will be asked to take action. 

This item is for information only as the Board will take action once this supplement is included as part of the upcoming LCAP in June. 

15.5 Authorized Staff to Amend the Agreement with CAL Pacific General Contractor for Construction Service for the Modernization of RIX-Glankler Early Learning Center Project

Several unforeseen conditions have come to light that warrant additional funds to be expended in order to maintain work flow to complete the project at Rix. In November 2021, an unsafe condition and an illegal power supply connection to one of the buildings was discovered that requires a major redesign and construction modification to adhere to City of Fremont and PGE standards for power connections. Due to the nature of this unforeseen condition and the mandated requirements for replacement and correction, staff must ask the board for additional funding to compete the remaining work associated with electrical and utility work and miscellaneous demolition and dry rot repair.

FUSD provided direction to complete the work on a time and material basis not to exceed $559,832, bringing the total contract cost to $5,710,988. This construction work will be completed by December 22, 2022. 

This work impacts the current budget and is required to open the campus in April 2022.

The Board unanimously (4-0, Trustee Prasad absent) approved the amendment to Cal Pacific Contract to complete work at the Rix Glankler Early Learning Center project in the amount of $559,831.82.

15.6 Cast Its Ballot for the 2022 California School Boards Association (CSBA) Delegate Assembly Election

The California School Boards Association Delegate Assembly is the policy-making group of the California School Boards Association (CSBA). Delegate Assembly members are elected to serve a two-year term. CSBA Delegate Assembly provides a means through which individual school boards may contribute, through their representatives, to important policy formation. Members of the Delegate Assembly are selected by regions. Fremont Unified School District is in Subregion 7-B (Alameda).

There are four elective vacancies in Subregion 7-B this year, and four individuals have been nominated, two of whom are incumbents (noted by * on the CSBA Delegate Assembly Ballot_2022). Elected Delegates will serve a two-year term beginning April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2024. The ballot also contains a provision for write-in candidates and one write-in candidate has been received for consideration. The Board as a whole may vote for no more than four candidates in the Subregion as indicated on the ballot. 

The Board cast their ballot for Kelly Mokashi, Monique Tate and Megan Sweet (using three of four votes) for the 2022 CSBA Delegate Assembly Election.

15.7 Reported Out on the City of Fremont/Fremont Unified School District Liaison Committee Meetings

This meeting was canceled to allow attendance at a public remembrance for Captain Bobbitt.


11.3 Approval of Job Descriptions for the Facilities Department

On June 3, 2014, the voters of Fremont approved the $650 million Measure E general obligation bond to upgrade and repair neighborhood schools. 

The general obligation bond has been managed by an outside consulting firm that specializes in managing bonds, at an annual cost ranging from $2 million to $3 million.  Additionally the District hires Construction Management firms to manage the construction projects, ranging between $700,000 to $2.5 million dollars depending on the size of the project.  To be in compliance with the existing Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA) between the district and the trade, the District also hires outside consultants to manage the agreement, from $200,000 to $500,000 per project.  Lastly, the District also hires outside consultants to manage the coordination of furniture and equipment moves during construction, at a cost close to $1 million.  

Fremont Unified School District is planning to spend approximately $10 million dollars this year for these services  The District could potentially save approximately $3 million during the implementation of the remainder of the Measure E Bonds by hiring staff to take care of the functions.  

District staff is recommending the District hire staff to take care of these functions internally:

  • Bond Director (1.0 FTE) - Salary Range is $142,628.60 - $194,127.32 plus burdens (31B )
  • Bond Program Manager (1.0 FTE)- Salary Range is $134,843.64 - $183,150.84 plus burdens (19B)
  • Bond Construction Manager- (2.0 FTE) Salary Range is $133,884.80 - $182,180.24 plus burdens (19AA)
  • Bond Project Stabilization Agreement Specialist (1.0 FTE) - Salary Range is $125,848.32 - $171,706.32 plus burdens (17B)

The Board unanimously (4-0, Trustee Prasad absent) approved the job descriptions and 5.0 FTE to be funded out of Measure E Funds and be added to the Facilities Department staffing.

17.1 Student Expulsion No. 20212205401

The Board unanimously (4-0, Trustee Prasad absent) suspended the expulsion of Student No. 20212205401.


The next Regular Meeting is scheduled for March 9, 2022 at 6:30pm (time subject to change)

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