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6/16/21 Health and Safety Protocols
Posted 6/16/21

TK-12 schools in Alameda County remain under specific state and local guidance, and Cal/OSHA regulations still mandate specific requirements for employers/employees. Like most things in the last 16 months, things are expected to change in the immediate future, even in the coming days/weeks. This is not intended to be a comprehensive summary just a short update on the two issues most commonly asked about - physical distancing and face coverings. 

What's Happening Now:

  • Regardless of vaccine status, face coverings are still required for all adults and children in TK-12 schools (all FUSD school sites) and on school transportation
  • Physical distancing at schools remains at 3 feet for children and 6 feet between adults and students
  • Regardless of vaccine status, current Cal/OSHA regulations still require employees wear a face covering, except when the employee is: is alone in a room, eating or drinking, using a respirator or other respiratory protection, or when an employee cannot use a face covering due to a medical condition

What's Happening Next:

  • It is expected the CDC will update their K-12 school guidance in the coming weeks
  • It is expected that once the CDC K-12 school guidance is updated, state (CDPH) and local (ACPH) health agencies will update their school specific guidance
  • Cal/OSHA is expected to adopt new regulations for employers/employees, perhaps as early as June 17th
  • FUSD will continue to monitor these pending changes and provide timely communication to our employees and community

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