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Board Meeting Summary - May 19, 2021
Posted 5/21/21

At its May 19th meeting, The FUSD Board of Education:


Received Return to In-Person Instruction Update – FUSD expanded its Learning Hub model on April 26th and has approved the full return to in-person instruction for the 2021-2022 school year. In addition to a full return to campus, the District will offer a virtual learning program at both the elementary and secondary levels. FUSD is planning for in-person graduation events, modified to align with state/local requirements. See full presentation here.

Received Governor’s 2021-22 May Revision Highlights – In the second Board meeting in May, staff provides a comprehensive update on the May Revise of the state budget. Staff provided an update that highlighted the major changes and impacts to FUSD, based on the May Revise. Staff will be attending the School Services of California May Revise workshop on May 20, to get a better understanding of the detail and implications of the May Revise to the District. See presentation here.

Provided Additional Information and Seek Direction for the Expanded Learning Opportunity Grant – Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Grants addresses accelerating progress to close learning gaps, integrated pupil supports; community learning hubs, supports for credit deficient pupils, additional academic services, and training for school staff. At the May 5, 2021 Board meeting, Trustees approved plan to provide secondary schools with additional sections to address learning gaps/loss in a core subject. The ELO Grant Plan must be adopted by the local governing board or body of the LEA at a public meeting on or before June 1, 2021, and must be submitted to the county office of education, the California Department of Education (CDE), or the chartering authority within five days of adoption, as applicable. The final plan will come forward for review and approval on May 26, 2021. See presentation here.

Discussed Possible Reinstatement of FUSD School Resource Officer Program – FUSD remains in distance learning for the duration of the 2020-2021 school year. In order to have a SRO program in place for the return to campus in August, FUSD must finalize a new Memorandum of Understating (MOU) with the City of Fremont for police services as soon as possible. Staff presented information outlining the following:

  • The current progress of discussions with the City of Fremont and the Fremont Police Department
  • Future steps FUSD can take for improvement of the program
  • Programmatic and cost considerations for a reduced service model (1 sergeant & 3 officers = $452,000 plus an estimated $200,000 - $300,000 in additional services for co-curricular event coverage), 
  • Programmatic and cost considerations for a full program model (1 sergeant & 6 officers = $913,332, security coverage for all games, dances, graduations, other special events/activities, included). 

Board votes 4-1 to direct staff to negotiate MOU with City Fremont for full reinstatement of the SRO program and to begin preparation of SRO/FUSD handbook with the Board of Education acting as oversight board.

Approved Districtwide Indoor Facility Use/Rental – On March 16, 2020, FUSD canceled all facility use/rentals for students and staff safety due to the school closure/COVID-19 pandemic. FUSD has received numerous inquiries from the community regarding when FUSD will resume use/rental for indoor facilities. Tentatively, the first available date for indoor facility use/rental is August 18, 2021 (first day of school). The following are key points for consideration in opening indoor facility use/rental:

  1. Safety of students and staff (FUSD schools are currently under limited use by students through learning hubs, and teachers using their classrooms for their virtual learning instruction)
  2. Safety of participants and/or facility users (crowd control and maintaining physical distancing)
  3. Preparation of indoor facilities for on-site instruction in Fall 2021 (use/rental by outside organizations may affect the preparation time needed for the opening of in-person instruction in the Fall of 2021)
  4. Use of restrooms by facility users (crowd control and maintaining physical distancing)
  5. Negative impact to District's revenue, if facilities are not rented
  6. Community members and facility users utilizing outdoor school facilities (i.e. play fields, playgrounds, and basketball courts) for walking, jogging, general play, etc. (crowd control and maintaining physical distancing)
  7. Additional fees for disinfecting/sanitizing (additional custodial support and supplies for disinfecting/sanitizing of indoor facilities i.e. furniture and equipment)

Board votes 5-0 to allow for indoor facilities to reopen for rentals effective June 15, 2021, with a notice there may be a cost increase in anticipation of staff needs.

Held a Public Hearing for the Proposed District-wide Installation of Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Systems Per Government Code Section 4217.12, and Adoption of Resolution 039-2021 Making Findings After Public Hearing Per Government Code Section 4217.12 – It is the intention of the Board of Education of the Fremont Unified School District to consider entering into an energy services contract with FFP BTM SOLAR, LLC to install and operate, District-wide, solar photovoltaic systems and energy storage systems for the purpose of selling power generated by the systems to the District, pursuant to the terms of Government Code section 4217.12. Government Code section 4217.10 et seq. allows public agencies to develop energy conservation, cogeneration, and alternate energy supply sources at the facilities of public agencies if its governing body determines, among other things, that the contract is in the best interests of the public agency after a public hearing held at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. Government Code section 4217.10 et seq. does not require bidding; however, the District used a competitive process in selecting its provider.

Authorized Staff to Enter into an Agreement with CAL Pacific General Contractor for Construction Service for the Modernization of Rix-Glankler Early Learning Center Project – The Rix-Glankler project is proceeding according to the original schedule timeline outlined in August 2020. The project budget for these construction services is $4,800,000, and this project proposal falls within the project budget. The bids received ranged from $4,358,700 to $6,305,900. Staff recommended approval of the contract for the project at Rix to CAL Pacific Contractors in the amount of $4,358,700.

Authorized Staff to Enter into Agreement for Paving Projects at Hirsch Elementary School, Millard Elementary School, and Irvington High School – Hirsch Elementary School, Millard Elementary School, and Irvington High School exterior surfaces are in critical need of new surfacing. The current conditions pose a risk hazard for students, staff, and the public. In accordance with Public Contract Code, Section 20111, the Purchasing Department secured public sealed bids to furnish services necessary for Bid No. PP 365-05-07-21: Paving Projects at Hirsch Elementary School, Millard Elementary School, and Irvington High School. Bid documents can be accessed by clicking here. Staff recommended that the Board authorizes staff to enter into an agreement with Dryco Construction for Paving Projects at Hirsch Elementary School and Millard Elementary School at bid of $163.655 and $146,388 respectively, and with Terramark General Engineering Contractors for Paving Project at Irvington High School at bid of $477,000. 

Authorized Staff to Amend the Agreement with Lathrop Construction Associates, Inc. for Construction Services for the New Construction and Modernization Project at Hopkins Middle School (Middle School Conversion) – On April 21, 2021, the Board authorized staff to enter into an agreement with Lathrop Construction Associates, Inc., to provide construction services for the project at Hopkins Middle School. Part of Lathrop’s proposal included five alternates. The alternates include the following:

  1. VCT flooring at classrooms in buildings C, D, F and Classroom G103
  2. Finish replacement at restrooms D106 and D107
  3. Removal and replacement of the existing asbestos irrigation main line
  4. Epoxy floor at building E locker room
  5. Surface mounted acoustical ceiling panels at existing classrooms

After further review, staff recommends all alternates be included as part of the project scope at Hopkins Middle School. These added changes will provide value add to the programming and support the school long term. Since the bid came in under budget, staff would like to propose those funds for the alternates that were priced during the bid phase. The changes will allow for the school to be maintained long into the future, and support overall intention of the Measure E program. The Construction Management (CM) team has reviewed the scope and cost submitted and found the cost to be within the budget for the project. Staff recommended the Board to amend the agreement with Lathrop Construction Associates, Inc., for construction services work on the project at Hopkins Middle School, in the amount of $535,000.

Approved Agreement with Sonitrol Security Systems for Lila Bringhurst Elementary School for Intrusion and Security Alarm System - As part of the overall scope of the general contractor’s work, the security system was not included. Since FUSD has a proprietary system, FUSD will be managing the installation and design of the system that will be installed at the school site. Intrusion/Security Alarm was not in Bringhurst original scope of work. Currently, Sonitrol is the current Intrusion/Security Alarm service provider for FUSD. On March 8, 2021, Sonitrol submitted a quote to the District for Bringhurst entire site intrusion/ security alarm design and installation. Staff recommended approval of the contract for security alarm and monitoring services in the amount of $120,000.

See Video of entire meeting here 

The Board’s next Regular Meeting (virtual) is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2nd, 6:30pm (time subject to change)