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Board Meeting Summary - March 24, 2021
Posted 3/25/21

At its March 24th meeting, The FUSD Board of Education:


Received Information and Provided Direction for the Spanish Dual Immersion Program – At its February 10, 2021, meeting, the Board received recommendations for the District’s Spanish Dual Immersion program. At the meeting, the Board approved to move the Blacow Elementary strand to two sites - Grimmer and Vallejo Mill Elementary Schools. This was a staff recommendation with the ultimate goal of full unification of all program strands at one site. Since the Board action, the SDI community has shared concerns as outlined in the attached presentation. Staff has met with members of the SDI community and SDI teachers, along with two of the SDI Task Force members who have shared their concerns. Per the Board of Education's direction, the Board will revisit the decision. Board votes 5-0 to pause its previous decision for a year, reconvene Task Force, engage entire community at all sites and bring item forward at a future Board meeting.

Received Future Return to In-Person Instruction Update – Staff presented information to the Board of Education regarding the progress toward a return to campus, including Learning Hubs, relevant updates related to new announcements from the state related to new actions at the Legislative level, updated guidance from local and state public health agencies related to returning to on-campus instruction, new guidelines related to youth sports, information regarding current progress towards providing staff access to the vaccine, and progress toward returning FUSD staff and students to campus with a hybrid model of instruction aligned with state and local mandates. Staff also brought the previously published FUSD COVID-19 Safety Plan for approval in accordance with AB 86. Board votes 5-0 to approve COVID-19 Safety Plan and to allow no more than two spectators per student to attend sporting events with physical distancing, and to adopt newly revised regulations to include those applicable for afterschool recreational activities.

Received Information and Provided Direction on 2020-21 Summer School Planning – FUSD has historically offered a variety of summer programs to support student progress and attainment of academic standards. FUSD has focused summer school to two programs:  Credit Recovery for our high school students and Extended School Year (ESY) for students within the Special Education program and as identified within the Individualized Learning Plan (IEP). The presentation included an overview of student data that shows a snapshot of student progress along with staff recommendations to offer a summer Math Academy for the elementary level and for the Junior High School level. With the passing of AB/SB 86, FUSD is projected to receive funds to target learning loss. FUSD will be working collaboratively with stakeholders to develop the full plan and will bring to the Board of Education before the June 1, 2020, deadline. 

Received Presentation on Solar Energy Savings and Funding Options, and Provide Approval for One of the Options Presented – The Board of Trustees, community members, and students have expressed an interest in exploring a District solar energy system initiative. Solicitations were issued and a proposal was received from Willdan Energy Management Company. In 2018, they prepared a report on the usage and design schematic for the five schools previously identified as eligible for solar panel installation per Board of Education action in 2017. This report was stalled due to staff changes within FUSD and budget restrictions placed on the overall program in 2019. The work required to complete the report was resumed in May 2020. Upon re-engagement with Willdan Energy Management Company, FUSD staff has worked with them to complete the initial design development documents, and consulted with outside counsel to develop a comprehensive contract and RFP/RFQ process to equip the District to solicit assistance from qualified vendors who can provide a cost savings to the District in sustainable, renewable energy services. Staff has prepared a presentation on solar energy generation, including funding options, and how it can be implemented. Estimates indicate the District could reduce its current utility expenditures within the next year. Opportunities for low interest loans, competitive Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), or statewide grants are available for panel procurement and installation. Board votes 5-0 to approve Option 1 – Power Purchase Agreement.

Authorized Staff to Amend the Facilities Lease Agreement with Rodan Builders, Inc. (Rodan) for Completion of the Work of Improvement of Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)2, for the Modernization and New Construction Project at Centerville JHS (Centerville) – The Division of State Architect (DSA) has approved plans for Phase 3 for the project at Centerville. Rodan has solicited bids from subcontractors for this work. These bids were assessed using a “best value” approach. Based on the bids received, Rodan developed and submitted for review a detailed proposal for Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) – Phase 3. Staff has reviewed the GMP proposal prepared by Rodan for Phase 3 and found it to be in alignment with all terms and conditions of the site and facilities leases. This GMP is within the budget for the cost of construction in the original budget established for this work. The costs are within the project budget of $61,158,449.

Authorized Staff to Enter into an Agreement with DSA School Inspectors for the Project Inspector Services for the Construction Phase for the New Construction and Modernization Projects at Centerville Middle School (Middle School Conversion) – DSA School Inspectors provided a proposal to perform project inspector services for the construction phase for the project at Centerville Middle School. The CM team has reviewed the scope and cost submitted and found the cost to be within the project budget for the project. The balance to finish the remaining work is $537,715. Staff requested authorization to enter into an agreement with DSA School Inspectors for the project at Centerville in the amount of $517,100. The project budget for inspection services is $1,185,030.  The cost of this work is within the budget for the project.

Authorized Staff to Amend the Agreement with RMA Group for the Material Testing and Inspection Services for the New Construction and Modernization Projects at Centerville Middle School (Middle School Conversion) - Vanir Construction Management has requested RMA Group to submit a cost proposal for the added scope of work to the original contract for the material testing and inspection services at Centerville Middle School. These additional services are required based on the modifications in the scope of work required by the Division of State Architect (DSA). Staff has reviewed with the project management team and found this proposal to be reasonable.  RMA Group has submitted a contract amendment request for the construction phase of material testing and inspection services. Staff requested authorization to amend the RMA Group contract for the project at Centerville in the amount of $457,845.  The cost of this work is within the budget for the approved project of $1,137,780.


See Video of entire meeting here 


The Board’s next Regular Meeting (virtual) is scheduled for Wednesday, April 21st, 6:30pm (time subject to change)