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3/8/21 Superintendent's Newsletter | Mensaje del Superintendente | 總監的話
Posted 3/8/21

Dear FUSD Community,

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3 8 21 newsletter It was almost a year ago that most school districts in the Bay Area closed each campus in response to the COVID-19 virus. As I am sure you recall, those days and weeks were filled with so many intense emotions, questions, and wonderings, as to what the future will hold.

Upon returning in the fall for this current school year, all FUSD employees played a role in crafting a distance learning program that has been very successful and maintained an appropriate amount of rigor for students. It has not been perfect, but I am not aware of any distance learning program that was perfect. FUSD has done very well compared to many surrounding districts when it comes to our distance learning program. Again, thank you to our educators, administrators, classified support staff, and our parents, who’ve supported these efforts. READ MORE

Newsletter: English | español | 中文  (smore)