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Board Meeting Highlights - September 23, 2020
Posted 9/25/20

At its September 23rd meeting, The FUSD Board of Education:


Reviewed State Tiered Re-Opening System, Alameda County Public Health Waiver Process for In-Person Instruction, and State Small Group Cohort Guidance – On August 28th, Governor Newsom announced a new tiered system for reopening the state. On September 22nd, Alameda County was placed in the “red” category meaning schools can reopen for in-person instruction once their county has been in the Substantial (red) tier for at least two weeks and local County Health Guidelines are also met. FUSD remains in distance learning based on the conditions of COVID-19 within Alameda County, concurrent with the prior Board of Education decision from July 10, 2020, and in accordance with the state guidelines of the new tiered system. The Board of Education was provided a comprehensive summary, for informational purposes only, regarding the following:

  • California's new tiered system for reopening
  • Alameda County Public Health Waiver Process
  • California Department of Public Health guidelines for in-person assessments
  • California Department of Public Health guidelines for small group cohort instruction

See presentation here.

Adopted Resolution 014-2021 Confirming Fremont Unified School District’s Commitment to Fiscal Solvency – Fiscal Years 2021-22 and 2022-23 – Pursuant to Education Code (EC) Section 52070 and 42127, the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) has reviewed the 2020-21 Adopted Budget financial report for the District. By statue, the Adopted Budget review by the County must be completed by September 15th of each year. Based upon ACOE’s review of the district budget, it is recommending “conditional approval.” Education Code allows the County Superintendent of Schools to approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove the Adopted Budget each school year. See presentation here.

Approved Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan (LCP) for 2020-21 – Trailer Bill SB 98 identifies the new accountability requirements for districts for the 2020-21 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Districts are required to solicit input from stakeholders and develop an LCP to address how the district will provide continuity of learning and address the impact of COVID-19 on pupils, staff, and the community. Input for the development of the LCP began in July as the district sought input via district-wide surveys that were sent out to staff, parents, guardians and students. District staff met with labor partners, administrators and counselors to gather more input. Staff held stakeholder meetings and met with the District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) on August 31, 2020 and met with the Local Control and Accountability Committee (LCAAC) on September 8, 2020 to review the draft of the LCP and to gather more input. Guidelines for the development of the LCP requires the LEA to hold a Public Hearing to receive comments from the public prior to the date of its adoption. At the September 16, 2020 Board Meeting, Trustees were presented with information for the LCP Public Hearing.  

Discussed Future Conditions for Further Consideration of Full In-person Instruction – The FUSD Board of Education took action on July 10, 2020, to open the 2020-2021 school year in distance learning. At that time, the Board of Education established that considerations for returning to full in-person instruction would take place when there were no new cases of COVID-19 within Alameda County for seven days. Since July, there have been multiple new developments, including updated directives and guidance from state and local health agencies. The purpose of this agenda is narrowly focused to a discussion on the criteria by which the Board of Education would engage in further considerations for returning to full in-person instruction, provided such actions are permitted by state and local agencies. This agenda item is not a reconsideration of the decision to currently remain in distance learning. Board votes 4-1 to remove seven-days of no new cases guideline originally provided, seek engagement with stakeholders on tentative plan and to revisit this discussion at a November Board Meeting.

Modified the Calendar of District Observances and Commemorable Events to include LGBTQ History Month and Deaf Awareness Month – The Board has requested a discussion to consider modifying the calendar of District Observances and Commemorable Events to include LGBTQ History Month in the month of October, and Deaf Awareness Month in the month of September, starting with 2020. Pending outcome of the discussion, direct staff to update Administrative Regulation 6115, Ceremonies and Observances to reflect this change.

Approved Tentative Agreement between Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) and Fremont Unified District Teachers Association (FUDTA) Article 36: Special Education – FUSD and FUDTA reached a tentative agreement which was ratified as of September 3, 2020, for Article 36: Special Education. This Article does not limit unit members from coverage under other Articles of this agreement. All provisions of the Article reflect and shall comply with State and Federal Laws.

Approved Letter of Conferment between Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) and Fremont School Management Association (FSMA) – FUSD and FSMA conferred with the Superintendent and Assistant/Associate Superintendents to discuss the terms of their “Letter of Conferment” between the two parties. The District and Association agreed to the following:

  1. FSMA salary increase of 0.56% effective July 1, 2020 ongoing.

Received and Accepted Financial Update of the Measure E Quarterly Financial Report – Measure E projects are proceeding according to the timeline and budgets outlined in the implementation plan, or as subsequently revised by Board action. The attached report reflects current transactions, budget revisions and project re-prioritizations approved by the Board on December 10, 2019. The data is current as of August 31, 2020.

Authorized Staff to Amend the Facilities Lease Agreement with Rodan Builders for Completion of the Work of Improvement of Phase 1 and 2 for the New Construction and Modernization Project at Centerville Middle School – The Division of State Architect (DSA) has approved plans for Phase 1 & 2 – Interim Housing, Modular Classrooms, Utility Relocations, and Demolition for the project at Centerville. Rodan has solicited bids from subcontractors for this work. Based on the bids received, Rodan developed and submitted for review a detailed proposal for Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) 1 – Phase 1 & 2 – Interim Housing and Modular Classrooms. Staff has reviewed the GMP proposal prepared by Rodan for Phase 1 & 2 and found it to be in alignment with all terms and conditions of the site and facilities leases. This GMP is within the budget for this work. The table below represents the requested Board authorization for the first phase of construction of the New Construction and Modernization Project at Centerville:

Original Contract Amount


Board Approved 10/16/19

Amendment #1 – Additional pre-con


Board Approval N/A

Amendment #2 – Additional pre-con


Board Approved 05/06/20

Amendment #3 – GMP 1


Pending Board Approval 09/23/20

Updated Contract Amount



Staff requested Board authorization to amend the facilities lease agreement with Rodan to include the Guaranteed Maximum Price for Phase 1 & 2. These costs were budgeted, subcontractors were competitively bid, and General Conditions costs were competitively negotiated during the LLB proposal review. Staff will bring a future GMP proposal for Phase 3 to the Board for approval for the remainder of the work as it is approved by DSA and bid out to subcontractors.



See Video of entire meeting here 


The Board’s next Regular Meeting (virtual) is scheduled for Wednesday, October 14th, 6:30pm (time subject to change).