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Board Meeting Highlights - July 29th, 2020
Posted 8/3/20

At its July 29th meeting, The FUSD Board of Education:


Approved Administrative Appointment - The Board unanimously approved the Administrative Appointment of Merrill Grimmer as Assistant Principal of Centerville Junior High School. Grimmer has been with the District for eight years serving as a Special Education teacher, department chair, AVID, TUPE and COST coordinator. Over the past four years, she has worked as Title One Teacher on Special Assignment at Centerville.  


Approved Appointment of Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services and Approval of Employment Contract – Board unanimously approves appointment of Leticia Salinas as Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services effective August 1st. Salinas joins FUSD from Newark Unified where she served as Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services. She brings over two decades of experience as a teacher, lecturer, principal, supervisor of K-12 schools, human resources leader, and English Language Learner program expert.


Received the 2020-21 Final State Budget and Fremont Unified School District's (FUSD) 45-Day Update – As a result of the State Budget Act for 2020-21, the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) revenue has increased by $25.3 million. The State budget provides a significant source of one-time revenues in federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funds to address student learning loss as a result of the health pandemic. Specifically, FUSD is projecting to receive the following appropriations:

  • $6.8 million - For Students with Disabilities (SWD) based on enrollment of ages 3-22
  • $4.6 million - Based on proportion of supplemental & concentration grant
  • $4.9 million - Based on LCFF as of 2019-20 principal apportionment

Overall, the revenues have increased by $41.6 million. The 45-Day Budget revision includes the following expenditure adjustments:

  • $35.1 million expenditure reductions built in the adopted budget have been eliminated
  • $0.6 million Custodian positions (9.25 FTEs) reinstated
  • $1.7 million projected Reentry cost

Overall, the expenditures have increased by $37.4 million. Due to changes in revenues, the ending fund balance for 2020-21 has increased by $4.2 million to $16.4 million.


Held a Public Hearing and Adopt Resolution No. 001-2021 to Establish Temporary Interfund Transfers – With the apportionment deferrals imposed by the State that negatively impacts school districts' cash flow, Education Code Section 42603 allows school districts to temporary borrow between funds for payment of obligations. The following are the different options provided to school district for borrowing funds:

  • Internal Borrowing (Ed Code 42603)
  • Borrowing from County Office of Education (Ed Code 42621 and 42622)
  • Borrowing from County Treasurer (Ed Code 42620)
  • Tax Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRAN)

Adopted Resolution No. 002-2021 to Establish Temporary Borrowing from the Alameda County Treasury – With the apportionment deferrals imposed by the State that negatively impacts school districts' cash flow, Article XVI, Section 6, of the California Constitution and Education Code Section 42620 allows school districts to temporary borrow from the County Treasurer. The following are the different options provided to school district for borrowing funds:

  • Internal Borrowing (Ed Code 42603)
  • Borrowing from County Office of Education (Ed Code 42621 and 42622)
  • Borrowing from County Treasurer (Ed Code 42620)
  • Tax Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRAN)

Adopted Resolution No. 005-2021 to Authorize and Approve the Borrowing of Funds for FY 2020-21; The Issuance and Sale of a 2020-21 Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note therefor and Participation in the California Education Notes Program – FUSD currently projects that it will experience a cash flow shortfall during Fiscal Year 2020-21 created by timing differences between its anticipated expenditures and estimated receipt of revenues, including state funding due to the cash deferral imposed by the State. Resolution 005-2021 authorizes a borrowing by the District to address this cash flow shortfall through the issuance of a tax and revenue anticipation note (a "TRAN"). The resolution authorizes the issuance of a TRAN by the District in an amount not-to-exceed $40,000,000.00, at legal interest rates, and the participation by the District in the California Education Notes Program (the "Program"). By participating in the Program, the District's TRAN will be marketed together with TRANs of other similarly-related school districts. Form of Purchase Agreement; Trust Agreement; Preliminary Official Statement. The resolution approves the forms of Note Participation Purchase Agreement, Trust Agreement and Preliminary Official Statement for the Program. With the apportionment deferrals imposed by the State that negatively impacts school districts' cash flow, Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note (TRAN) allows school districts to temporary borrow. The following are the different options provided to school district for borrowing funds:

  • Internal Borrowing (Ed Code 42603)
  • Borrowing from County Office of Education (Ed Code 42621 and 42622)
  • Borrowing from County Treasurer (Ed Code 42620)
  • Tax Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRAN)

Adopted Resolution 004-2021, Resolution Requesting Board of Supervisors of the County of Alameda to Establish Tax Rate for Bonds of the Fremont Unified School District Expected to be Sold During Fiscal Year 2020-21 and Authorizing Necessary Actions in Connection Therewith – The schedule for issuing the fourth series of bonds authorized under Measure E currently anticipates selling such Bonds after the time that the Auditor-Controller calculates the taxes to be levied for District bonded debt during fiscal year 2020-21. Therefore, Resolution No. 004-2021 formally requests that the Board of Supervisors of Alameda County adopt a tax rate and levy a tax for the Bonds. The tax rate will be based upon an estimated debt service schedule prepared by the District. The Resolution further authorizes the District officials to file a certified copy of the Resolution with the Board of Supervisors of the County and to deliver copies of the Resolution to the Auditor-Controller and Treasurer and Tax Collector of the County. Adoption of this Resolution is necessary to ensure that property taxes are levied during fiscal year 2020-21 for the payment of the Bonds. The Bonds are expected to be sold during Fiscal Year 2020-21. There is no fiscal impact to the General Fund resulting from the issuance of the Bonds. See presentation here.


Authorized Staff to Enter into Memorandum of Understanding with California School for the Deaf for the 2020-2021 School Year – The California School for the Deaf (CSD) will operate an Early Start program for infants and toddlers of varying hearing levels whose IFSPs indicate a bilingual deaf education approach. Procedures and policies for the provision of such services shall be established by FUSD with the concurrence of CSD in accordance with state and federal regulations. FUSD and CSD will be responsible for initial intake assessments and establishing eligibility for early start services as appropriate. Once eligibility is established and an IFSP is in place through FUSD and CSD, a recommendation for placement and services can be made for that individual student. CSD has the right to decline any additional services requested by the district and not within this agreement dependent on funding.  FUSD will pay no more than the budgeted amount of $211,000 to CSD. There will be no cap on the number of Mission Valley SELPA students served by the program unless the class is full (the Toddler Class will be staffed at a ratio of 1 adult to 4 students per California Education Code Section 8264.8).

Discussion of Fremont Police Department/School Resource Office Partnership – Currently, a School Resource Officer (SRO) is assigned to each of the six high schools and serves all schools and offices throughout the District. The mission of the SRO unit is to ensure a safe learning environment for students, teachers, and school administrators.  Through this partnership and the efforts of students, parents, school staff, and the community, all schools in FUSD are safe and provide learning environments dedicated to promoting high levels of student achievement and success. The District's partnership with the Fremont Police Department is an essential component of our efforts to maintain safe and orderly school campuses.  SROs serve both responsive and preventative functions. The officers respond to incidents on and adjacent to campuses and also provide significant support in preventing incidents at schools throughout Fremont. At the June 28, 2017 Board Meeting, staff received authorization to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Fremont for School Resource Officer services for 2017-2024, with the understanding that the Board will have an opportunity to approve the contract cost each year and any cost adjustments would be reported to the Board in a future consent agenda item. This is a multi-year agreement the allows the Fremont Board of Education or City of Fremont to cancel the agreement without penalty, upon 30-day written notice to the other party. The District's 50% annual share of the cost of the School Resource Officer program for 2019-2020 school year is $768,683. The cost may be adjusted annually based on the actual cost incurred by the City of Fremont employee negotiations and reported to the Board. See presentation here. Board votes to reevaluate the SRO program and direct staff to renegotiate contract with City of Fremont to allow FUSD not to pay contracted amount while District is under distance learning.


Received Report on Child Nutrition Services (CNS) Program from Sodexo School Services and Authorize Staff to Extend the Agreement with Sodexo America, LLC. to Provide Food Service Management Services for the District in 2020-21 School Year – Over the past three years Sodexo has implemented strategies to control and lower food cost, and increase meal participation. To improve meal participation, Sodexo has used the following strategies: input from the child nutrition staff, student surveys, focus groups, offering seasonal produce, and recipe and menu changes. The District budgeted for a shortfall of $464,906 for the 2019/2020 fiscal year. However, the year-end budget shortfall is projected at $1,436,586 an additional loss of $971,680. The reason for this additional shortfall is primarily due to the revenue loss from the March 13, 2020, District-wide closure due to COVID-19 and the Shelter in Place order. Uncollected revenue from student meals (bad debt expense) continues to contribute to the shortfall. Bad debt expense has increased since passing of the Hunger Prevention and Fair Treatment Act of 2017, also known as the “No Shaming Bill”. No student will be denied a meal due to lack of funds. Students who forget their money for lunch or breakfast, or their account balance becomes negative, will be able to receive a full meal. In compliance with this new legislation, the District has experienced an increase in bad debt or uncollected child nutrition funds from student meals. The table below reflects the bad debt expense over the last four years. 






Bad Debt Expense






Organization of the Board - Per Board Policy 9100, Organization of the Board, if the president of the board chooses to run for office at any time during their term as president, they will be expected to step down from the position of Board President and take the role of Vice President until the next regular election of the Board. Their replacement will be chosen as described under "section a. of the policy" as if they had never been seated as president. Current Board President, Desrie Campbell has decided to run for reelection of Fremont Unified School District Board of Education. The Board is asked to hold a discussion and take action on the seating of the Board President, Desrie Campbell, who is running for office during the term of the presidency during the 2020 election year and consider selection of a Board President. Board votes to allow President Campbell to serve the remainder of her term.


See Video of entire meeting here 


The Board’s next Regular Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 12th, 6:30pm (time subject to change), at the District Office Board Room – 4210 Technology Dr. – in Fremont.