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Superintendent's Message - March 2020 - Committed to Developing Practices that Support All Students
Posted 3/2/20

As I’ve been traveling around Fremont Unified presenting my 2019-20 State of the District Address between September and now, I’ve had the opportunity to not only share current information and initiatives but--more importantly--listen to the ideas, questions, and concerns of parents, students, and community members. These visits have helped me better understand what’s on people’s minds and look for solutions to the various recurring issues that come up. 

One common theme that has echoed throughout each of the sessions is the perception that certain attendance areas receive more attention, funding, or resources than others. The curious thing is, that at every single stop no matter what part of town, folks have shared with me that their facilities, course offerings, and/or school policies are unfair, unequal, or inequitable compared to everywhere else.

Some state that the allocation of Measure E projects is disproportionate in different attendance areas. Some mention that the number of course offerings available to students varies widely in each high school. Others cite the poor quality of their facilities and unmet basic maintenance needs. As I attempt to field questions and address concerns, I also must openly acknowledge that we do indeed have a long road ahead to create more equitable conditions in FUSD. 

In a district as large as ours, it can be a challenge to both honor the unique and diverse history of each area of the city as well as create a basic standard of care for all. We are a unified district with many strengths and causes for celebration, yet there is still much work to be done. I personally remain committed to developing systems, policies, and practices that support all of our students in all of our schools. We won’t get there overnight, but we will get there together.


Kim Wallace, Ed.D
Fremont Unified School District