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Board Meeting Highlights - January 22, 2020
Posted 1/23/20

At its January 22nd meeting, The FUSD Board of Education:


  • Reviewed the District's 2018-19 Audit Report - The District's independent auditor, Eide Bailly LLP, previously known as Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co., has conducted an audit of the district's financial statement and records for fiscal year 2018-19. Eide Bailly LLP issued an "Unmodified Opinion" report for the district.  An "Unmodified Opinion" means that the financial statements are presented fairly, in all material respects, and in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework. The audit report shows no audit findings. 


  • Received Budget Update - Staff provided the Board of Education and the community with a presentation on the potential impact of the Governor's Proposed Budget to Fremont Unified School District.


  • Approved Second Reading of Revised Board Policy 6146, Graduation Requirements for High School Students and Review Administrative Regulation - The existing policy and regulations do not address recent legislation which allows for the exemption of coursework and graduation requirements for students whose families are military, foster youth, students without permanent housing, students who have attended a juvenile court school, migrant, and newly arrived immigrants who have transferred schools after their second year of high school. Additionally, the required units for graduation from Fremont Adult School have been revised to be in alignment with surrounding adult education programs in the Southern Alameda County Consortium (SACC), along with Union City and Newark. Within each consortium, schools try to match their graduation requirements so that students will remain in the district for which they attended high school as they attempt to work toward their diploma. This change will bring Fremont Adult School into alignment with schools in our consortium. At the November 20, 2019 Board of Education meeting trustees requested that staff seek feedback from educators on the changes and implications associated with Board Policy and Administrative Regulation revisions. To gather feedback from educators this policy was shared and reviewed with Curriculum Council members. Each of the councils reviewed the changes and recommend approval. Trustees also requested that staff survey Irvington High School staff, students, alumni, and parents about the Irvington High School QUEST project. Staff met with the Irvington Instructional Leadership Team to seek feedback and solicit ideas for obtaining information from current students and alumni. A cross section of Irvington, students, parents, and alumni were surveyed and the results are summarized below:
  • Irvington staff provided feedback on QUEST and the majority cited the strong academic and life skills the course provides and emphasized a desire to keep QUEST as a graduation requirement. 
  • Some staff members noted a need to continue to refine QUEST at Irvington to ensure requirements remain in alignment with the schools focus on mental health and wellness.
  • Alumni respondents indicated that QUEST was helpful to them both at Irvington and post high school. Alumni noted that they felt the project could be enhanced by streamlining the amount of contact needed with outside organizations and refining timelines.
  • Current Irvington students indicated that they have developed personal and social responsibility from work on the project but responses were skewed from low to high in terms of assessing meaningful impact from the community service component.
  • Students note that they would like to see greater clarity in terms of overall expectations.
  • The majority of students expressed that the work associated with QUEST improved their communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Parents expressed support for the project and would like to have greater clarity and flexibility on timelines for students. 
  • Parents surveyed indicated that they had not considered transferring schools to avoid the QUEST project.

Irvington Principal, Amanda Melsby, has reviewed this feedback and will continue discussions about QUEST with her leadership team to ensure that the school is providing an equitable and relevant program that is impactful without being burdensome to the community. Item Approved by 4-1 vote (Trustee Crosbie votes Nay).

  • Authorized Staff to Enter Into an Agreement for Certified Athletic Trainers with Washington Hospital Healthcare System - Washington Sports Medicine/Washington Hospital Healthcare System (WHHS), in partnership with Fremont Unified, has funded certified athletic trainers at all five FUSD high schools since 2017. The hospital would like to continue this partnership with FUSD for the 2020-2021 school year. The District would receive:
  • A part-time Certified Athletic Trainer dedicated to each school.  The trainer would work 30 hours per week from August, when sports programs start, through the first week of June, when the programs conclude.  The hours would be flexed to cover practices every day and as many sporting events as possible.
  • All the resources of Washington Sports Medicine, including supervisor support from Washington Hospital's full-time athletic trainer, who is based at Irvington High School.
  • A trainer to evaluate and treat any injuries that occur in practice or games, and assist parents in navigating the healthcare system if and when athletes need to be referred out.

In return, Washington Sports Medicine/Washington Hospital Healthcare System (WHHS) would request advertising at high school athletic events, gyms and training rooms. For school year 2019-2020, the cost for athletic trainer services to FUSD is $96,900. For school year 2020-2021, a one-year contract is proposed in which Washington Hospital will continue to subsidize the cost of athletic trainers as FUSD: $164,000 & WHHS: $202,600. Each school will continue providing a room to be used for athletic training and supplies such as bandaging tape, bandages, etc. Washington Sports Medicine will cover the costs of worker's compensation and liability insurance for the Certified Athletic Trainers.

  • Received a Presentation on Proposed Options to the Rix-Glankler Early Learning Center and Approve Option 1 - The original goal of the project was to move the Glankler Early Learning Center (Glankler) to the Rix site, including Transitional Kindergarten (TK), to seek state reimbursement funding, and to obtain approvals from the Division of the State Architect (DSA). Early in the process, the architect coordinated with DSA methods for approvals of the buildings for this newly acquired site. DSA requires newly acquired sites to fall under a different, more stringent and more time-consuming Rehabilitation Project Evaluation (REH) approval process on existing buildings and structures. There are two main steps for the REH process; first submit a workplan and obtain DSA approval of the workplan, and second, submit the plans for DSA approval. The result of the first step workplan, DSA required a soils report, then extensive structural upgrades costing upwards of $14 million ($11.5 million over budget). Staff and the architect have explored alternate approaches to fulfill the objectives of the project:

1.  Rebuild the site using modular buildings after demolishing the existing buildings.

2.  Pursue City of Fremont approvals instead of DSA approvals

     (DSA is not required if TK is not included or if state funding is not applied for).


The existing school is city code compliant and the prior owner, Kidango, operated a preschool program there for decades. Five of the six buildings had DSA approvals when built in the 1970s and the sixth building was approved through the City of Fremont by Kidango. The existing buildings are very similar to the original schools in FUSD, and if the District had continuously owned the property, then five of the six existing buildings would not be required to be upgraded to current DSA codes. Proposed revised options to meet the basic needs of the Glankler program:



Option 1 (Basic Needs)

  • Exceeds original project budget of $2.5 million by $2.5 million for a new project budget of $5 million
  • Omits TK
  • Waives state funding since not a DSA project
  • Adds ADA restroom in each classroom
  • Adds staff parking
  • Adds covered canopy and safety fencing at drop-off and pick-up area
  • Converts existing non-ADA restroom to storage
  • Postpones occupancy to Fall 2021


Option 2 (Enhanced)

  • Includes all scope in Option 1
  • Exceeds original project budget of $2.5 million by $4 million with a new project budget of $6.5 million
  • New classrooms ceiling and flooring
  • New casework and storage in classrooms
  • New interior and exterior paint
  • Postpones occupancy to Fall 2021


Rix Site

Option #1

Option #2

Original Project Budget Estimate



Scope Exceeding Estimated Budget



Total Revised Project Budget




Board votes 5-0 to approve Option #2

  • Authorized Staff to Enter into Two (2) Agreements: 1. Project Inspector Services and 2. Materials Testing and Special Inspection Services for the New Construction and Modernization Project at Thornton Middle School (Middle School Conversion) - Staff recommended entering into agreements listed below:



Thornton Middle School

New Construction & Modernization Project



DSA School Inspectors, Inc.


Construction Testing Services, Inc.





Item approved by 4-1 vote (Trustee Crosbie votes Nay).

  • Received a Presentation and Authorized Staff to Proceed with Design Development of the Drama Program for the New Construction and Modernization Projects at Centerville Middle School (Middle School Conversion Project) - At the Board’s request, the architect, LPA, has developed alternative designs to accommodate a larger dedicated performance space for the drama program at Centerville. LPA has produced two alternative options.
  • Option 1 – This option is the original schematic design presented to the Board on November 20, 2019. This option includes expanding the lockers in building G, moving the drama classroom to building D, and improving acoustics in the MPR. This option is within the project budget and meets the Middle School Educational Specifications for the drama program.  This option was recommended and approved by the Centerville School Site Committee.
  • Option 2 – This option expands the footprint of building G, allowing for the current drama performance space to remain in building G and for the expansion of the locker space. This option also includes the extension of the hardcourts to account for the expansion of building G. This option exceeds the project budget by $3 million.
  • Option 3 – This option moves the drama classroom to a larger footprint within building D and moves the art classroom to a new modular building in line with the other modular buildings on campus. In addition, this option includes the same locker expansion planned in Option 1. This option exceeds the project budget by $3.9 million.


Board votes 5-0 to approve Option #2



  • Authorized Staff to Enter into an Agreement with Roebbelen Construction Management Services, Inc. for Construction Management Services for the Theater Improvement Project at Washington High School - Staff is requesting authorization to execute an agreement with Roebbelen Construction Management Services for the Washington Theater Improvement project in the amount of $173,774. The scope of CM services will be for pre-construction through final close-out. The cost for these services is within the budget for Washington Theater Improvement Project.


  • Authorized Staff to Enter into Memorandum of Understanding with California School for the Deaf for the 2019-2020 School Year - CSD will operate an Early Start program for infants and toddlers of varying hearing levels whose IFSPs indicate a bilingual deaf education approach. Procedures and policies for the provision of such services shall be established by FUSD with the concurrence of CSD in accordance with state and federal regulations. FUSD and CSD will be responsible for initial intake assessments and establishing eligibility for early start services as appropriate. Once eligibility is established and an IFSP is in place through FUSD, a recommendation for placement and services can be made for that individual student. CSD has the right to decline any additional services requested by the district and not within this agreement dependent on funding.  FUSD will pay no more than the budgeted amount of $211,000 to CSD. There will be no cap on the number of MVSELPA students served by the program unless the class is full (the Toddler Class will be staffed at a ratio of 1 adult to 4 students per California Education Code Section 8264.8). Item approved by 4-0 vote (Trustee Berke abstains).



See Video of entire meeting here 


The Board’s next Regular Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 12th, 6:00pm (time subject to change), at the District Office Board Room – 4210 Technology Dr. – in Fremont.