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Shout Out November/December 2019
Posted 12/19/19

Dave McCarthy and the whole school!Selected this month is Grimmer Elementary's Dave McCarthy. Mr. Dave always goes above and beyond for the students and staff at Grimmer. He anticipates needs, takes action without being asked, notices everything needing attention. Overall, Mr. Dave takes such pride in our school facility and more importantly; the students, staff and parents of Grimmer. He is kind to everyone he meets, never shows frustration, and so appreciates when people notice his wonderful work. He is helping to shape our students into kind, caring citizens of our Grimmer and greater community. We are so lucky to have Mr. Dave as our day custodian!


November/December 2019 nominees:

School Staff Name Reason
Adult Education Brenda Banchieri Brenda is an exceptional teacher and teacher leader. She works in our Mommy or Daddy and Me Program, teaching important early childhood development skills to new parents. The classes are very popular and often have waiting lists. She ensures that parents have the necessary skills to prepare their young children to enter school well prepared for success.
American High Theresa D'Audney Theresa is the backbone of our counseling program, helping students with all questions college and career related. She makes sure that every detail is taken care of in all projects and plans; no job is too small. She is invaluable in organizing college visits, helping our students find the right path for their future, preparing our Senior Awards night, and connecting our students with thousands of dollars in scholarship money every year. Theresa has been a mainstay of AHS for years and we will miss every part of her when she retires in February.
Blacow Elementary Melissa Magnan (Special Education) Melissa Magnan is a superhero! As a Spec Para, she goes above and beyond to ensure our students in our Intensive Instruction SDC classes are safe. Her patience, calm demeanor, and wealth of knowledge has been crucial when we have had incidents involving students with difficult behaviors. She is an asset to our school and FUSD - we need more caring individuals like her!
Brier Elementary Monica Suddarth (Accounts Payable) We had been working without a permanent secretary since the beginning of the year. Being unfamiliar with ESCAPE, Monica has been a saving grace. She patiently walked my OA1 and I through many aspects of the program, patiently answered my questions over and over again and was genuinely concerned and helpful! Monica made the first two months of school bearable and as an added benefit was able to train my old brain to do new tricks!
Brookvale Elementary Lena Anderson Lena is simply amazing. She is the glue that keeps every aspect of our school together. She juggles so many things at the same time while tending to sick children, parents with questions, and ringing phones. I appreciate her stopping everything she is doing each time I have a question (which if often). Brookvale would not be the same without Lena.
Chadbourne Elementary Dan Farmer (Operations & Grounds) Dan goes above and beyond to help with things on our campus and healing with our custodians. He supports the administration and helps to figure plans for when students are not there. He comes and guides, but also takes it on himself to help clean our campus. We really appreciate his support and guidance. He is a great support for our school.
Durham Elementary Monica Miller Monica is an excellent nurse for all our students at Durham. She is meticulous when it comes to compliance, checking immunizations, health plans, and even CPR certification of teachers. We especially admire her proactive intervention for students, going over and above as a very active member of our COST team. She is always available as well for emergency needs and contributes ideas on how to assist students with attendance issues, eyeglass needs, and general consultation items. She even knows students personally and connects with them easily. Although just part time at Durham, Monica seems to cover all areas even when she is not at our site. Thanks Nurse Monica for taking VERY good care of us!!!
Glankler Preschool Shobha Master Our school secretary has been out on an extended absence. Ms. Shobha jumped right in and has taken over many secretarial responsibilities in addition to completing her regular attendance monitoring and reporting. She has also been so helpful in training a rotation of substitutes who are here for just a few days at a time. Fortunately having Shobha willing to step in has been a life-saver for our school and school community.
Green Elementary Rylee Greene Mrs. Greene is a fabulous teacher. She works hard to meet the needs of all her students. Mrs. Greene has offered her classroom for district and site PD. She is on our leadership team and is always willing to support others.
Grimmer Elementary Dave McCarthy Mr. Dave always goes above and beyond for the students and staff at Grimmer. He anticipates needs, takes action without being asked, notices everything needing attention. Overall, Mr. Dave takes such pride in our school facility and more importantly; the students, staff and parents of Grimmer. He is kind to everyone he meets, never shows frustration, and so appreciates when people notice his wonderful work. He is helping to shape our students into kind, caring citizens of our Grimmer and greater community. We are so lucky to have Mr. Dave as our day custodian!
Hirsch Elementary Carl Modeste Carl is a huge asset to students, families, and staff at Hirsch. He is detailed and thorough in completing assessments and information he presents. With the innovative ideas and creative suggestions he has shared, they have helped us expand our resources to our students. We have been so happy that Carl was able to continue with us for this second year!
Horner Junior High Navpreet Bedi Navpreet exemplifies what it means to be a super teacher. She currently teaches 5 sections of English Honors classes; serves as the ELD Department chair; assists with the AVID program coordination; serves on the schools equity committee; is a School Site Council representative; is a teacher working closely with the inclusion program and its students; collaborates successfully with other Horner teachers to plan and implement team lessons in English and ELD and also serves on the Liaison committee as well as one of our FUDTA reps for Horner. Navpreet spends countless hours working with her parents to support their education. I am in awe at how she finds time to do anything personal as she spends a great deal of time support the school as a whole. Great job Navpreet!
Irvington High Connie Cervantes Connie is a ray of sunshine at IHS. She is always willing to help, she has a great sense of humor and she keeps her alpha on track. Even though we often tease her for staying late, we are deeply appreciative of her work and commitment. Thank you, Connie!
Kennedy High Donna Facha Donna has not only been doing her job here at JFK, but has also been helping to assist at Horner Jr. High as needed with their new office staff. This has been an especially tough year as we have had to keep an extra eye on expenditures and our budget. Donna is extremely responsive and willing to meet whenever needed to help ensure that all transactions are frugal and follow necessary guidelines. She is awesome to have on our team.
Leitch Elementary Ashley Metcalfe Ashley stepped into a new role this year and she has been nothing short of fabulous. She is pulling small groups daily and helping our EL students anyway she can. She is also running wonderful ELPAC meetings for our EL parents. She is extremely thoughtful in everything she does and has a huge heart. Ashley is always quick to help out whether that is attending an SST, IEP or being a designee. Leitch is truly lucky to have her.
Maloney Elementary Ross Roman Ross is our new day custodian. During his brief tenure, he has proven to be an asset to students and staff. His friendly disposition, attention to detail, and willingness to help others has made him a valued member of Maloney School.
Mattos Elementary Sheri Mejia Sheri is an amazing team member who creatively collaborates to create comprehensive and cohesive systems for improving all aspects of her job and the contributions she makes to our school as a member of SSC and COST. Her many hours spent meeting with students, setting SMART Goals for attendance, working with students doing Check and Connect, supporting home/school communications, and serving all families and the community is invaluable.
Millard Elementary Jan Cedeno Jan has worked at Millard for many years, supporting students in our moderate SDC program. Over the years, her compassion and kindness have brightened the lives of countless students. We appreciate Jan's friendly smile, her positive attitude, and her dedicated work in support of our Millard community.
Mission San Jose Elementary Michelle Diaz Michelle has stepped in from her normal position of preparing lunches to maintaining student information as students arrive to receive their lunch. She greets each student with a smile and asks how their day is going. When needed, Michelle makes sure that no student leaves the lunchroom hungry. She has got to know all our students and even approached me with a concern which led to a very happy ending. Without her involvement, this issue may never been addressed. Michelle is a welcomed addition to MSJE.
Mission Valley Elementary Dolores Rodriquez (Special Education) Dolores is the Program Specialist extraordinaire. The world of special education is multifaceted and Dolores is always willing to help us provide the best supports for our students. She is an advocate for students and does what it takes to help with staffing support. She is a miracle worker. Dolores understands the delicacy of some cases and helps families understand the sometimes difficult news about their child. She works as a partner with school staff and families to ensure students are receiving the best so they can go out into the world and thrive! Her compassion for our students is commendable.
Niles Elementary Angela Hsu (Curriculum & Instruction) Angela always has a smile on her face and is keenly focused on supporting our teaching staff in any way possible. She is reliable, positive, and knowledgeable. All you have to do is ask, and Angela is there. She also graciously offers to help if she hears about a need. Niles is very fortunate to have her assigned to provide coaching to our school. Thanks Angela!
Oliveira Elementary Erin Giraudbit Erin is an extremely knowledged individual who goes out of her way to help students, staff and parents. She works from a sense of moral purpose and integrity. You can always count on Erin to meet deadlines and to assist team members whenever necessary. Her lens is consistently on doing what is right for every student that walks on our campus.
Parkmont Elementary Angela Hsu (Curriculum & Instruction) Angela is such an asset to Parkmont, but also to ALL of the schools that she serves. Her positive energy is contagious and her desire to help anyone and everyone is always so appreciated. Angela has helped present information during staff meetings or PDs, and she works with individual teachers or grade level teams to support them in a variety of ways. She is extremely knowledgeable and if she doesn't know the answer to something (which is rare) she will find the answer! We are so lucky to be able to contact her with any issue, question or concern and know that she will help us in no time flat! Thank you Angela for all you do!!
Patterson Elementary Marissa Vigil and Karen Herbert-Best (Curriculum & Instruction) Marissa and Karen have truly embraced their role as C&I liaisons and they have been active members of our school community. They meet with colleagues and have recently started to do demo lessons focusing on small group instruction and inviting teachers to come, see, and implement in their classrooms. They also provide time for conversation and reflection on best practices. They have led professional development and are really involved in ensuring that we have continue to incorporate and share best practices. Thank you both for all you do for our students and Patterson.
Thornton Junior High Kara Cannon Mrs. Cannon has taken on the role as the site Restorative Practices coordinator. Her efforts to intervene and "restore" the situation has helped to reduce much of the drama and social media issues here on campus. She is trusted by the students to be a person who is listening to them and helping to resolve differences. She has hold "circles" with the students and helps train the staff on conducting their own circles within heir classes. Very effective!
Vallejo Mill Elementary Amber Harczak This is Amber's first year as a psych in FUSD and at our school site. She has been a positive addition to our staff. She comes to work with a smile and a service oriented attitude. She loves working with students, supporting staff, and is highly professional at meetings. She has made strong connections with our school community in a short time!
Warm Springs Elementary Kris Imhof Kris has provided numerous professional developments, is a mentor teacher and allows any staff member, and welcomes them to come visit her class. Kris understands what our staff needs to be successful and always does her best to keep them in mind when approaching and planning any professional development sessions. Without her input and strategic approach to training our staff, Warm Springs would not be the same. She always starts with our staff's current understanding and takes us to the next level from there. Thank you Kris!
Washington High Carleen Jung Carleen is going to retire as the Account Clerk at Washington after working here for the past 26 years. Carleen is the best Account Clerk in the District and always approaches work with a positive attitude and a wonderful sense of humor. Carleen has a tremendous work ethic and enjoys interacting with students and staff alike. We are going to miss Carleen. She is going to be hard to replace.
Weibel Elementary Bryan Kilby & Amanda Klingler (Curriculum & Instruction) Bryan and Amanda are our C&I liaisons at Weibel. They have been our liaisons for the past 3 years. They have led many professional developments for our school and have taken initiative to share best practices. With the start of new report cards, gradebook, and SBG this school year, they supported all the teachers as they completed their new report cards. Our site is so grateful to have Bryan and Amanda for all the support they give our staff. Thank you to both of you!
Curriculum & Instruction Christine Tu Christine is a true team player who says Yes to whatever she is asked to do. She models lessons in elementary classrooms, handles all questions about the CHPSE curriculum, supports schools in any way she is asked, steps in to facilitate at a moment's notice, and more. We appreciate having you on our team, Christine!
Elementary Education Diana Ramirez (Assessment & Accountability) Diana has been a huge support to elementary teachers with the new report cards. Thank you for taking the time to be available at each site for individual questions and support.
Human Resources Alice Gengler-McThorn Alice does a great job in greeting and welcoming individuals into the Human Resources Department. She has a great sense of humor and often puts perspective hires at ease when they show up for their interviews. Alice also puts together the Personnel Commission packets and assists the Personnel Commission staff. Alice also assists with Benefits and monitors classified leaves. Thanks for all your hard work, Alice!
Special Education Lorraine Neira Lorraine goes the extra mile, always working above and beyond to make sure our students get what they need. She is a natural leader who operates from a place of positivity. She is well respected by colleagues for her hard work and perseverance.
Student Support Services Gabrielle Green Gabby is always the first one to help when help is needed. She handles the community with respect and answers all of their questions.
Technology Narayan Krishnan Krishnan has shown immense dedication to the district and his role in keeping our network and servers operational. He has frequently gone above and beyond the call of duty to enable fast response to daily challenges arising in the district. He has taken on multiple efficiency projects including the deployment of a network monitoring dashboard tool. Krishnan's contributions have been integral to our ability to complete district wide construction and IT upgrade projects over the past few years.
Transportation Julie Gusman For the past 3.5 years, Julie has been driving a school bus for Fremont USD providing service to many special education students throughout our District. Julie has a special way of making all of her students and parent feel special with her big smile and wonderful personality. Julie loves her role at FUSD, loves all of the children she transports, and loves working for FUSD. Julie represented FUSD in the 2018 State of California School Bus ROADEO and was part of our team that won Best Represented in the State at the ROADEO. Not a day goes by that Julie does not bring in her huge contagious smile and make everyone feel great. Additionally, Julie has perfect attendance. She has not missed a day of work in 3 years. It is a pleasure to have Julie as a part of the transportation team serving our FUSD students.