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Board Meeting Highlights - December 10, 2019
Posted 12/11/19

At its December 10th meeting, The FUSD Board of Education:


  • Annual Organization of the Board – Board elects Trustee Desrie Campbell as President, Trustee Larry Sweeney as Vice President and Trustee Ann Crosbie as Clerk for 2020.


  • Held a Public Hearing Pursuant to Education Code Section 33050 on the Submission of a General Waiver Request to be Approved by the State Board of Education to Waive Section 5020(a) and Portions of Sections 5019, 5021, and 5030 of the Education Code - The Governing Board would then consider adoption of Resolution No. 018-1920 in the following item.


  • Adopted Resolution No. 018-1920 Authorizing the Submission of a General Waiver Request to be Approved by the State Board of Education Concerning the District’s Transition to a By-Trustee Area Election System Following the Opening and Closing of a Public Hearing


  • Held a Third and Final Public Hearing to Receive Public Testimony Concerning Proposed Trustee Voting Area Plans Associated with the District's Transition to a By-Trustee Area Election System - The Governing Board convened its third and final public hearing on map options to receive public testimony concerning proposed trustee voting area plans associated with the District's transition to a by-trustee area election system. The District provided this final in-person opportunity to the community to review and provide feedback before the Board of Education voted on a map that will be put into effect for the November 2020 Board elections. See presentation here.


  • Adopted Resolution No. 019-1920 Authorizing the Selection and Adoption of a Final Trustee Area Plan as Part of the District's Transition to a "By-Trustee Area" Election System and Submission of the Final Trustee Area Plan to the Alameda County Committee on School District Organization for Approval - Board votes 4-1 (Trustee Crosbie votes Nay) to approve proposed Trustee Voting Area Map #1.


  • Authorized Staff to Enter Into Agreements with Non-Public Agencies and Non-Public Schools for 2019-2020 - FUSD currently has students whose least restrictive environment was determined to be placement in a Non-Public School (NPS) setting due to a significant disability, or behavioral or programmatic needs that have impacted their current ability to be successful within the general education setting. In addition, FUSD currently needs to contract out for additional services through Non-Public Agencies, despite efforts to employ district staff, including, but not limited to: Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Assistive Technology, Speech/Language, 1:1 Nursing, and Physical Therapy services. Staff is currently requesting authorization to enter into agreements with the NPS's and NPA's listed on the attached sheet.


  • Approved First Interim Budget Report for 2019-20 - The District’s general fund revenues are projected to increase by $5.1 million from the Adopted Budget to $391.4 million. Expenditures are projected to increase by $27.4 million to $417.3 million. The attached budget analysis shows the detailed explanation of the changes from the Adopted Budget to the First Interim Budget. As a result of the changes in the revenues and expenditures, the ending fund balance is projected to decrease by approximately $6.6 million from the Adopted Budget. This leaves a reserve of approximately $10.5 million. In certifying the 2019-20 First Interim Report as positive certification, it is important to highlight the District's fiduciary responsibility to maintain fiscal solvency for the current and subsequent two fiscal years.  In order to balance the District's budget and maintain positive certification, the District needs to enhance its revenues and/or reduce its expenditures by $19.9 million in 2020-21 continuing to 2021-22. Due to its magnitude, the District has yet to identify detailed enhancement in revenues and/or reduction in expenditures for the 2020-21 and 2021-2 fiscal years.  Staff recommends "Positive Certification" which certifies that, based upon current projections, and current assumptions, the District will meet its financial obligations for the current fiscal year and subsequent two fiscal years contingent upon the Board's adoption of $19.9 million in revenue enhancements and/or expenditure reductions beginning in Fiscal Year 2020-21. The District reserve is projected to be 2.05%. See presentation here.


  • Held a Public Hearing and Adopt the Fund 25 Capital Facilities Fund (Developer Fees) Annual and Five-Year Reports for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2019 - In Fiscal Year 2018-19, the District received $1,937,615.49 in revenues and $3,533,486.44 of transfers for the reimbursement of Mission San Jose High School Wing Project from Proposition 51.  The District expended $9,714,070.63 and $89,323.16 for administrative fees thereby decreasing the ending fund balance by $4,332,291.86.  The details are shown in the attached report.


  • Received Presentation on the Updated Measure E Implementation Plan, Approve the Updated Budget Allocation and Authorize Staff to Proceed with Group 1 Projects - The Board received a presentation on the updated Implementation Plan for the remaining projects of the Measure E Bond Program, approved the updated budget allocation, and authorized staff to proceed with Group 1 projects in the amount of $33.1 million. As part of the motion, the Board also requested staff to bring back an additional recommendation for the Kennedy High School modernization project at a future meeting in Jan. or Feb. 2020 - Board approves by 4-1 vote (Trustee Sweeney votes Nay).


  • Authorized Staff to Amend the Agreement with HKIT Architects for the New Construction and Modernization Project at Hopkins Middle School (Middle School Conversion) - The Board authorized staff to amend the agreement with HKIT Architects in the amount of $852,495 for the new construction and modernization project at Hopkins Middle School. The total contract value is now $4,261,345. On October 30, 2019, the Board received a presentation on the new construction and modernization project at Hopkins and provided direction to proceed with Option 2B. The selection of Option 2B increased the overall Hopkins Middle School conversion project scope and budget by $15,960,919. The increased architectural fee was accounted for in the Option 2B budget increase presented at the October 30, 2019 meeting.



See Video of entire meeting here 



The Board’s next Regular Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 8th, 6:00pm (time subject to change), at the District Office Board Room – 4210 Technology Dr. – in Fremont.