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Shout Out October 2019
Posted 11/7/19

Rodney VictorineSelected this month is Chadbourne Elementary's Rodney Victorine. Rod goes above and beyond his duties. He loves the students and knows their names. He recognizes if they are absent and works hard to acknowledge them in the office and outside. He is our financial support and takes care of all the facilities use. He is a man with a big heart.


October 2019 nominees:

School Staff Name Reason
Adult Education Gary Brower Gary Brower is a dedicated and respected Lead Custodian, who goes above and beyond to make sure the campus is orderly and clean, the school vehicles have gas and are maintained, and that the multiple events that take place on campus are organized and function smoothly.  Gary has worked at FACE for over 30 years.  He is extremely dedicated to the campus, the staff, and the students.  He is an invaluable member of the staff.
American High Leslie DiFranco Leslie is integral to making the student experience in the library purposeful and fun.  Her knowledge of young adult literature helps match students with the perfect books to spark their interests.  Leslie also spearheads the creation of amazing displays to celebrate the diversity within our AHS community. We are lucky to have her as part of the team!
Ardenwood Elementary Roberto Ceja Ardenwood is so fortunate to have the support of Roberto Ceja as our Lead Night Custodian.  He possesses many of the professional characteristics that any site would want to have in a team-player; he is knowledgeable, timely, proactive, communicative, and has student safety and campus cleanliness at the center of his work.  Mr. Ceja checks in daily with certificated, classified, and administrative staff to ensure that his daily rounds are responsive to issues that come up.  He demeanour around visiting parents/guardians is welcoming and helpful.  He is the first to volunteer to help a family with a dead car battery in our drop off loop or seeking out additional information to help make our facilities perfectly ready for many of our 3rd party vendors.  Ardenwood thanks you Mr. Ceja for all that you do for our students and community.
Brier Elementary Karen Haslinger Karen is an amazing team player in every aspect. She is topnotch in her ability to work with students and staff. She is well-respected, trustworthy, conscientious and impactful. She heads up the Safety Patrol every morning, running it with precision. Her impact in the classroom is evident. When it comes to safety, Karen speaks out and follows through with concerns. These are just a few of the reasons Karen makes a difference.
Brookvale Elementary Jenny Haller Jenny is an amazing 3rd grade team player.  A team member is out on medical leave and Jenny has been using her own time to write lesson plans, prep materials, meet with the different substitutes to ensure that our students in the class are not missing out on valuable instruction.  She has also had to help two other team members who have been sick as well.  Jenny is definitely going above and beyond in supporting her fellow 3rd grade teachers.
Cabrillo Elementary Mark Chitwood                                         (MTOG) Mark is not a member of the Cabrillo staff but in many ways he is a very important member of the Cabrillo family. Mark takes pride in his work and ensures that Cabrillo's campus is always beautiful and well cared for. Mark is the type of painter who looks for other potential ways to tend to the Cabrillo facility when he is out on a work order. Recently Mark spotted some siding on one of the Cabrillo buildings which was rotting and could potentially damage the sub structure. He took the initiative with facilities to make sure it would be taken care of before the wet season. Mark has left many "marks" on the Cabrillo campus like the Cabrillo Cove and the office suite. Thank you for being a gentleman Mark!
Chadbourne Elementary Rodney Victorine Rod goes above and beyond his duties.  He loves the students and knows their names.  He recognizes if they are absent and works hard to acknowledge them in the office and outside.  He is our financial support and takes care of all the facilities use.  He is a man with a big heart.
Durham Elementary Deborah Huff Debbie is our resident historian dedicated to keeping the Durham spirit alive. She volunteers in setting up the Dairy Council visit and the yearly Pumpkin Patch which raises enough money so that each child at Durham gets a pumpkin. Debbie also reminds us how important it is to keep Durham traditions such as the Olympics, where students compete and get acknowledged for their physical talents. This year is Durham's 60th birthday and Debbie is our Champion Eagle with 30 years of outstanding service right here at Durham! Congratulations Debbie and keep on soaring high!!!
Forest Park Elementary Jeremy Orr Mr. Orr is dedicated to the students and families at Forest Park. He works hard with the 6th grade news crew members to put together a Forest Park News Program hosted, edited, directed, and produced by students called the Friday Show. Mr. Orr is solution oriented and always willing to step up and help out when support is needed. Students at Forest Park get a comprehensive First - Sixth grade computer curriculum that is rigorous and has our students well prepared for junior high school!
Glankler Preschool Jennifer Otrosina Ms. Otrosina is always considering the "wellness" and "connectedness" of the Glankler staff.  In previous years, she has planned monthly hikes throughout the Bay Area.  This year she has set up afterschool bowling for the staff. Most recently, Ms. Otrosina set-up a "movie night" to enable staff members to watch the highly-rated documentary "Far From the Tree".  Her efforts in bringing staff together for a variety of activities outside the school day is to be commended.
Glenmoor Elementary Dena Palmer                    (Warehouse) While Jan Sparks was out of the office Dena was the one who took care of all of our textbook needs. She was on top of all orders and had her crew delivered them the next day to ensure our students were ready and prepared with all the needed materials. In addition Dena was instrumental in collecting cardboard for our annual Cardboard Challenge a Global Play Day with families. She collected enough material for over 75 families to participate in this event. This event could not be possible without her help.
Gomes Elementary Manette Lim  
Green Elementary Rukshana Jeffrey Mrs. Jeffrey is a wonderful noon supervisor. When she is outside with our students, we know that they will be taken care of. She comes to work everyday with a smile on her face and is kind to all. Mrs. Jeffrey also volunteers weekly to provide art lessons in our classrooms and is the chair of the Reflections committee.
Hirsch Elementary Terri Reed Ms. Reed works well with ALL students at Hirsch. She encourages students to interact and socialize with each other to make sure that everyone at Hirsch feels included. She helps students and staff of other abilities to understand our students with unique needs. We can also see Ms. Reed spending recess observing students being safe and letting them know we are all accepted at our school. Ms. Reed puts in 110% in all projects and has an extraordinary amount of school spirit.
Hopkins Junior High Simon Anton Mr. Anton drew the short straw and ended up with a split schedule of 8th grade and 7th grade history.  Instead of complaining or making excuses he has embraced the "opportunity" of teaching something he has not previously taught.  He has created inspiring lessons that have connected the study of The Declaration of Indepence to their real lives.  Students embraced an activity where they had to decide if signing a document with their name to engage the administration in making changes to the school was worth the personal risk of "getting in trouble" or losing privileges.  They got to experience first hand a taste of what it must have been like for the founders to sign that document.  He continues to inspire students from all backgrounds and experiences.
Horner Junior High Matt Shaffer Matt is amazing at Horner.  He facilitates our school's MAZE days; runs the entire ASB functions; assists the principal with accounting and budgetary items for the ASB accounts; oversees the functions of the school clubs; heads up the History Department as Department Chair; coaches both the girl's and boy's basketball teams; assists with the WEB activities on campus and does all of this with a great attitude and a terrific mindset.  Matt is an active member of our school site team and always has ideas and the gumption to get things done effectively at Horner.  He is a role model for students and he is admired by many at our school.  Go Matt, you are BEE-utiful! (Horner Hornets pun...)
Irvington High Brian Kennedy Brian Kennedy is a wonderful asset to IHS.  As one of our night custodians he has shown himself to be an incredibly hard worker and a team play.  He is always willing to help the teachers and staff with any extra projects or requests that they have.  He takes pride in his work, initiative to improve the campus and is compassionate to all students, parents and staff.  We are very fortunate to work with him.
Leitch Elementary Wendy Chen Wendy goes above and beyond and is such a hard worker.  She cares for all our students and gets through each lunch smoothly.  She is a friendly face in our lunch room and makes sure each child gets the nutrition they need.  Her compassion and care she shows our community is  awesome.  Her laugh is contagious and she brings joy to those around her.
Maloney Elementary Diane Lewis Mrs. Lewis is an all around asset to our school. This year she was faced with the special challenge of only having an RSP teacher for part of the day. This didn't stop her from providing services to her students. You can find her in classrooms, and outside at picnic tables providing the much need support her students Mrs. Lewis is somebody we know we can count on to get the job done!
Mattos Elementary Sherolyn Mejia Ms. Mejia is a phenomenal support to our entire community. She is outstanding in her role as our attendance clerk, knows all students by name, encourages positive outcomes for students, staff and the community, and is amazing. As a member of School Site Council and COST she is a leader and role model showing kindness, compassion, and professionalism.
Millard Elementary Teresa Schmit Teresa is a wonderful support to our Millard students and staff!  She always has a huge smile on her face, is proactive about helping out anywhere and everywhere, and can always be counted on to be spectacular.  Teresa's joy for working with students shines in everything she does, and we are lucky to work with such an amazing educator!
Mission San Jose Elementary Carrie Irwin Carrie has gone above the call of duty by visiting each classroom and educating our students on the characteristics of Autism. This is vitally important as we have two Intensive Instruction classes here on site and are mainstreamed throughout the day. She has paired up general ed students with our II students so they have someone to play with during recess.
Mission Valley Elementary Noon Supervisors Each day our dedicated noon supervisors ensure the safety and well-being of our students during the lunch periods.  They help students with a variety of things from opening lunch containers to escorting them to the office when injured.  They provide a positive experience for the students here at MVE.
Niles Elementary Paige Johnson Paige is not only an outstanding teacher, but is also an indispensable member of our COST team. She has been on COST for three years and is able to analyze students’ academic strengths and areas of need through meaningful assessments. She is then able to recommend interventions on-the-spot at our meetings. Her recommendations are focused on student growth and are appreciated by her colleagues. Thanks Paige!
Oliveira Elementary Scott Sisk Scott is a team player who continually works to make our systems better with an eye always on our student's needs.  He recognizes what needs to be done and often will jump in to help solve issues without needing to asked.  There is an old proverb that states, "as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."  Mr. Sisk represents the iron that sharpens us all.
Parkmont Elementary Barry Milz Barry is one of our 5th grade teachers and Student Council Advisors. This year he ambitiously took on creating a "haunted classroom" as a fundraiser.  He, along with colleagues and members of students council transformed his classroom into a haunted classroom.  He offered "lights on" tours with no scaring to our Kinder -3rd grade students and opened up the tours during recess and lunch times.  He also gave up  his prep time so that teachers could bring their classes through for some spooky fun accompanied by their teacher.  The students had a blast enjoying this fun activity and we raised a TON of money too.  Thank you Barry!!
Patterson Elementary Julie Gordon Julie has been working with our EL students and she goes above and beyond to support them. She is really focused in ensuring that our EL students and their families are represented and heard. She attends our DELAC meetings and she has stepped up to be the ELAC representative at our SSC. Thank you Julie for being a voice for all of our students.
Robertson/Vista Tzu-Chien Wong A.K.A Sue, is a caring  and committed staff member who supports students daily. She takes pride in her role on campus and puts student needs at the top of her priority list.  She understands the importance of preparation and positive interactions with students and staff.
Vallejo Mill Elementary Mary Lasica                       (Technology) Mary is always positive and provides service with a smile!  Since day 1, she has been a huge support for any small or large technological issue.  When our site was transitioning to the new Cisco phones and we were impacted by a potential PG&E shut off, Mary came to our site in person to assist and bring backup radios, just in case.   Thank you, Mary, for giving so much of yourself and providing us with top notch service!
Walters Middle Imelda Ruiz Imelda is committed to Walters students, staff, and community.  She helps teachers every day to create a safe space for students and keep them learning.  She also is a major advocate with Make a Difference Day, and how it is ran.  She is involved with PTSA, and volunteers when ever needed.
Warm Springs Elementary Janet Thompson Janet Thompson provides support, guidance, and positivity to the entire Warm Springs community. Parents, students, and staff would all agree that Janet is a supportive and encouraging face in the front office.  Her approachability and resourcefulness make her a number one reliable go-to person. We are all lucky to have Janet on our staff.
Washington High Rhett Spitzak Rhett does an excellent job managing the custodial crew at Washington. We appreciate his work ethic, problem solving abilities, sense of humor and his knowledge of the job and the history of Washington. We lean on Rhett to get projects done at Washington and to be to the leader on campus at night when administrators are not present. Rhett is a tremendous asset to Washington.
Weibel Elementary Darcy Hawks Darcy is back at Weibel! After many years working at Junior High, Darcy returned back to Weibel.  All our veteran teachers and parent community are very excited to see her again.  She has spent tremendous amount of time setting and tidying up the library at the beginning of the school year.  She also just completed our first Scholastic Book Fair.  I'm very excited to see what is ahead for our students this year.  Thank you Darcy for your dedication!
Assessment & Accountability Diana Ramirez Diana visited every elementary school throughout September to help support teachers with the adoption of the new standards-based report card. Diana is a great support to all teachers - she is always incredibly encouraging and helpful. She has made many friends throughout the district due to her positive personality. Thank you to Diana for being so awesome!
Curriculum & Instruction Dawn Nogueiro Dawn has been a key resource in resolving technical issues and keeping teachers able to access the tools they need. She responds to emails quickly and is able to piece together complex patterns to help IT identify what might be causing a problem. She is also really good at spotting something that might be easy to solve, such as user error. When that is the case, she gets in touch with a teacher, or goes to their school, and sticks with them until the problem is solved.
Elementary Education Sheena Lal                                       (Technology) Sheena is a huge support at all of our principal meetings.  She is there to help setup and troubleshoot all of our technology needs!  We couldn't do it without her support!
Fed & State Elizabeth Suarez Puno Elizabeth serves the migrant students and their parents in our district.  Our migrant students are in several schools and represent various grade levels.  Elizabeth serves as a liaison between the school and the families.  Migrant families seek Elizabeth out as she is a great wealth of resources and advocate. She has a deep connection with our migrant families where they look for her for advice not just on matters for schooling but on other aspects of their lives. She takes initiative and is always willing to try new things.  She is a team player who will help in any aspect that she is needed.  She has been instrumental with the implementation of Parent Cafes for our Spanish speaking families.
Human Resources Christine Haynes Christine does an excellent job managing the high volume of calls and visitors that are received by the district office during student enrollment and in emergency situations.  Recently she managed several calls from concerned families regarding two school closures and potential closures due to PG&E power shut-offs.  She maintains her composure and stays calm and pleasant under pressure.  Great job Christine!
Student Support Services Janet Shue Janet has made sure all of the inter and intra district transfers are in the student system correctly and that all back-up information is collected before a decision is made.  Janet handles all of the paperwork and mileage for our home-hospital teachers along with assigning teachers to students.  Janet also is a team player and will assist any one if needed.