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Shout Out September 2019
Posted 9/20/19

WhalleySelected this month is Jason Whalley. He is a well rounded, knowledgeable teacher. He is our facilitator and webmaster for school loop, runs our robotics club, teachers our robotics classes as well as computer classes and is always looking for ways to bring his curriculum to the 21st Century that promotes STEM activities. He facilitates all of the computer cart check out systems for our school, does staff training on technology and works closely with admin to ensure that our school loop system is working appropriately. He has planned some "field experiences" regarding technology for our students and has a terrific attitude about being a lifelong learner at Horner. He is a gift to our school and our students! Great job Jason!.

September 2019 nominees:

School Staff Name Reason
Adult Education Matthew Samaniego Matthew is an excellent "face" of FACE. He seamlessly runs the front office in the evenings, answering all questions and fielding all problems. He is friendly, calm, and knowledgeable. His computer expertise, support with our federal mandated testing system, typing tests, and GED proctoring, have been essential to the smooth functioning of the school. He has learned his role quickly and efficiently.
American High Megan Barrington Megan has taken on the new role of principal at American like a pro. The first week was beyond nightmarish with events that included a student crisis, medical emergencies, and the death of a staff member. She worked through each of the events with professionalism , thoughtfulness, and careful consideration of the needs of the staff, students, and community that arose from each of the events. This is in addition to the normal day-to-day activity at a high school that is going through construction.
Ardenwood Elementary Teresa Friedheim Ms. Friedheim is a champion of environmental education and the healthy stewardship of our planet. She works to educate both students and staff on The 5 Rs - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, & Recycle. Whether coordinating programs to capture and recycle used markers across campus to exploring new ways to reduce our impact on the local environment, Ms. Friedheim is a role model to our community.
Blacow Elementary Lisa Heeren Lisa is an amazing team player. When her other SDC colleagues are out, she is always checking in with the substitutes to provide support. We have made some changes in our SDC classes that affected her classroom and she is very supportive. Thank you Lisa!
Brier Elementary Dilshad Merchant Dilshad has been amazing! I have been working without a secretary since day one. Dilshad agreed to work out of class. The learning curve has been steep but she has stepped up to the challenge, researching, inquiring and calling about many things to ensure a smooth beginning to the school year. I appreciate her diligence and work effort. All of this she has done with a smile!
Brookvale Elementary Brenda Godfrey Brenda has a wonderful relationship with many students at Brookvale. If she sees students in distress she doesn't hesitate to step in. She speaks with the students in a calm manner and helps students reflect on their behavior and how to make changes. The support she provides to our teachers and myself is invaluable.
Cabrillo Elementary Marcella Potosme Marcella, our new school counselor, has taken on counseling, COST coordination, and now Crisis Team work. Marcella successfully intervened for one of our Cabrillo Kids in September following a risk assessment providing the needed resources then following up with a well-developed crisis safety plan and follow-up check-ins. Marcela makes an impact every day!
Centerville Junior High Jose Llanos Jose has been with Centerville for many years. he is a stalwart fixture here and always takes pride in improving the Centerville environment. Jose has a great deal of initiative and is the type of person that just takes care of business when it needs to be done. He often works with community groups that are using our facilities and is professional, helpful, and courteous. Jose is well liked and respected at Centerville and continues to have an impact here every day.
Chadbourne Elementary Laura Lira                       (Location: Gomes) Laura has been nothing but a life saver for Chadbourne. When I had to close 2 classrooms at the and of last year she volunteered to go from 4th grade to teach Kindergarten. This year started and two weeks in we had to close a first grade class, and once again Laura stepped up and said she would be willing to move to Gomes to teach 1st grade. It is a loss for Chadbourne and a gain for Gomes. She has a huge heart for students and staff!!
Durham Elementary Karen Chapman Karen is a master teacher who is so willing to share her craft with new teachers at Durham. She views her success as a team approach. She leads with humility yet with deep understanding of what it takes to do everything well. Any child who gets to be in Karen's class not only learns scholarly behavior but also shows dramatic improvement. Karen builds strong relationships with students and their parents. When an issue arises, she immediately connects with parents and administrator to ensure that communication and support are in place for the student to succeed. It is with great pride that we honor Karen Chapman on this very first month in 2019-2020!!!
Forest Park Elementary Krista Kelley Krista is a supportive teacher leader to all staff. She is creative in her problem solving skills and collaborative with all her colleagues. Mrs. Kelley is one of our C&I Liaisons and goes out of her way to be available to support teachers through the implementation of SBG and the new elementary report cards. Krista advocates for herself, her colleagues, and most importantly her students.
Glankler Preschool Carol Ghinazzi Carol took the initiative to support one of our new preschool teachers before their work year officially started. She has shared ideas, lesson plans, successful strategies and has really helped the new teacher navigate successfully during her first couple of weeks at Glankler. When looking for an Induction mentor for the new teacher, it was an easy call as an administrator, as the Carol was already supporting this new hire in so many ways. Thank you, Carol, for ensuring a smooth transition for our newest teacher to both FUSD and Glankler!
Glenmoor Elementary Peggy Pirice Peggy is a veteran teacher who goes above and beyond to ensure our students are safe. She is always willing to put in extra time to help with the parking lot loop guiding parents and students to make drop off and pick up times run smooth. Thank you Peggy for going the extra mile.
Gomes Elementary Richard McQuade (Mr. Mac) Mr. Mac has worked with us here at Gomes for a good amount of time. He does noon duty for us, but when he is done with his crossing guard job on Mission, he comes and does volunteer work with the custodian, before lunch. Mr. Mac is 83 years and I enjoy is "old school" view point, because it usually gets us to remember important principles.
Green Elementary Lawrence (Jay) Scarson Jay is an outstanding teacher. This year he moved to fifth grade when we needed someone to teach intermediate. He is an admin designee and part of the Green Leadership Team. Jay volunteered to be part of the science adoption committee and is also mentoring a student teacher.
Grimmer Elementary Glynis Mason Glynis has Super Powers! She is everywhere. Her support to our SpEd staff is amazing. She is understanding while at the same time tackles tough issues head on. She supports new personnel and provides valuable information and support to parents.
Hirsch Elementary Chiara Cross Chiara is a star among stars in supporting our students' needs! She is patient and dedicated to helping our staff focus on the whole student, and not just the academic side. Her classroom lessons engage our students with a focus on the eight great traits and college/career goals. She rises to the challenge of creating unique groups to help students navigate school and life. Her insights as a core COST member help us look at many areas for our students. Students hope every day is Wednesday so they can enjoy Wacky Wednesday fun with her at lunch!
Horner Junior High Jason Whalley Jason is a well rounded, knowledgeable teacher. He is our facilitator and webmaster for school loop, runs our robotics club, teachers our robotics classes as well as computer classes and is always looking for ways to bring his curriculum to the 21st Century that promotes STEM activities. He facilitates all of the computer cart check out systems for our school, does staff training on technology and works closely with admin to ensure that our school loop system is working appropriately. He has planned some "field experiences" regarding technology for our students and has a terrific attitude about being a lifelong learner at Horner. He is a gift to our school and our students! Great job Jason!
Irvington High Ruth Chung Ruth is an amazing nurse who works tirelessly to make sure that our student's needs are met. She works with parents, stays on top of updated information and medications and is constantly working in the best interest of students. Even though she is only here certain days of the week, you would never know it because of all of the work that she does.
Kennedy High Josh Hunter Mr. Hunter organized an opportunity for 100 Kennedy students to see "Hamilton" for free and participate in a Q and A session with the cast. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students and Josh Hunter has now made this happen for the second year in a row. As a Title I school, students were given this opportunity only if they completed a History lesson and journal activity prior to a due date. Mr. Hunter spent his own time organizing, collecting, grading, and submitting these assignments to secure 100 seats for the students.
Leitch Elementary Juan Arce Juan has done an outstanding job getting our school ready this summer. He worked collaboratively with his team and made sure the teachers came back to clean classrooms. He is a hard worker and takes the initiative to keep our campus safe and clean. Juan goes above and beyond and often at lunch he is putting up awnings to keep our students out of the sun. I appreciate his strong work ethic and positive attitude.
Maloney Elementary Stephanie Jay Ms. Jay joined the Maloney this year after teaching at Grimmer Elementary School. Her high level of skill and preparation instantly made an impact on her students and paraeducators. We are very happy to have you at Maloney, Ms. Jay!
Mattos Elementary Onelia Soriano Onelia does an outstanding job of keeping our school looking beautiful.She is caring, conscientious, and collaborative always going above and beyond in services. She is an important member of the Mattos Team.
Millard Elementary Jennifer Dias Jennifer is very interactive and supportive of our students. In addition to being a hard-working, well-rounded para educator, Jennifer is always willing to step in and give a hand. For example, she volunteers her own time to help support our valet program and assists noon duties with dismissing students at lunch. Millard appreciates Jennifer's hard work and proactive work ethic!
Mission San Jose Elementary Annie Kuang Annie has done wonderful job in putting together a bullying presentation at lunch time. The game is an offshoot of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Jeopardy shows situations range from t or f to situational interactions. These games have given students the tools necessary to understanding the differences of being rude, mean and bullying. The students look forward to coming into the lunch room on Mondays and Tuesdays to play the games.
Mission San Jose High Jitin Sharma & Celina Cesena Jitin and Celina are both new to MSJHS and in their first year as high school counselors. The beginning of the school year is often the craziest time of the year for counselors as they navigate hundreds of student schedule change requests, meet with parents, get to know seniors, etc. Both handled themselves as seasoned veterans and have fit in nicely with our counseling team, office staff, and students.
Mission Valley Elementary Fabiola Gomez Fabiola is new to MVE and she has become a real member of our family. Her positivity is infectious and she has already made a positive difference at our school. Fabiola is open to learning new things and cares greatly for the wellbeing of our campus, especially for our students.
Niles Elementary Alyssa Sacher Alyssa puts students first and is always willing to help support our staff members. She is organized, responsive and patient. She has been assisting teachers in the classroom and helping our new school psychologist get oriented to Niles. Thanks Alyssa for stepping up and being a team player!
Oliveira Elementary Elijah Brooks Elijah is a true team player. He jumps in and takes care of whatever is needed. Elijah's caring nature contributes effectively to the climate on our campus. He wants to do what is right for teachers, staff and students and does so with a positive attitude. Elijah will also bring up suggestions that he feels will help better our school. ----- I second Elijah's nomination. He subbed for us at Thornton and was fantastic. He was attentive to our needs, quick to complete tasks and did so thoroughly.
Parkmont Elementary Nancy Lambert Nancy is someone who is willing to step up and help not just in PE. She has coordinated school wide Kindness & Friendship weeks with activities for students and staff. She incorporates Mindfulness in PE and presented the importance and benefits of practicing mindfulness in the classroom and in our everyday lives to our staff. She helps me put my plans into action. Her creativity has helped Parkmont in so many ways! Thank you Nancy!!
Patterson Elementary Gary Harmon Mr. Harmon was very supportive of our long term substitute teacher. He provided her with guidance and served as a mentor to her during her time at Patterson. Mr. Harmon has really embraced our staff's focus of sharing best practices with one another. Great Job and thank you!
Robertson/Vista Mary Barrs Ms. Barrs is a team player. She is not your typical attendance clerk. She is our MKV Liaison, FLEX Time instructor, and our SSC secretary. Working with students and staff is her strength, she is a true leader and a foundational part of our program.
Thornton Junior High Regan Pagan Mrs. Pagan stepped up to take on the role as Dept Chair for our Sp Ed department. She has gone above and beyond supporting our three new SDC teachers and making sure compliance for IEP's are meeting met. She is providing support and guidance to these new teachers, while providing for her own caseload. FUSD is very lucky to have here.
Vallejo Mill Elementary Marilyn Harden Marilyn started at Vallejo Mill a week and a half before school ended last year and has had to learn her job very quickly. She comes in each day with a friendly smile. Her strength is dealing with irate parents and has a way of calming them down. She is well liked by our school community and fit right in from day one!
Walters Middle Nancy Kent-Berge Nancy has worked hard along with all staff as we transition into middle school. Her library is full before and after school. Her dedication to get all students books in their hand allows the library to be a busy space during lunch.
Warm Springs Elementary Ron Hartmangruber Ron's leadership and dedication to our school allowed for on-time completion of summer work and cleaning despite being short handed. All who know Ron will agree that his investment to the Warm Springs community surpasses expectations; willingly, he completes even the most challenging tasks, all with a smile on his face. We commend Ron for his work ethic, compassion, attendance, and team-player attitude!
Warwick Elementary Judy Cuturrufo Judy played a major role at Warwick to ensure MTSS for grades 4, 5, and 6 was in place for the new school year. She dedicated countless hours to creating a new schedule that was appropriately designed for a common MTSS period, to helping the team better understood why MTSS was needed, and to guiding teachers in implementing the curriculum. This system will provide additional academic support to all of Warwick’s upper elementary students, regardless of their current performance levels.
Washington High Donna Hartigan Donna has done a tremendous job this year helping Washington staff and students start the school year in a positive fashion. She has a wonderful, conscientious personality and though she works long hours is always ready with a smile and a good joke.
Weibel Elementary Lyn (Choi) Chan Lyn opened our 5/6 M/M SDC class this school year. After accepting the job, she came in 2 days prior to school starting to set up the classroom with the para-educator. With no prior experience in starting up a classroom, Lyn has done a fabulous job at Weibel. We are grateful for everything she has accomplished the past month. She worked well with the students as well as the staff. Even though it was a short term job, she amazed all of us.
Assessment & Accountability Erin Dahl and Juli Mackie Erin and Juli worked tirelessly in August preparing the data reports for schools. This is a complicated process involving Illuminate and the sometimes incomplete reporting information from the CDE. Their system is through and they did an outstanding job getting everything done so that principals would have the data in hand in time for PD Days. Thanks to them for helping compile this information in such an efficient manner!
Child Nutrition Linda Hottinger Linda is always smiling and a joy to work with every single day.
Curriculum & Instruction Sheena Lal                (Location: Technology) Sheena is a lifesaver for the C&I Department. Whenever we are setting up for a professional development session, Sheena makes sure all projection and audio technology is working. If something stops working mid-session, a quick to Sheena brings her back immediately to solve the problem. She is smart and humble. We love working with you, Sheena!
Elementary Education Aileen Fa'i Aileen has been a great addition to our Elementary Education team. She is welcoming and supportive to parents and staff. She takes the initiative to learn new information and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure the task is not only complete, but is done right. We are very lucky to have her as part of our team.
Fed & State Rebeca Rafael There is no job small or large that Rebeca will not gladly take on with a huge smile. Our federal programs fiscal year ends on September 30th and not having our Accountant Clerk 3 to assist with closing the books has been somewhat of a challenge. However, Rebeca has been a tremendous help in filling in the gaps. She has assisted the department in so many ways to ensure that our records for our federal programs are accurate and correct. She was self taught herself several reports in ESCAPE to be able to get accurate information to our Title 1 schools regarding their budgets. She has been running position reports to ensure that the correct people have been charged to our accounts. She has really done an outstanding job and be commended for her work. Rebeca is team player who is always willing to take on a new challenge!
Human Resources Marlene Leal & LaTonia Silva Marlene and LaTonia have been working tirelessly to improve our open enrollment procedures. They have adjusted the forms, worked with vendors and after many hours of work, were able to roll-out a very, user-friendly form for employees to complete. The process is quick and easy and the feedback has been positive. Thank you both for your extensive work on this project!
Purchasing/Warehouse Milton Pask Milton has done an outstanding job taking over as the main point of contact in the warehouse for fulfilling all curriculum and textbook requests. Milton has built off of the previous work of the entire department and taken it to another level of customer service.
Secondary Education Beth Perez Beth Perez is a star! Beth was hired for the program manager position in August and hit the ground running. Her first week was spent learning all about the middle school transition including the plan, stakeholder engagement, and student course choices. From there Beth headed straight to Walters Middle School where she rolled up her sleeves and helped teachers move into their new classrooms while also providing curriculum support. Beth is visible at Walters and Horner, approachable to all stakeholders, and believes that the middle school plan is going to help kids and help Fremont.
Student Support Services Cheryl Knight Cheryl makes sure her nurse team has everything they need to start the school year. She has also partnered with the police dept. to hold trainings on school based trauma.
Technology Muneiza Ahsan Big Shout out to Muneiza Ashan for her outstanding efforts in the setup and roll-out of our "Clever to third-party application integrations." Through this implementation, Clever can allow each student and teacher access to a personalized portal with single sign-on to our district adopted learning applications. Thank you again Muneiza for your awesome Clever support.