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Superintendent's Message - November 2019 - Humility, Accountability, and Openness to Change
Posted 11/1/19


I met an amazing future student at the district office this morning. Riley is 11 months old and as radiant as the sun. She giggled and cooed when I tickled her little foot, and I whispered to her that we are going to do our best to keep her that way. As educators, we have as much of a duty as medical doctors to “do no harm” for the children in our care. That’s a mighty challenge and serious responsibility--and one we need to keep at the forefront of all our decisions and actions.

It doesn’t mean that we can protect all of our students from the trials and tribulations of growing up in today’s world; nor should we. Teaching students resilience and how to bounce back from failures and disappointments is an essential part of our work in FUSD. It’s a hard life lesson to realize that things are not always fair, just, or right. But the expression that “it’s not what happens to us, it’s how we respond” is an important reminder. 

Much has been written about growth mindset when it comes to children. Not quite so much when it comes to adults. I truly believe that every employee in Fremont Unified has the best of intentions for our families. They demonstrate it every day in the roles that they serve in. Do we sometimes make mistakes? Yes. Do we sometimes need to change our approaches? Yes. Is there a lot more to learn about how to better educate students? Most definitely, yes! 

A step in the right direction is being a lot more generous with ourselves and others along the way. It’s a powerful message to young people when those they look up to model humility, accountability, and openness to change. These characteristics are some of the hallmarks of the Portrait of a Fremont Graduate and fostering them is our charge. When Riley walks across the stage to receive her FUSD diploma in the year 2037, our part should have been key to making her radiance shine even brighter. 


Kim Wallace, Ed.D
Fremont Unified School District