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Superintendent’s Report 10/16/19
Posted 10/16/19

Week of the School Administrator


The State of California has declared the second week of October as the “Week of the School Administrator”. The title “school administrator” is a broad term used to define many leadership positions, including superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, assistant principals, special education and adult education leaders, instructional services and human resources directors, school business officials, classified managers, and many other employees.


Public schools operate with lean management systems. Across the nation, we employ fewer managers and supervisors than most public and private sector industries including transportation, food service, manufacturing, utilities, construction, publishing and public administration. In fact, Fremont Unified spends less than every other district in Alameda County on administration at just 4.7% of our total budget.


From the site administrators donning crazy costumes to boost morale, while simultaneously keeping thousands safe and sound to the cross-departmental teams at the district office working collaboratively on improving systems and implementing plans....our collective mission is to support student learning. I would like to commend all of our school and district leaders for the contributions you make to promote student and staff well-being. Simply put, your job descriptions should read: Do It All, and Do It Well. And that you do on a daily basis! 


Leadership is not for the faint of heart, nor thin of skin. The days are long and the nights often sleepless. And, my fellow administrators, you may wonder more than once, what inspired you to say yes to the challenges piling up on your plates. Nevertheless, we sincerely thank you for raising your hand and calling out, “Pick me!” We couldn't have picked any better than the leaders we have here in Fremont. Please take a moment this week to let them know.