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Dress Code from Head to Toe
Posted 1/1/22

FUSD would like to thank its students, families and community for its feedback regarding the District’s dress code. After multiple readings and deliberation over several meetings, the FUSD Governing Board approved an updated version of the dress code on September 25th, 2019. The Board believes that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a productive learning environment and expects students to wear clothing that is suitable for the school activities in which they participate. Students shall not wear clothing that presents a health or safety hazard, or is likely to cause a substantial disruption to the educational program. Each site is to inform parents and/or legal guardians and students in writing of its dress code at the beginning of the school year and whenever the dress code is revised. The dress code for each school is in AR 5132.

We ask for your cooperation in following these guidelines and help us toward our goal of providing the best educational environment possible. 


dress code

Dress Code from Head to Toe

  • Sunglasses, hats, caps, hoods and other non-religious/cultural head coverings shall not be worn indoors.
  • Shirts, tops, and dresses must have straps.
  • May not wear any gang-related, clothing, jewelry, emblems.    
  • May not wear chains, spikes on jackets/pants.
  • Midriff must be covered.
  • Garments covering the lower body must be sufficient to cover the buttocks.    
  • Additionally, protective attire may be required in specialized settings.
  • Shoes must be worn. 

FLYER (pdf)