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Board Meeting Highlights - September 11, 2019
Posted 9/12/19

At its September 11th meeting, The FUSD Board of Education:


  • Approved Administrative Appointments:
    • Lucus Bogle - Chief Technology Officer:  Mr. Bogle comes to Fremont with 21 years of experience in education technology and most recently serving as the Director of Information Systems for the 9th largest and most diverse district in Minnesota.   Mr. Bogle holds a Master's degree from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota.   
    • Bridget Hall - Assistant Principal, Mission San Jose High School:  Ms. Hall received her Bachelor's degree from Michigan University and her Master's degree from San Jose State University.  She has been employed with the Milpitas Unified School District since 2003.  During her time at Milpitas High School, she served in various roles including; department chair, PLC lead teacher, head Track and Field coach and AVID teacher. 
    • Michelle Spurgeon - Assistant Principal, Forest Park Elementary School:  Ms. Spurgeon has been with Fremont Unified since 2008.  While in Fremont, she has served in various capacities.  Ms. Spurgeon began her career at Glankler Early Learning Center before moving to Patterson Elementary School.  At Patterson Elementary, she taught kindergarten through second grades while also serving as the administrative designee.  Most recently, Ms. Spurgeon has been working as an instructional coach in the Curriculum & Instruction Department. 


  • Received Information on the California Voting Rights Act - In 2002, the California legislature enacted the California Voting Rights Act ("CVRA"), which prohibits the use of at-large elections of governing board members for a school district if it "impairs the ability of a protected class to elect candidates of its choice or its ability to influence the outcome of an election…."  (Elections Code § 14027)  Under the CVRA, the only election system that provides an accepted “safe harbor” from a potential CVRA claim is a “by-trustee area” election system.  Under a “by-trustee area” election system, a school district is divided into separate trustee areas and one governing board member is elected by the registered voters in that particular trustee area, rather than the community at-large. FUSD currently employs an “at-large” election system for the purposes of electing Governing Board members. Jonathan Salt with Fagan, Freidman & Fulfrost, LLP, presented to the Board of Education on the California Voting Rights Act.


  • Approved Resolution to Initiate a Transition to a By-Trustee Area Election System Commencing with the 2020 Governing Board Election and Statement of Intent to Seek a Waiver of the Election Requirement from the State Board of Education - The Board adopt Resolution No. 013-1920 initiating transition to a "By-Trustee Area" election system commencing with the 2020 Governing Board Election and stating its intent to seek a waiver of the election requirement from the State Board of Education. 


  • Approved 2018-19 Unaudited Actual Financial Report - The attached Unaudited Actual Financial Report provides FUSD's 2018-19 actual revenues, expenditures, ending fund balances, and reserves. In summary, the District's general fund ended with a fund balance of $36.6 million, of which $16.0 million is designated for carryover of unspent categorical funds ($14.5 million), anticipated salary increases ("Me Too") for California School Employees Association (CSEA) ($1.0 million), and other legally required designations ($0.5 million). This resulted in a reserve amount of $20.6 million or 5.19%.  Please see pages 16-17 of the attached report for details. The District's reserve has increased by $2.9 million or 0.89% since the latest budget revision (from 4.30% Estimated Actual to 5.19% Unaudited Actual). The District's reserve as of June 30, 2019 is $20.6 million or 5.19%. See presentation here.



  • Approved the First Reading of New Board Policy 6173, Education for Students without Permanent Housing and Review the Administrative Regulation - The Governing Board desires to ensure that students without permanent housing have access to the same free and appropriate public education provided to other students within the district.  The district shall provide students without permanent housing with access to education and other services necessary for them to meet the same challenging academic standards as other students.


  • Received Lead Content in Drinking Water - Testing and Status Presentation - Fremont Unified School District representatives met with Alameda County Water District to implement a plan to meet the new requirements for testing water in all of our schools. Between March 2017 and June 2018, the drinking water at all of our school sites was sampled and tested to obtain the lead content. The samples were taken at the main point of entrance to the property (ACWD supply) and at five water faucets or drinking fountains throughout the sites with all schools testing at acceptable levels. The attached presentation reports our findings. These findings have also been made public on the FUSD website.


  • Held Public Hearing on the Preliminary Environmental Assessment Report for the Former Williamson Site, 3350 Eggers Drive, Fremont, CA 94538 - The Preliminary Environmental Report and supporting documents are available for review at the FUSD Education Center, and at the Alameda County Library - Fremont Main Library. The public comment period for the PEA Report began on September 6, 2019 and continues through October 7, 2019. Written comments on the PEA Report will be accepted during this timeframe. Comments should be directed to the attention of John Chwastyk, Director of Facilities, Fremont Unified School District, 4210 Technology Drive, Fremont, California, 94538.


  • Approved Third Reading of Revised Board Policy 5132, Dress and Grooming, and Review Administrative Regulation - On August 21, 2019, the Board of Trustees discussed and made recommended changes to the Second Reading of Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5132.  Staff has made the Board-recommended changes and those changes are reflected in this Third Read.  The Board also requested that staff reach out to the students of SURFBoardE. Their recommendations are captured in this iteration.



See Video of entire meeting here 



The Board’s next Regular Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 25th, 6:00pm (time subject to change), at the District Office Board Room – 4210 Technology Dr. – in Fremont.