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Meet New Horner Junior High School Principal Cindy Hicks-Rodriguez
Posted 8/21/19

Meet Your New Principal:  Cindy Hicks-Rodriguez – Horner Junior High School


How long have you been with FUSD? – I’m entering my 14th year with FUSD.


How long have you worked in education? – Thirty-three years both in teaching and administration.


What is your background? – Twenty-three years as an administrator at every level (elementary, junior high and high school). Taught nine years at the middle school level and one year at the high school level.


  • 2019 PLC Model School
  • 2016 ASCA Region 6 Elementary Principal of the Year
  • 2016 Hall of Fame Inductee - Arcata High School
  • 2006-2013- Raised schools API scores over 100 points on STAR testing
  • 1997 CLMS Teacher of the Year Region 5
  • 1996 CAHPERD Demonstration Grant Program Award Recipient
  • 1995 Golden Bell Award Recipient
  • 1987 Athlete of the Year – Humboldt State University

What will you bring to your school? – Enthusiasm, a positive culture for our students, parents and staff.  I bring experience to the position and I will bring a collaborative environment that will allow teachers, staff and students to work together to accomplish great things!  I am results-oriented and will focus on the needs of students to improve both academics as well as their social emotional development.


What is your educational philosophy? – I believe in bringing a community together to share leadership in many different avenues that support students.  I believe in possessing a growth mindset and portraying that anything is possible if you work hard and spend time focusing on the end result.  I believe that placing value on developing leadership throughout our school will allow us to navigate rough waters but lead to change as well. I strongly believe that to be successful, people must have a purpose within our organization and that we must continually look for ways to improve our school in order to positively impact student learning and development.


What can students/families expect this year? – Families, staff and students can expect to have opportunities to give feedback on to the Principal on a variety of topics.  Getting parent, teacher and staff feedback and input is essential in creating an environment that promotes growth and productivity.  Always doing things the way that we have done them will always produce the same results.  Being that I am results-oriented, I will be looking for things that are going well and maintaining them, looking for ways that we can improve our school and implementing those changes as necessary, and looking at things that have not produced the results that we have wanted and look for different ways to get the results we desire. 


Anything else you’d like the school community to know about you? – I am an active member of many different organizations and continue to be a lifelong learner with the following:

List of Cindy Hicks-Rodriguez s professional clubs and organizations.



Horner Junior High School Principal Cindy Hicks-Rodriguez.