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July 31, 2019, FUSD Board of Education Meeting – Measure E Bond Program
Posted 8/1/19

Regarding meeting items related to facilities and construction, the Board:


  • Authorized staff to amend the agreement with Terraphase Engineering in the amount of $40,408 to include a biological study and a Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) for the Patterson Ranch property. This is as a precaution to identify any potential activities that may trigger regulatory requirements for any biological constraints that potentially exist at the school site, and to involve the Department of Toxic Substance Control earlier in the PEA process. (This is a non-Measure E item, funded by Fund 25 Developer Fee Funds.)


  • Authorized staff to execute final change orders with Cal Pacific Construction and file notices of completion for the modernization projects at Grimmer, Mission Valley, and Oliveira elementary schools. These projects have been substantially complete for several months with outstanding punch list items now finalized. Final combined change orders will return $227,330 back to the project budget.


  • Held a required public hearing to consider use of grants and adopt Resolution No. 002-1920 Authorizing and Approving a Use of Grants Request as needed for various new construction projects. The District will be filing several new construction funding applications to the state. These include new construction projects at Horner, Hopkins, Centerville and Thornton middle schools; Washington High School and the Washington High School drama classroom. Recent policy changes for new construction funding applications now require districts to submit eligibility updates for the enrollment year in which the application is processed by the Office of Public School Construction. Districts may request pupil grants at a different grade level than the pupils housed by the project, if there are no pupil grants available at the project’s grade level. This is known as a Use of Grants application. The District may need to request pupil grants at a different grade level than that housed in the projects in order to fully fund the project. The adoption of the resolution will allow this flexibility in pupil grant requests.


  • Ratified the takeover agreement with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company for the modernization project at Walters Middle School, which is near completion with only a few punch list items still remaining. Vila Construction, Inc. has defaulted on their contract and their surety, Liberty Mutual, has agreed to complete the work under the terms of a takeover agreement. The agreement has been negotiated, reviewed, and accepted by both parties to outline the roles, responsibilities, liabilities, and contractual obligations of each party in this new arrangement. There will be no additional contribution expected from the District for completion of the project.


  • Held a discussion on the new construction project at Horner Middle School related to Hirsch Elementary School buildings annex concept and provide direction to staff. Construction at Horner Middle School is in progress; the demolition of the existing junior high school is scheduled for winter 2019 after the new buildings are occupied. Discussion centered on whether to demolish or renovate/upgrade the existing Horner buildings #4 and #5. The services of an industrial hygienist will be required wither way.


  • Authorized staff to amend the agreement with Sensible Environmental Solutions, Inc. for an amount not to exceed $112,935 to provide industrial hygienist services for the new construction project at Horner Middle School. The cost for these services is within the budget for the project at Horner. This followed the discussion mentioned in the item above.


  • Authorized staff to amend the agreement with Quattrocchi Kwok Architects (QKA) for an amount not to exceed $4,093,991 for the new construction and modernization project at Thornton Middle School. QKA is finalizing the design for the new construction and modernization project at Thornton in alignment with option 2B as directed by the Board at its September 26, 2018 meeting. The selection of option 2B increased the project scope and budget to $76 million.