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June 26, 2019, FUSD Board of Education Meeting – Measure E Bond Program
Posted 6/26/19

Regarding meeting items related to facilities and construction, the Board:


  • Authorized staff to amend the agreement with DSA School Inspectors, Inc. in the amount of $83,160 to provide project inspector services for Bringhurst Elementary School. The total contract amount is now $643,630. In early June, staff was informed that the project has been delayed further by weather conditions and PG&E delays that will extend the completion date. To date, PG&E has yet to provide permanent power to the school and parts of the neighboring housing tracts. As a result of these unforeseen conditions, the current anticipated delivery of the school is now mid-September. These fees are based on project durations, and delays result in additional time required of the project inspector. DSA School Inspector’s professional services will extend through September 30, 2019. (This is a non-Measure E item, funded by Fund 25 Developer Fee Funds.”)


  • Held a required public hearing to evaluate the Williamson site and adopted Resolution No. 028-1819, Evaluation of Property Using Site Selection Standards. Before acquisition of property intended for use as a school site, school districts are required to hold a public hearing to evaluate the property in accordance with California Department of Education (CDE) Code. The resolution details site compliance with CDE’s criterion; findings relating to the site’s proximity to facilities having hazardous air emissions; and verifies the site is not currently or formerly a hazardous substance release or solid waste disposal site, and does not contain pipelines carrying hazardous wastes or substances.


  • Authorized staff to enter into an agreement with PlaceWorks in the amount of $182,815 for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) consulting services for the Williamson property. CEQA studies include any or all of the following:
  • Technical studies, including traffic, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, community risk, and noise and vibration studies.
  • Environmental impacts, such as air quality, biological and cultural resources, energy, geology and soils, hydrology and water quality, hazards and hazardous materials, land use and planning, population and housing, public services, etc.

The District had previously owned the former Williamson High School site but sold it to the city of Fremont in 1991. In 2018, the District reacquired the property from the city through a provision of state law that requires the parties enter into a Land Conveyance Agreement to meet key milestones by certain dates. The city sees a need for an elementary school as part of the development of its Downtown Community Plan, which is dependent upon the development of mixed-use residential projects. To date, the District has developed conceptual architectural options, performed land surveying services, and done preliminary environmental assessments. (This is a non-Measure E project, funded through Fund 40 - Special Fund for Capital Outlay Projects, also known as “Sale of Site Funds.”)


  • Authorized staff to enter into an agreement with Sixth Dimension, LLC in the amount of $343,956 for design and bidding phase construction management services for the new construction and modernization projects at Thornton Middle School. Staff will present a planned amendment to the Board for the construction administration and close out phases of the project at a future Board meeting. The cost for these services is within the budget for new construction and modernization projects at Thornton.


  • Received a presentation on the new construction and modernization projects at Centerville Middle School and authorize staff to proceed with Option 2d, which has a total estimated project cost of $87,233,148. Architects LPA, Inc. had previously presented three options for the projects at Centerville in October of 2018 but the Board directed staff to research alternative options to be presented at a future board meeting. In the meantime, the Board received the annual demographic study showing a projection of 277 fewer students than before. LPA reassessed the site and presented three new design options to the school site committee for review prior to presenting them to the Board. Option 2d provides permanent capacity for 1,572, slightly above the current enrollment projection, and recommends an enhanced investment into new classroom buildings and existing building modernization beyond the other two options. In addition, this option recommends construction of a new central quad.


  • Authorized staff to enter into an agreement with LCA Architects in the amount of $368,992 for the theater improvements at Washington High School. The work is anticipated to commence in winter 2019, with an estimated completion/occupancy of fall 2020. In March, the Board approved Option 1 to improve the theater at Washington High School and authorize $3.9 million from Measure E bond funds for the project with the understanding that those funds be replaced at a later date, if possible, from bond interest income or other funds, such as Fund 25 – Capital Facilities Fund (also known as Developer Fee Funds).


  • Authorized staff to enter into an agreement with CCM/STV in the amount of $224,776 for construction management services for the Proposition 39 Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting replacement project. Previously, the Board authorized a $3.5 million contract with Clear Blue Energy Corporation for design-build services for this project. By replacing interior and exterior lighting, the District will realize an estimated annual cost savings of $466,025 from the General Fund in the first year of operation, and $4.6 million over the Effective Useful Life of the new LED lighting equipment. (This is a non-Measure E project.)



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