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Thornton 7th-Grader Wins 1st-Place at National Invention Convention
Posted 6/18/19

Aryan Mangal, a 7th-Grader at Thornton Junior High School in Fremont, was recently honored for his ingenuity at the 4th Annual Invention Convention U.S. Nationals presented by United Technologies Corp. He was among more than 500 award-winning K-12 inventors from across the nation and around the world who gathered inside Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation in Dearborn, Michigan on May 30-31 to compete for top awards in youth invention.


Aryan's invention Sound Savior, is an app to stop child abuse. "It uniquely uses the power of sound to detect, record, and report cases of child abuse," he explains" It has two main triggers to start this. The first trigger is sound. If the volume is above 80 decibels, then the app will start recording. The second trigger is cursing, or the use of bad words. If this happens, then the app will start recording and share it on the cloud as evidence. Also, it will send an email/SMS to all family members, who can then inform law and enforcement. Since different phones have different microphones, the app has settings and is configurable to the user's preference."


For his invention, Aryan won 1st Place in the 7th Grade Category at the competition.


Invention Convention provides students in grades K-12 an interactive and interdisciplinary opportunity to use the invention process to create and pitch an original product at a national convention. More than 120,000 students from across 23 states and representing four countries, competed for a chance to participate in the national event this year.


“At The Henry Ford, we believe inside every child is the potential to change the world," said Patricia Mooradian, President of The Henry Ford. "The students who participate in the Invention Convention U.S. Nationals completely embody that belief and embrace their abilities to solve real-life problems. Invention and entrepreneurial learning take center stage at this event and these young people are truly inspiring with the forward-thinking, resourcefulness and ingenuity they demonstrate.”


The students earned the opportunity to advance to the invitation-only event by winning their local competition held earlier this year. Invention Convention helps to instill problem-identification, problem-solving, entrepreneurship and creativity skills for life to inspire young people to become innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs over the course of their K-12 careers.


“The Invention Convention inspires and nurtures the next generation of scientists and engineers that will build the future,” said Jason Chua, Executive Director of Advanced Projects at United Technologies. “We need more brilliant young minds like Aryan to become the innovators of tomorrow and find solutions to our world’s greatest challenges.”


To learn more about the California Invention Convention, go to


Aryan s  Sound Savior  project.