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Shout Out - May/June 2019
Posted 6/6/19

GarciaToyDr. Wallace announced her 'Superintendent Shout Outs' - of those nominees, a site staff member and District Office staff member were selected at random for special recognition. Selected this month were Durham Elementary's Daniel Toy, and Federal & State Programs' Rubi Garcia.

May/June nominees:

School Staff Name Reason
Adult Education Kausaliya Sri Indran Ms. Sri Indran has worked diligently to learn a complicated job that includes completing payroll for teachers, as well as collecting and accurately reporting data for both state and federal mandates. Kausaliya also deals with the headaches of our adult education student information system. She has fulfilled this role with grace and patience, having to help troubleshoot a variety of staff concerns and trying to get the company to be responsive. This takes a lot of patience and creativity.
Brier Elementary Dilshad Merchat Dilshad is new to our school this year and has been a breath of fresh air. She is amazing with the attendance but this is just a small part of what she accomplishes daily. Dilshad connects well with many of our parents, often speaking with them in their native language to ensure understanding. She arrives early for work each day with a smile and eagerness to begin the day. She is not easily flustered when her work is interrupted, which is regularly in our busy office. Handling the many tasks with confidence, humility and grace is what makes Dilshad worthy of a shout out!
Brookvale Elementary Theresa Baeza Ms. Baeza is an amazing LMT. She provides direct instruction to students while in the library, used social media and media outlets to reach all students and uses her drawing skills with students to teach lessons on literature. She collaborates with teachers to find out where they are in Benchmark and coordinates her library lessons along with each grade level lesson. She hosts two book fairs a year which raises an incredible amount of funds for her library which goes directly back to her students. She is so enthusiastic and creative that kids crave going to the library at lunch recess and her library passes are the most popular item at our school. She is amazing and she exposes students to a variety of literacy opportunities. She has recommended books to families to support early literacy and she has also reached our non readers at our school, who now look forward to picking up a book and immersing themselves in a new world.
Cabrillo Elementary Terri Yan Terri Yan is an exceptional school secretary who will be retiring at the end of the school year! She is intelligent, compassionate, and able to predict what is needed. She is incredibly well-organized. Mrs. Yan does not limit herself to the four walls of the office. On any given day, you will see her escorting new families around the school, cheering on our basketball and soccer teams well past 5:00 pm, and participating in Cabrillo's series of family nights. Mrs. Yan ensures all Cabrillo teachers are cared for and comforted in times of need. Mrs. Yan's commitment to Cabrillo is something I have not previously experienced. Her commitment is largely informed by the abundant compassion she has, not only as a secretary, but as a member of the Fremont community. This commitment starts early in the morning when she arrives and brightens the office with her smile. She ensures all positions are filled and develops contingency plans when a position is vacant. Mrs. Yan is also a woman who attends to the small gestures that bring warmth and happiness to Cabrillo. Terri - I now must imagine managing the office suite without you. These past three years have given me the opportunity to learn from you so my future lies with applying what you have taught. Your future has you sitting side by side with Albert in the morning light looking out to a future together.
Chadbourne Elementary Andrew Nguyen Andrew is a great asset to our school. He is here when we need him and when he is not he he will advise us on what we need to do. With Science camp he is fantastic in making sure we have everything we need and helping us in the process. He is reliable if we have to ask for advice or support. Such a personable person and a great addition to our team.
Durham Elementary Daniel Toy Daniel is an excellent teacher. He developed a comprehensive PE program at Durham with very high standards and expectations. PE equipment is always well organized and maintained. We very much appreciate Daniel's leadership when it comes to safety procedures. He also has a wonderful sense of humor that makes us smile even during difficult days.
Forest Park Elementary Subhashita Narne Subhashita or Subha, is such a dedicated noon supervisor. She takes initiative and handles situations as they arise. Subha is reliable and great with our students. I appreciate how Subha responds to direction and is action oriented. I cannot thank Subha enough for her hard work and dedication to our students and school!
Glankler Preschool Megan Patten Megan's position is multi-faceted. In addition to providing speech therapy for preschoolers, she serves on our Preschool Assessment Team. As such, she completes multiple initial evaluations and makes recommendations to the team when discussing appropriate placement and services for children who meet eligibility for special education. In addition, Ms. Patten coordinates the assignment of preschoolers to speech therapists across the district. Ms. Patten has an exemplary work ethic, and we are very fortunate to have her as part of the Glankler team.
Glenmoor Elementary Sally Cannon Sally is an amazing paraeducator who goes with the flow to accommodate the ever changing schedule of our resource students. She goes above and beyond to ensure our students are being challenged all while providing them the accommodations and modifications they require to be successful. Sally is a definite key member of our Glenmoor Family.
Gomes Elementary Manette Lim Manette is a real addition to the office staff. She does her own tasks well, and fills in always with the work that needs to get done in a busy office.
Green Elementary Ruth Cheung Ruth is an outstanding nurse. She regularly communicates with families and doctors regarding student’s health needs. Ruth makes sure that all health plans and staff training are up to date. One special talent that Ruth has is that she speaks many different languages. There have been times that we have been in need of interpreting help and Ruth is always willing to support when it comes to student safety. We are glad Ruth is part of our team at Green!
Hirsch Elementary Terri Reed Terri is such an important member of our Hirsch family. She works extremely hard and is very dedicated to our students and staff. Her attention to details helps our students receive the support they need to be active our school activities. Terri uses her creativity to find new ways that our students can access curriculum as she solicits their input. She exhibits patience as she trains new staff and substitute paraeducator to meet the unique needs of our student population. Her strong commitment often continues through the summer as she supports students in summer school. Thank you, Terri, for all you do with our staff and students at Hirsch!
Irvington High Michelle Stone Ms. Stone is an integral part of our CE program as well as our school. She has more kindness and compassion than any other person I know. She is always willing to listen to a student's problem, help them find a solution and will always give them a second chance. She is a positive force for the school, keeping the staff morale up, encouraging all of us to come to school events and reminding us of the amazing things happening at the school. A very big piece of the heart of IHS would be lost without her.
Leitch Elementary Ann Rust Ann Rust is an amazing paraeducator and I am so happy she is part of the Leitch family. Working in a SDC classroom can be quite difficult with the behaviors and numerous needs in the class, however she never loses her patience and deals with every situation with compassion. She is extremely positive and knows her students well. Mrs. Rust is a team player and will jump in wherever she is needed. Whenever I see her class on the playground she is always interacting and playing games with the students. I never hear a complaint from Mrs. Rust and she really is a pleasure to work with. With her smile, humor, enthusiasm and impeccable work habits she is a joy to have on campus.
Maloney Elementary Sukanya Bandyopadhyay Sukanya has served the Maloney community for a number of years. She is the first one to step up to support our school by fulfilling a number of different roles.Sukanya should be commended for her work as a parent, basketball team mom, PTA Board Member, SSC member, and being a friend to all. However, for the purposes of this recognition she should be highlighted for the work she does in the classroom. As an SDC para, Sukanya excels in her job. Even when faced with some of the most difficult behaviors, she always has a smile on her face. She is an excellent team player, and supports the other paras whenever she is needed. Sukanya uses her knowledge of the students to provide learning opportunities while understanding each students limits. Maloney truely appreciates everything she does for our school.
Mattos Elementary Liz Whalley Liz is an amazing team member is courteous, gracious, and kind to students, staff and our community. Her beautiful smile and welcoming manner are the first things visitors see when they come to our office. In addition her skill as a secretary, collaboration as a team member, and positive, proactive, and thorough work ethic infused everything she does. In the short time she has been at mattos she has learned everyone's names, greets children and parents by name, always provides excellent support and services, and makes it a joy to work at Mattos.
Millard Elementary Kathy Perez Kathy's smiling face lights up our campus. Her love of her work is obvious, and she always has a kind word for everyone. She cares about our students and strives to build our Millard community in a positive way. We're thankful for Kathy's many wonderful contributions to Millard.
Mission San Jose Elementary Ashley Greer Ashley has made herself approachable to our students, parents and staff with such ease considering this is her first year at MSJE. Her easy going nature allows everyone to feel comfortable when working with Ashley. She has trained numerous staff members due to health concerns of students they have in their class. With these medical conditions, Ashley is in constant communication with parents to make sure all orders are up to date and keep the office staff and teacher in the loop.When working with students who are sent to the office for various reason, Ashley takes the time to connect with each student and address their needs in a caring manner.
Mission San Jose High Michele Forsythe Michele works incredibly long hours to manage over two-million in deposits and expenditures from various school accounts. Her work enables teachers to purchase needed materials for learning and students to travel to competitions. Michele ensures that our school has clean financial audits and spends a great deal of time going over every detail.
Niles Elementary Michele Morhous Niles just wouldn't be Niles without Michele. Countless families rely on Michele to help them with everything from school registration to providing cases for their kids to store lost teeth. The support that staff receives from Michele makes all of our jobs so much easier. As secretary, she serves as an accountant, supply clerk, nurse, and human resources coordinator. She makes the job of school secretary look easy because she is highly organized, always calm, and exceedingly professional. Everyone at Niles relies on Michele, and we would not be the wonderful school that we are without her.
Oliveira Elementary Michelle Granados Michelle is a true team player who also strives to assist students, parents and teachers whenever necessary. She enters each day with a positive attitude. Michelle knows when additional help is needed on the playground during recess and will consistently be there to help whenever needed. She is committed to the Oliveira community and finds the time to complete a task. Integrity is a character trait that Michelle uses every day as she strives to do what is right for our school.
Parkmont Elementary Mr. Schneider and Mr. Milz Mr. Schneider and Mr. Milz have been instrumental in getting Soccer off the ground at Parkmont. These two teachers have developed teams who show excellent sportsmanship, amazing skills and have so much fun! And they are more than just coaches! These two go above and beyond from lining the fields weekly to securing grants to upgrade our equipment. Without these two, soccer would be non-existent. Our students, staff and parents thank you for your dedication to Parkmont and our soccer program!
Patterson Elementary Ms. Morgan Foster and Ms. Hannah Moreno Ms. Foster and Ms. Foster took the initiative to coach our soccer teams. They worked so hard to prepare our students to be great athletes and also show great sportsmanship. Not only were they coaches but also wonderful mentors and even cheerleaders. We are very proud that they carried the name of Patterson with great dignity and pride. Go Panthers!
Thornton Junior High Maybelle Advincula Maybelle runs the lunch line like a fine tuned machine. She has greatly improved the time it takes the students to get their lunches. She works on building connections with students and greets them as they enter. She is polite and caring. Students give her the respect and we have few incidents in the kitchen because of her.
Vallejo Mill Elementary Melody (Mel) Pitruzzello Mel does an outstanding job of making connections with our diverse students, especially those with IEPs and students with challenging behaviors. She often goes above and beyond to meet their needs. She demonstrates genuine care for students, doesn't talk down to them, and takes the initiative to problem solve issues. Her positive connections and support to students and staff are appreciated and valued. Additionally, her role as our noon supervisor lead is commendable!
Warm Springs Elementary Ida Wong Ida is our SBAC coordinator this year and has done an excellent job proving our staff with all the resources we need. In this role, she is also on call throughout the day, supporting teachers and resolving many of the technology issues that have come up as we are testing over 1000 students. Her presentation to the staff was clear and easy to understand. The staff at Warm Springs appreciates Ida for all her hard work and her commitment to ensuring all our students are provided with a successful testing environment.
Warwick Elementary Chelsea Peters Chelsea Peters has been a para-educator at Warwick for several years. She started in the district as a volunteer, which speaks to her giving spirit and her level of commitment to the valuable work she does for students. She is kind and attentive, especially to those who are not always able to advocate for themselves. She is willing to help anyone at our school in whatever way she can and no work is beneath her. She embodies the Warwick Way - most notably, showing respect to all member of the community, particularly our students!
Weibel Elementary Natalie Gonzales Mrs. Natalie Gonzales shares her love for reading with all our students at Weibel. Natalie keeps our library stocked with the latest and greatest reads. She makes sure that our library is upkept and knows our student population very well. She also works hand in hand with our PTO group in organizing the Book Fair twice a year at Weibel.
District/Dept. Staff Name Reason
Curriculum & Instruction Maleki Lopez Maleki know when to escalate something and when to let it ride. She anticipates what I will need and has it done before I think to ask. All this is done with grace and discretion.
Fed & State Rubi Garcia Rubi is in charge of many tasks in Fed and State such as coordinating professional developments, written translations, ordering materials, coding leave requests and calling parents for district level meetings. She is proactive, thinks ahead, anticipates possible issues and always comes with solutions if anything arises. She is always two steps ahead of us and is a tremendous help!
Human Resources Christine Haynes Christine has revamped the front lobby by providing a high level of customer service and a friendly smile. Christine attempts to find out the daily meetings so she could better assist customers. She is a team player and always willing to go that extra step for our employees and customers.
Special Education Holly Midyette Holly's attention to detail, quick wit and calm demeanor is invaluable to the special education office.


Fremont Unified has over 3,000 employees who work tirelessly and joyfully on behalf of our students. Each month starting fall 2018, Superintendent Kim Wallace has invited principals and supervisors to nominate hardworking employees for recognition. You can View All.