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May 8, 2019, FUSD Board of Education Meeting – Measure E Bond Program
Posted 5/8/19

Regarding meeting items related to facilities and construction, the Board:


  • Authorized staff to amend the agreement with DSA School Inspectors for project inspector services for the modernization project at Grimmer and Oliveira elementary schools in the amount of $42,240 ($21,120 at each site). The total contract value for the Grimmer project is now $110,820, and $110,000 for Oliveira.


  • Authorized staff to enter into an agreement with Managed Facilities Solutions in the amount of $15,752 for moving services for the new construction project at Walters Middle School, which will open this fall. The cost of this work is within the budget for the project.


  • Authorized staff to amend the agreement with Ninyo & Moore in the amount of $61,160 for the new construction and modernization projects at Thornton Middle School. The total contract value is now $107,910, which is within the budget for this project.


  • Held a required public hearing on the Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) Report for the proposed school site at the early education center located at 43100 Isle Royal Street (the Rix site). A required public comment period to receive written comments about the report runs from April 19 through May 20, 2019. The District previously submitted the PEA report to the California Environmental Protection Agency Department of Toxic Substances Control for review. No potentially harmful chemicals were detected in the soil and no further studies are required for the site.


  • Approved an enrollment threshold of approximately 160 students necessary to open the new Bringhurst Elementary School. Since that enrollment number has not been reached at this time, the school will not open this fall but should open next school year. While the building is nearly complete and would be ready for occupancy this fall, developers report the construction and sale of the residences has been delayed due to inclement weather and problems with the connection of utilities. This has resulted in very low occupancy of the residences and, consequently, not enough students projected to enroll in the school in order for it to open this fall. This is a non-Measure E project, funded primarily by the developers.


  • Authorized staff to enter into an agreement with Clear Blue Energy Corporation in the amount of $3,509,538 for design-build services for the Proposition 39 LED lighting replacement project. By replacing interior and exterior lighting, the District will realize an estimated annual cost savings of $476,040 from the General Fund. While the vendor agreed to abide by the Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA), which only applies to Measure E projects, the Board asked staff to explore options to make sure the project is consistent with the PSA. This is a non-Measure E project that will be paid for with Proposition 39 funds.


  • Discussed appointing up to two Board members to serve as liaisons to the Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) for a limited term to coincide with the committee’s discussion on prioritization of attendance area boundaries, which the Board charged them with at its March 27, 2019 meeting. While two Trustees expressed interest, there were potential schedule conflicts and other obligations that may prevent them from attending. The Board directed staff to ask the FAC at its May 29 meeting to consider changing its meeting time for the purpose of the boundary discussion item.


  • Voted (4-1 with Trustee Sweeney opposed) to support California's Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH) legislative action in support of AB 48, 2020 State School Bond, but do not have a position of Assembly Constitutional Amendment 1 (ACA 1).


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