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Superintendent's Message - May 2019
Posted 4/30/19

May 2019 Teacher Appreciation



The first week in May is Teacher Appreciation Week. Teaching is truly one of the most challenging and rewarding professions a person can choose. Over the five years I’ve been in Fremont Unified, I’ve been delighted, astounded, and inspired by the amazing work going on in our classrooms. From sitting down with Transitional Kinders proudly spelling their names for me--to watching junior high students testing out their robotic creations--to receiving high school seniors’ compelling and persuasive letters on topics they are passionate about--the excitement and engagement is palpable.


FUSD students, proudly displaying their critical thinking skills, creativity, and inquisitiveness all point in one direction: to the teachers who have taught them. Fremont is widely and frequently recognized for our students’ accomplishments. They regularly win statewide competitions and national championships. Far less recognized are the teachers who spend countless hours preparing their students for these victories. Each and every teacher that has impacted one student’s life should be credited with their cumulative successes. A National Merit Scholar once didn’t know how to read, how to compute, or how to invent. Fremont teachers provide the building blocks for all of our students to reach their goals and aspirations.

When I was little, my parents owned a brown 1977 Country Squire station wagon with a bumper sticker that stated: If you can read this, thank a teacher. I’m pretty sure the meaning was lost on me, as I just took it for granted that I was getting a great education at home and at school. But the sentiment is much more profound to me today as we celebrate our teachers. I would like to add to that bumper sticker that if you can do math, conduct experiments, speak publicly, navigate the Internet, create artwork, analyze source material, express your feelings, type a letter, take responsibility, act with kindness, participate on a team, and pursue your dreams...please take the opportunity to thank your teachers.