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Shout Out - April 2019
Posted 4/21/19

Deepa IyerAndrea WagonerDr. Wallace announced her 'Superintendent Shout Outs' - of those nominees, a site staff member and District Office staff member were selected at random for special recognition. Selected this month were Thornton Junior High's Andrea Wagoner, and Curriculum & Instruction's Deepa Iyer.

April nominees:

School Staff Name Reason
Adult Education Susan Anderson Susan Anderson is an invaluable member of our school community. As the ESL Office Specialist, she supports the largest program on our campus. She manages all aspects of the program, including student intake, assessments, class scheduling, etc., etc. She is adept at helping students who often speak little to no English. She is dedicated, timely, responsible, and very reliable. The ESL Department would not function half as smoothly without Susan.
American High Stacy Nicewonger Ms. Nicewonger has served as both a classroom and one-on-one paraeducator this school year. She is always willing to help out wherever she is needed and goes above and beyond in her duties as a paraeducator. In addition to her outstanding work ethic, Ms. Nicewonger's best quality is how she gives each student the individual attention they need to succeed at AHS.​
Brier Elementary Julie Hale Julie is amazing! The passion she has for reading is evident in every aspect of her life: the physical design of the library, the books she chooses, the way in which she reads to students, the support she gives to students and teachers and even the clothes she wears. She runs two book fairs each year which is a tremendous amount of work! She is a team player and steps in when needed to ensure success for our students.
Brookvale Elementary Latha Naveen Latha is involved in school wide events; she serves all students in the SDC 5/6 combo classroom and is highly responsible on campus. She is willing to serve in any capacity that is needed to support student wellbeing. She is an active participant in many committees on campus and supports students not only in the SDC classroom but throughout the school campus.
Durham Elementary Jane Jung Jane has been a great addition to our Durham team! She serves in many capacities as Intervention Teacher, COST Coordinator, MKV Coordinator, ELPAC Coordinator, SBAC support, and all around knows our students even on her first year! Jane is very organized and efficient. She is highly skilled in accelerating students' reading levels and shares her knowledge and expertise with others. Jane is also very flexible and willing to help out in all areas of our school. We are indeed lucky to have Jane as a Durham Eagle!!!
Glankler Preschool Indra Pahwa Indra has been our go-to person whenever we have needed a long-term substitute for any of our preschool classes. She is equally skilled at working with children with mild to more severe needs. She has opened new classes, participated IEP meetings, provided input on student progress, and has worked collaboratively with other service providers. Ms. Indra has a calm demeanor and a strong work ethic. We are so fortunate to have her as part of our extended Guppy family!
Glenmoor Elementary Lyn LaFontaine Lyn's positive energy and love for reading is contagious. Since her arrival at Glenmoor she began the Birthday Book Club providing a substantial amount of books for our Library. She is an active participant of our PTA and participate and supports all of the programs here at Glenmoor. It is an understatement to say that she is a true asset to our Glenmoor family.
Green Elementary Melanie MacAdams Melanie has a passion for teaching and an excitement that is contagious. She is always willing to take the time to help a student who may be struggling academically or personally. Melanie looks for unique projects and experiences for her students to be part of. At the end of this school year, Melanie will be retiring after serving in our district since 1997! The Green community will miss her dearly.
Grimmer Elementary Denise Klawitter Denise is always aware of the needs of our students and staff. She assists in many areas often without request. She attended science camp with our sixth graders last week and helped to make the program a huge success for our students. She understands the individual needs of the students to which she is assigned and handles her job with positivity and care! She collaborates with her colleagues to be sure that students at Grimmer have the best possible educational experience.
Hirsch Elementary Wei Hong Wei is a dedicated and attentive paraeducator. While her primary support is in a second grade class, she is flexible and an asset in additional classroom settings when she is needed. This year she has even added on giving 6th grade math support when the challenge arrived! She has a calming presence with our students and provides ideas and creative solutions. All staff enjoy the time when she is working alongside them at Hirsch!
Horner Junior High Neha Sherikar Neha Sherikar is a Resource Paraeducator who has been at Horner for many years. She is dedicated and has a heart for students. She goes above and beyond, able to lead in the classroom when needed. She is a great support to the classroom teacher. She also has assisted the Principal with many special projects, including math tutoring and lunch time help. She is very skilled in math and science and the students benefit from working with her. She is friendly and kind. Horner is lucky to have her.
Irvington High Ms. Ramesh Ms. Ramesh is a wonderful paraeducator who has worked hard to provide relevant and rigorous curriculum while our classroom teacher is out on medical leave. She builds relationships with the students, parents and her fellow paras and ensures that the class runs smoothly and orderly in order to decrease any stress that the students may feel with the teacher out. We are very appreciative to Ms. Ramesh.
Leitch Elementary Lesli Norton Lesli Norton is a fabulous Kindergarten teacher. She is extremely patient and works so hard with all our students. Her passion for her students is easily witnessed as soon as you enter her room. She spends hours of her own time preparing things for her classroom and is extremely dependable. Her spirit is contagious and she is a always on campus with a huge smile.
Maloney Elementary Lois Schultz Mrs. Schultz has been a part of the Maolney community for over 40 years. She supports are stuggling learners wiwith expertise, kindness, and compassiion. Mrs. Schultz gooes oevr and beyopnd the call of duty by assisting with ELPAC testing, attending COST meeteings, and being present at SSt meetings when it is a student she provides service. Maloney continues to be a wonderful place for children to learn thanks to Mrs. Schultz!
Mattos Elementary Ermalinda Hockett Ermalinda Hockett has been an excellent night custodian at Mattos. She is hard working, collaborative, and caring always working to do an outstanding job for everyone. Ermalinda is thorough in all that she does making our school look and feel better due to her careful attention and collaboration with her co-custodian. She is appreciated by every member of our team.
Millard Elementary Johanna Murayama Johanna brings the love of reading to our students every day. She greets students with a friendly smile, delights them with stories, and holds a wealth of knowledge that she readily shares. Johanna keeps our library stocked with the latest and greatest reads, and every year she excels at the monumental task of organizing our Book Fair. Thank you, Johanna, for your wonderful contributions to Millard!
Mission San Jose Elementary Yu-Chi Honda Yu-Chi is devoted to all of the students in our K-2 Intensive Instruction class. She has the patients to work with each student and try to predict what the child is asking for as they are non-verbal. Yu-Chi is able to work on-one-one with the students in all academic areas and make them feel successful in their attempts to solve problems. This is due to her positive outlook she brings daily to class.She is always seeking out ways to support the classroom teacher and the other staff members in the class. The positive atmosphere in the class has a lot to do with Yu-Chi's live life to the fullest approach.
Mission San Jose High Tai Chung Teacher Tai is a professional. He continually focuses on what is best for his students. He works cooperatively with parents, para-educators, teachers, counselors, psychologists and administrators to effectively support his learners. Tai spends his time on campus finding unique opportunities for students including community outings and experiences with self advocacy and transportation, when appropriate. Tai also serves as the girls' golf coach and helps them continue their legacy of sportsmanship and winning.
Mission Valley Elementary Rebecca Brahaney, Belen Lopez and Michael Rivers This team of teachers goes above and beyond to provide our sixth graders with a rich and engaging school experience. Their commitment to the students is out of this world, and the care each takes to get to know each and every student is unlike any other. They spend hours upon hours working together to research and create highly engaging lessons while preparing our students for the transition to junior high school. They are available to parents and are well respected by our staff. They are always open to new ideas and figure out ways to make things happen.
Niles Elementary Shawna Neal Shawna is always a smiling face for people to see in the front office. She is hard-working and always willing to lend a hand to the staff. She greets the public, both by phone and in person, with cordiality, and is our student "nurse" for everything from bloody noses to scraped knees to loose teeth. We were very happy to welcome Shawna back to Niles in 2017-18 and hope she stays for a long time to come. Thanks Shawna for all that you do!
Oliveira Elementary Joan Carroll Joan will always go out of her way to meet the needs of every student that we serve on the Oliveira campus. She creates a warm space with nutritional information and an inviting seasonal environment. Joan's compassion for child is contagious and she is consistently concerned about their well-being. She recognizes a need and takes care of it without being prompted. We are fortunate to have her as part of TEAM!
Parkmont Elementary Paulina Sanchez Paulina is an incredibly positive, resourceful, dependable, and friendly person to have in our office. She is a go-to person for all staff members when support or resources are needed. Paulina is a friendly face to all parents and students who enter our office. No matter what concerns, poblems, or to-do's are about, Paulina handes everything with grace and efficiency all with a smile on her face. We are so lucky to have Paulina at Parkmont!
Patterson Elementary Erica Davis and Katherine Reneau Ms. Davis and Ms. Reneau began our Eight Great Traits program at Patterson. They provide teachers with monthly resources for their students and are willing to work with the staff to help them implement the program. They have established our Friday morning assembly in which we recall the trait of the month and they provide examples of how students and staff are living the trait of the month. Lastly, they developed "Pawsitives" slips to give students who are showing the Eight Great Traits and students can turn in those slips as a raffle tickets. Ms. Davis and Ms. Reneau have done so much for our school and are helping shape our school culture in a positive way.
Robertson/Vista Duarte Teixeira Duarte Teixeira is not just your ordinary custodian. Duarte takes pride in having a clean campus for both students and staff. His work ethic is second to none, on long weekends or a big storm he goes to campus on weekends to make sure the learning environment is ready for both students and staff upon return. He is dependable and is a leader on the RHS campus.
Thornton Junior High Andrea Wagoner Ms Wagoner takes care of all the registration and paperwork for the site. When a family first comes to Thornton to enroll, she is the first person they have interactions with. She has a great system and is polite, even at times it is difficult. Ms Wagoner is the customer service Poster Child with her smile and attitude. She is also the gatekeeper who is adept at cooling parents down who may be agitated and want to see admin immediately. As the registrar, I know the paperwork and information she enters is accurate and up to date. I cannot imagine a start of the year or spring registration without her in this spot.
Vallejo Mill Elementary Iris Ayala Ms. Ayala is well liked by our school community, is a team player, and makes many contributions to the SPED team. She is wonderful with kids and gets to know them very well. She is kind and patient to everyone, but firm when dealing with kids that have behavior issues. Iris responds positively to directions from the RSP teacher. She often thinks of solutions independently but is open to new ideas, suggestions, and is willing to take on new jobs/tasks. We are lucky to have her as part of our staff!
Warm Springs Elementary Sheri Benn Mrs. Benn is the most amazing host in our kitchen. She always goes above and beyond what is required. She arrives early and leaves late. She comes everyday, prepared to serve our students. She is organized and ensures that everything runs smoothly. She has a great smile and attitude and our students and staff appreciate her presence in the kitchen. It would would not be the same without her. Thank you Sheri!
Washington High Ann Campbell Ann is a true professional and a very positive presence in the office. Ann has a tremendous work ethic and likes people. Students in Ann's alphabet appreciate her demeanor, sense of humor and her willingness to work with them. I appreciate that Ann says "hi" to me each morning on her way to her desk, and the entire Admin team appreciates insight, her high expectations for us and herself, and her reflective nature. Ann is retiring this year and Washington is really going to miss her.
Weibel Elementary Natalie Gonzales Mrs. Natalie Gonzales shares her love for reading with all our students at Weibel. Natalie keeps our library stocked with the latest and greatest reads. She makes sure that our library is upkept and knows our student population very well. She also works hand in hand with our PTO group in organizing the Book Fair twice a year at Weibel.
District/Dept. Staff Name Reason
Assessment & Accountability Hyde Lo Hyde is an integral part of the Assessment and Accountability Department. She is organized, thorough, and never misses a detail. Her background in technology is a huge asset to the department and we are grateful to have her knowledge in this area. She is always willing to jump in on a new project and is highly collaborative with other departments.
Curriculum & Instruction Deepa Iyer Deepa maintains the ERO system which tracks enrollments for many of the PD offered in FUSD, not only for C&I, but for other departments as well. She pays close attention to detail and helps us be ready for trainings and meetings. She also brightens our days by noticing the absurdities in this world and pointing them out in hilarious ways.
Human Resources Terri Rodriguez Terri does a great job working with each site to help fill absences with substitutes as well as working with employees on extended leave. We often receive complimentary emails from sites and staff regarding Terri's willingness to assist in a pleasant and helpful manner.


Fremont Unified has over 3,000 employees who work tirelessly and joyfully on behalf of our students. Each month starting fall 2018, Superintendent Kim Wallace has invited principals and supervisors to nominate hardworking employees for recognition. You can View All.