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First phase of District’s new VoIP communication system now live
Posted 4/12/19

Technology Upgrades have been a big part of the Measure E Bond, ensuring that all District schools have improved access to support 21st-Century learning. The two main project categories that make up most of the bond’s IT upgrades are new network infrastructure and the new integrated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone, clock, bell and public address systems.Clock-bell-speaker










A classroom at Grimmer Elementary School with the new VoIP clock-bell-speaker unit mounted on the wall.


Schools in the first phase of the rollout of the latter project are now live with this new system that enhances overall communications and improves safety. On a site-by-site basis over the past two weeks, the switches were flipped to activate the systems at the following schools:

  • Brier Elementary School
  • Durham Elementary School
  • Glankler Early Learning Center
  • Glenmoor Elementary School
  • Gomes Elementary School
  • Green Elementary School
  • Grimmer Elementary School
  • Hirsch Elementary School
  • Parkmont Elementary School


New phoneBuilt on the new network infrastructure, this $6.7 million communications project will enhance safety and security through features such as improved 911 alerting, and will improve overall communication at every District school and site. In addition to the system being network-based, announcements and alerts will be seen and heard on the unit and new telephone in each class. Each new wall-mounted unit is equipped with a speaker, LED display and visual flashing lights to indicate an announcement to ensure students and staff who are deaf and hard of hearing will be aware of the notification.


The second phase of installation of the VoIP clock-bell-speaker system should be complete by the end of the school year leaving only phase 3: the five middle schools as part of their conversions, and American High School, coinciding with the completion of that modernization project.


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