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April 10, 2019, FUSD Board of Education Meeting – Measure E Bond Program
Posted 4/10/19

Regarding items related to facilities and construction at the meeting, the Board:

  • Authorized staff to enter into an agreement with Millennium Consulting Associates for $99,500 to provide pre-design and design phase industrial hygienist services for the new construction and modernization project at Thornton Middle School. After the preconstruction assessment is performed and the construction schedule is confirmed, staff will bring the industrial hygienist construction phase services planned amendment to the Board for approval.


  • Authorized staff to amend the agreement with Infinity Communications Consultants by an additional $51,240 to extend construction management services for the new communications systems project that includes voice over IP telephone (VoIP), clock, bell, and public address system. The total contract amount with this addition is now $450,015.


  • Held a public hearing on the 2019 School Facilities Needs Analysis (SFNA) and adopted Resolution No. 022-1819, approving the SFNA and authorizing the Alternative Developer Fees (Level 2 and Level 3 fees) in accordance with Government Code. In addition to Level 1 developer fees, Government Code allows qualifying school districts to impose higher fees on residential development. A Level 2 fee is intended to provide approximately 50 percent of the cost of school construction and site costs (using statewide average costs), and a Level 3 fee is intended to provide approximately 100 percent of the cost of school construction and site costs (using statewide average costs). The SFNA justifies the District’s ability to charge Level 2 and/or Level 3 fees, which are formula-driven, unique to each school district, and must be authorized annually. Since June 2018, the District had been levying Level 2 fees on residential development to mitigate the impacts on the District’s school facilities.


  • Authorized staff to enter into an agreement with Millennium Consulting Associates to provide design phase industrial hygienist services for the Proposition 39 LED lighting replacement project. Based on the estimated number of consultant hours needed, the approximate total value of the agreement is $152,060, inclusive of a 10-percent contingency. The Board tabled awarding the design-build services for the LED lighting replacement project to allow time to review whether these services should be included under the Project Stabilization Agreement. It is not a Measure E project but will be completed with Proposition 39 funds.


  • Received a presentation from Vanir Construction Management, Inc. on the status of the Measure E bond program and operational improvements made to date. This includes approximately $483 million in projects completed or in progress, all five middle school conversion projects underway, 78 new classrooms added, approximately 19,000 data drops added Districtwide, and more than 100,000 square feet of flooring containing asbestos removed.


  • Authorized a deductive change order with Vanir Construction Management, Inc., representing a savings of $95,703 to the district. In evaluating the remaining work of Vanir’s Phase 1 program management services contract that will expire on June 30, 2019, they determined the scope of services can be completed under the contract amount. The Board also authorized staff to begin contract negotiations for Measure E Phase 2 program management services.


  • Authorized staff to enter into agreements for design improvements at Carmen R. Melendez Elementary School in the amount of $287,452. One agreement is with Ross Recreation for $135,838 for the purchase of two play structures, and another is with Mobile Modular for $151,614 for the purchase of one modular restroom building. The total cost is within the project budget approved on March 27, 2019 and will be paid from the Capital Facilities Fund (not Measure E), also known as Developer Fee Funds.