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Shout Out - March 2019
Posted 3/28/19

Juli MackieCatherine KeebaughDr. Wallace announced her 'Superintendent Shout Outs' - of those nominees, a site staff member and District Office staff member were selected at random for special recognition. Selected this month were Mission San Jose High's Catherine Keebaugh, and Assessment & Accountability's Juli Mackie.

March nominees:

School Staff Name Reason
Adult Education Heather Hyde Heather has worked diligently to learn all things Adult Ed. She oversees the classified duties in the Adult High School Department, and simultaneously runs the front desk in the main office. She is reliable, punctual, friendly, and has given new life to the main office. She builds strong relationships with high school students who attend Adult School for extra classes, and is able to provide support to adult students who are returning to complete their education after several months or years. She is a fantastic addition to FACE!
American High Jacob Carlson Jacob agreed to fill in during the day shift when another custodian was injured. He brings a great attitude to our school and a willingness to work with all staff and students at AHS. Jacob has an exceptional attention to detail in his work. Tasks and projects that he begins are completed efficiently. We appreciate that he has stepped into this role and been very helpful in the day-to-day maintenance of our school.
Ardenwood Elementary Carole Nishimori Ms. Carole Nishimori is a dedicated and talented educator. Ms. Nishimori contributes greatly to both the students in her classroom and to school-wide programs. Through her collaborative nature, she works with her grade-level team on identifying new best practices to be used with the new Benchmark curriculum. She has advocated for additional phonics supports and word study supports as she has organized part of our afternoon primary intervention program. As a contributing member of our School Site Council, Ms. Nishimori represents the voice of certificated staff during vision and planning conversations, and her student-focused mindset is always appreciated.
Azevada Elementary Annette Iannaccone Annette shares her love of reading with our students on a daily basis. She knows every title of every book that any of our students might be interested in reading, and if a student has difficulty picking a book to read, Annette can enlighten them to a new never-read story. She works tirelessly to keep our Library well organized and she involves a variety of student and parent volunteers to do this. She is also a huge advocate of sharing new books and stores with our students and she routinely hosts theme-related Book Fairs at our school. During our fairy tale themed Book Fair, none of us were surprised to see Annette running the Book Fair dress as a fairy!
Brier Elementary Dilshad Merchant Dilshad is new to our site this year. As our faithful attendance clerk, she diligently and patiently works with staff and parents to keep meticulous attendance records. This year has been especially challenging with the Norovirus at our site. Through it all, Dilshad has remained professional and positive. Aside from her attendance duties, Dilshad willingly steps in to assist our secretary with numerous things. Having Dilshad as one of the "faces" of Brier is a pleasure. She is an integral part of the Brier team and always makes sure our office runs smoothly.
Brookvale Elementary Karen Joe Karen is the only staff member in our school that knows every students name and face! She can spew out facts about students like no other and also knows their parents by face. She is diligent about communicating with our parents and she possesses an attitude that allows our office to have a positive school image with the community. She is caring, kind and does a fabulous job with attendance and works with families to get resolve truancy issues. She is amazing!
Cabrillo Elementary Lynette Scott Miss Lynette is a well-liked and respected member of our team of yard duties. She shows up every morning to support drop off then rejoins us for the lunch span. What makes this employee stand out is her commitment to community. Miss Lynette does not now nor has ever had a child attending Cabrillo. She approached me last year to ask if she could volunteer at Cabrillo to support the kids. She is now a paid member of our strong team of yard duties. It is individuals like Miss Lynette whose support of the educational enterprise links the community to schools.
Chadbourne Elementary Maria Diesta Maria is very personable and caring towards all our students. She runs a clean ship and takes great pride in the kitchen and in the way she serves the food to her students. She always has a warm and friendly smile to greet the students with. She goes above and beyond to accommodate for our students and takes care of them.
Durham Elementary Keira McElligott Keira is our ELA and Tech wiz!!! She is always willing to help and answer any Benchmark question or ELA practice. Her knowledge of the adoption is remarkable, and if she doesn't know something, she knows where to find the answer. Keira goes above and beyond when it comes to setting up teachers and students on any tech program. She has trained so many of us and continues to serve as a valuable support. Keira's leadership is appreciated by us all!!!
Forest Park Elementary Ken Meyer Ken is a great addition to the Forest Park team. He is dedicated to keeping our students and staff in a safe, clean, and inviting environment. Since we hired him on as our head custodian, he has built strong relationships with staff and students and is well loved by all. His tireless efforts to improve Forest Park have not gone unnoticed. It is apparent that Ken loves his job because of his attitude, dedication, and skill. Ken has been diligent in identifying school wide strengths and areas that need improvement and is constantly problem solving to help run our school more efficiently!
Glankler Preschool Cynthia Rodriguez Ms. Rodriguez has a "can do" attitude that she brings to the workplace daily. She is immediately responsive to the needs of the students and staff across both school sites. If a special task needs to be accomplished, such as replacing all the towel holders in the school, she finds a way to get the job done without hesitation. She is resourceful and knows who to contact in every situation related to the cleanliness and smooth operation of the school site. She even shows her school spirit by participating in our special door decorating contests held throughout the school year!
Glenmoor Elementary Cathy Sullivan Cathy's energy and ability to connect with students makes her an asset to our staff and intervention program. In addition to working with our lower performing populations she is an integral player to our Will Club at lunch time. Cathy has also taken on one of our SPSA goals of basic math fact mastery by lining the halls with different math fact posters which drive conversations amongst our students. There is nothing Cathy is not willing to do or try to benefit our students.
Green Elementary Michelle Forbes Michelle Forbes is an outstanding teacher. She is a team player and is there to help her grade level partners in any way she can. Michelle is on leadership and she is always willing to share her expertise with the group. Along with her team, Michelle has helped arrange many fun events for our Kindergartners this year.
Grimmer Elementary Patti Young Patti Young is an amazing Library Media Tech. She has made our library a warm and welcoming place for students to enjoy reading. It is bright and fun. She has started a "Library Quest" each month with assignments for students to complete with a prize at the end of each month. Ms. Young has collaborated with teachers on the types of books they would like to see incorporated into the collection to best support the learning in classrooms. In addition, she opens the library up several days a week during recesses for fun activities such as games and origami. She reads books to students daily encouraging them to open their minds to the world of books.
Hirsch Elementary Wanda Chu Wanda is a wonderful paraprofessional. While she primarily supports our fifth graders, she is available and willing to give assistance to our other classes. When Wanda works with students, she is friendly, encouraging, and firm when needed. Her strategies and skills in working with students helps them to reach their goals and beyond. Her support to classroom teachers goes above and beyond at all times. Wanda has a strong sense of school spirit and has dressed up for every school, grade, and class spirit day!
Hopkins Jr High Angela Aspacio Working with teachers and classified staff to answer absence questions and make sure they are filling out leave forms in a timely manner to ensure the best chance for jobs to be filled by substitutes. This impacts student learning by optimizing the use of instructional minutes. She has been a master at re-allocating subs and finding creative ways to cover in house in a fair and equitable manner.
Horner Jr High Diane Herrera Diane has been working at Horner for over 20 years, and she is a staff favorite. She is dependable and always goes the extra mile. She knows the history of Horner, and really cares about the staff and the site needs. She is reliable and trustworthy. She is a Horner treasure.
Irvington High Justina Deanda Justina is highly organized and competent. She is the first person that parents, students or subs see when they enter the office. she is able to handle the pressures of the morning with grace and kindness. Her organization keeps track of substitute teachers and our in-house list. We are very appreciative of all of her work and her cool under pressure.
Leitch Elementary Sue Guenther Sue is always a friendly face in the office. She is great with parents, students and staff. I can always count on Sue to be at work and ready to help out wherever she is needed. She is extremely reliable and awesome at her job.
Maloney Elementary Paulson Martinez Paulson is always willing to lend a hand. Whether it is a group coming to use our facilities, PTA, or school event, he drops what he is doing to help out. Paulson has worked at Maloney for over 15 years, and is well known and loved by the community. He is a superstar!
Mattos Elementary Jody Whitlock Jody Whitlock is an amazing member of our team who provides expert assistance in our K/1 SDC Class. Her caring and collaborative work with our youngest students provides them with an advocate for excellence that supports teaching and learning, promotes positive behavior and engagement, and support safe practices. Jody is a wonderful team member who constantly uses her patience and professionalism to provide service to our school.
Millard Elementary Janet Wazwaz Janet's effervescent energy and happy personality make her a wonderful asset to our staff. Not only is she a delightful person, she works hard everyday to meet the needs of our students. Janet has great initiative, is generous with her offers to help out, and is much-loved by students and staff. Thank you, Janet, for spreading sunshine across our Millard campus.
Mission San Jose Elementary Rene Carranza Rene has done an amazing job here at MSJE. He arrives early to begin his day and is more than willing to help at a moment's notice. On his own, he has given up time to assist with our valet drop-off and pick-up zone. Rene is out there moving drivers along and enforcing parking restrictions on school campus. He is such a favorite with students that they give up their lunch recess to help in the lunchroom and get the room ready for the next lunch. He talks with all students and knows them by name. This basketball season, after a complete day of working, he stayed at school and operated our scoreboard during games without any desire to be compensated for his time. Rene takes great pride in his work and truly is part of our staff here at MSJE.
Mission San Jose High Catherine Keebaugh Catherine embodies grace under pressure. During trying times and some rough days she keeps a smile on her face, is friendly to everyone, and remembers that above all her work is to support learning and students. She is a true professional.
Mission Valley Elementary Lakshimi Kakarlamudi Lakshimi is the quintessential para educator who goes above and beyond to ensure the students she works with have all of their needs met. She steps up and always goes above and beyond, making sure the students are taken care of. She is well respected by the staff and is loved by the students with whom she works. Lakshimi is always positive and has an open mind and is willing to try new things.
Oliveira Elementary Jennifer Mehta Jennifer's work ethics are commendable and she is a true team player. Jennifer is committed to assisting wherever necessary on the Oliveira campus. She does so with a consistent positive attitude and smile. Jennifer wants to help so that the day goes smoothly for everyone. We can also count on her organization skills when working on many projects. Jennifer's kindness is spread throughout the front office and is felt by everyone. We are fortunate to have her on our campus.
Parkmont Elementary Jeff Sanchez Jeff can do it all! He's great with our students and staff alike. He helps with anything and everything and always has a smile, even when he has to handle some stuff that is not worth smiling about! He's more than just our custodian, he's our handy man, security guard and so much more. He's full of laughs, jokes and just makes Parkmont a fun place to be everyday!
Patterson Elementary Melissa Sides and Margarita Stathis Ms. Sides and Ms. Stathis did a wonderful job coaching our girls basketball team. They helped the students develop their skills and at the same time, they empowered our girls to do their very best. Their practices and games were filled with positive praise and also encouragement. Thank you both for a wonderful season.
Robertson/ Vista Rocio Prado Rocio is not just the "lady" in the office. She is a counselor, mentor, on-site translator, and teacher to the students at RHS and Vista. She currently pushes in classrooms during FLEX time to support intervention with students and is a Fight Club Coach in our mentor program during TAG. Definitely a favorite with students!
Thornton Jr High Marilyn Harden Marilyn is the smiling, first face you see when you enter the office. She is "The Face of Thornton." Marilyn is always polite to parents and is the first impression the public has with Thornton. Mrs. Harden has been and continues to be and asset to the site and the district. Always quick to help out in whatever manner possible, from medication dispensing, to nurse support, to clerical to just overall information. Mrs. Harden makes the entire office laugh and can be counted on for her quick wit.
Vallejo Mill Elementary Doug Isaacson Doug is an outstanding custodian. He has a positive attitude and excellent work ethic His motto is "service before self." He is dependable, flexible, and has a strong connection to our community. He often goes above and beyond and is well-liked by the staff, students, and parents (especially PTA). I appreciate his willingness to switch and adapt to the day shift when needed. As a lead, he effectively trains other night custodians. Doug is a valued staff member at Vallejo Mill.
Walters Jr High Teresa Goulart Teresa and her kitchen crew feed hundreds of students every day. The efficient way Teresa runs the kitchen serves most students at Walters within ten minutes. Her routine for our students and staff provide a wonderful experience for their breakfast and lunch. Her dedication and work ethic puts her at work more than her required time. Walters is lucky to have her.
Warm Springs Elementary Tory Leung Tory Leung has been an invaluable resource to our staff and students. We are so lucky to have an EL specialist who is so diligent about providing students with meaningful tools and strategies to grow as English Learners. Tory is consistent with communicating progress to teachers, and is flexible to meet the needs of all.
Warwick Elementary Kelly Lopez Kelly Lopez not only does her day to day duties with attendance, she is our unofficial nurse. She makes great connections with our students and families, I guess we can say she is also our unofficial counselor. Students, parents and teachers love her and they pour their hearts out to her. We made sure she was part of our COST team because she knows a great deal of background about our students and family. Every school should be so lucky to have a Kelly.
Weibel Elementary Dimple Moza Dimple works closely with the SDC teacher to make sure the day is running smoothly for everyone. She makes great connections with the students and the staff. She goes above and beyond to make sure the students and the class are taken care of.
District/Dept. Staff Name Reason
Assessment & Accountability Juli Mackie Juli's knowledge of Illuminate and Engrade has been integral to supporting the sites. She is a quick learner who approaches tasks with a positive and proactive lens. She operates with integrity and ensures her data and reports are accurate and user friendly. She is a team player who can always be counted on to support a colleague.
Budget, Audit, Attendance Maggie Tung Maggie is known for her pleasant personality and patience. She interacts with a large number of staff members within her scope of responsibilities; all maintain exactly the same opinion - Maggie is awesome. She has the ability to perform complex financial analysis, pinpoint the issues, and ways to resolve them. Maggie has demonstrated for two years that she can work independently, as well as a team player.
Curriculum & Instruction Jessica Andrade-Azua Jessica is a person who jumps in to help anywhere she sees a need. This could be supporting a school site's library staff, offering materials or help to a coach in Curriculum and Instruction, or reacting to an urgent situation with calm reason. Even though she has been with FUSD for about a half year, she already understands places she can make a difference, and she is always willing to help.
Human Resources Jennifer Alexander Jennifer continues to be a valuable member of the HR team. Jennifer has an innate ability to analyze existing processes and procedures and develop a plan to create more efficient practices. Jennifer has been a key player in updating and streamlining many of HR’s existing procedures and forms. Jennifer is reliable, conscientious and her follow through is stellar. Jennifer is always willing to take on a project, assist colleagues and has an excellent rapport with staff.
Purchasing/ Warehouse Frank Broker Frank has been with the district for over 13 years. He worked for many of those years as a CNS delivery food driver for the Mission High School kitchener attendance area. Over the past 2 years Frank has managed the receiving for the CNS food warehouse. No matter what Frank is doing, he demonstrates dedication, commitment and the sincere appreciation for all employees, students, facilities and equipment. He brings a lifetime of valuable skills and knowledge to everything he does. Frank is always willing to help everyone. He is a tremendous asset to the Warehouse Team.
Transportation Debbie Crawford Debbie Crawford serves Fremont Unified School District its students, parents, and sites in the role of Transportation Supervisor. Her duties include but are not limited to training, evaluating, teaching, counseling, driving, dispatching, scheduling, calming parents, communicating with law enforcement, wiping tears, and so many more items that she both expected and never expected when she took this position. She is the quiet type of person who completes all these duties without challenge. You would not even know Debbie was in the room many times, as she does her job without the need for recognition and continues about her day. Debbie is the “Transportation Ninja”, you turn around and poof, she is off to another challenge. Debbie is the glue that helps keep our wheels turning.


Fremont Unified has over 3,000 employees who work tirelessly and joyfully on behalf of our students. Each month starting fall 2018, Superintendent Kim Wallace has invited principals and supervisors to nominate hardworking employees for recognition. You can View All.