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Measure E Success Stories: Information Technology (IT) Upgrades
Posted 2/1/19

Volume 1 - February 2019


Information Technology (IT) Upgrades


One of the hallmarks of the $650 million Measure E bond is Districtwide information technology (IT) upgrades. While there are dozens of projects spread across the entire district, the IT upgrades are the one interconnected thread that touches every site. The two main project categories that make up most of the IT upgrades are new network infrastructure and the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) clock/bell/speaker systems. 


Much of the new network infrastructure is completed, except for at the five junior high schools and American High School (AHS). The junior highs are all being converted to middle schools so the infrastructure will be incorporated into those comprehensive projects. AHS is undergoing an extensive modernization and, likewise, their IT upgrades will be incorporated into that work. The Districtwide infrastructure project provides all new fiber-optic network connections, increased bandwidth, and additional capacity to connect many more devices online at each site.


With this infrastructure in place, a new VoIP clock/bell/speaker system is being installed at every school in three phases, with the first phase nearly complete. This $6.7 million project will enhance safety and security through features such as improved 911 alerting, and will improve overall communication at every District school and site. Announcements and alerts will be seen and heard on the unit in each class as well as on the telephone and phone screens. Each new wall-mounted unit is equipped with a speaker, LED display and visual flashing lights to indicate an announcement to ensure students and staff who are deaf and hard of hearing will be aware of the notification. The unit that includes flashing lights is also bundled with a built-in microphone; however, the microphones will not be activated, thus ensuring classroom privacy. Classroom teachers will continue to use the telephone system when they need to contact site office staff.


The second phase of installation of the VoIP clock/bell/speaker system should be complete by the end of the school year leaving only phase 3: the five middle schools as part of their conversions, and AHS, coinciding with the completion of that project. 


For more on these IT upgrade projects, take a look at this YouTube video. If you have other questions, comments, or would like additional information, contact Ken Blackstone, Public Information Officer for FUSD Facilities & Construction at or 510.659.2559 ext. 12446.


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