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Shout Out - September 2018
Posted 9/20/18

Barth PaineRuben LeonDr. Wallace drew a name at random from the group of nominees and made an unannounced site visit to Azevada Elementary to present Custodian Ruben Leon with a certificate of appreciation and personalized card. The District Office's recipient this month is Barth Paine, webmaster and designer extraordinaire.

September nominees:

School Staff Name Reason
Adult Education Roshni Easley Roshni does so much for the Adults with Disabilities Department, and truly cares for all of the students, creates our brochure, etc., etc., etc.
American High Sri Muljati Yeung Sri moved from OA2 to Registrar this school year. Despite this new role, she was challenged right away by overseeing the enrollment of all our new students. In the month of August, she enrolled 50 new students, meeting each family with a big smile and friendly welcome to AHS!
Ardenwood Elementary LaShaunta Payne Being new to the site, it has been wonderful to work with LaShaunta, as she has the answers to all of my questions. I have seen her excellently work with families, both in person and over the phone, and her professionalism is exemplary of what customer service should look like. She has taken the initiative to assist other office staff when needed.
Azevada Elementary Ruben Leon Ruben is a huge part of our school community. He is able to keep our campus clean and safe while he helps us with lunch supervision in the cafeteria. He interacts with our students and models how to be a good citizen. He has developed lasting relationships with the families at our school and the younger siblings are often looking for "Mr. Ruben" on their first days of school because their older siblings have shared the many stories of how Ruben has helped them navigate the "big school" of Azevada. We are lucky to have a custodian like "Mr. Ruben" at our school!
Brier Elementary Denise Berger Denise is AMAZING! Her ability to juggle numerous things at one time, keeping parents, students and teachers happy is unmatchable. Her incredible memory is unbelievable! I could not function without her.
Brookvale Elementary Maisoon Hassinan Maisoon is consistently supporting students, provides exceptional supervision to students and goes the extra mile in making sure that students are supported at Brookvale. She is kind, caring and is highly organized. She makes our team at Brookvale powerful!
Cabrillo Elementary Terri Yan Mrs. Yan works in ways unseen and anticipates the principal's every need.
Centerville Junior High Darcy Hawks Darcy is a strong advocate for literacy and reading skills. She consistently goes above and beyond to infuse a love of reading in every student. She often goes into classrooms to support curricular objectives (sometimes in costume). She has developed multiple student friendly projects (i.e bookmark art contest). She is a constant support and positive influence on all staff, students, and community members.
Chadbourne Elementary Rubi Lombrana Rubi will never let anything get to keeping her calm. She works above and beyond her duties and manages to always help those who need it. She is wonderful with parents, staff, and the students.
Durham Elementary Ceina Thomas Ceina is welcoming and helpful at all times. She takes very good care of all of us - students, parents, staff.
Forest Park Elementary Marlene Garrison Marlene is always thinking one step ahead and has great organizational skills.
Glanker Preschool Shanta Chawla Shanta is able to balance a plethora of duties including, but not limited to assisting parents in navigating the pre-referral process for SPED, maintaining daily communication with the Transportation Department, providing information and procedural suggestions to Student Support Services on streamlining the transition process for students transitioning to TK/K, addressing the requests/needs of nearly 100 staff members across two school sites, compiling school data reports as well as other essential reports for school administration.
Glenmoor Elementary Teri Askew Teri has ability of keeping track of all the students coming in and going out and of course keeping the principal sane.
Gomes Elementary Denise Kruschke Denise does a good job taking care of attendance. However, she is much more than that, she is a big part of the office and does many things for the whole school.
Green Elementary Penny Martinez Penny is the heart of Green. She is aware of so much all the time, and can troubleshoot while answering the phone, fix a computer, and find a sub all in a few minutes time. She is kind to all families, and is often sought out by the neighbors when they need information. She is resourceful and can anticipate problems, resolving them before they become a big deal. She has a pulse on the community, and our staff and parents depend on her. She never complains about the amount of work she has, and is always always always a problem solver.
Grimmer Elementary Kathy Mitchell Kathy is the center of everything that happens here at Grimmer. She often appears with materials before they are requested. Her organization of MAZE Day and opening of school was superb. She continues to enroll four to five new students daily.
Hirsch Elementary Felipe Novaes Felipe did an amazing job with cleaning our school during the summer. I heard many staff members comment to him that their floors have never looked so clean and shiny. He was ready and willing to help out staff when they returned. He went over and above in all classrooms. Even though he was promoted to a new position last Tuesday at Kennedy, his work ethic is missed at our site.
Hopkins Junior High Catherine Seright Catherine is always leading her team, heading off issues before they become problems, keeping and old school in tip top condition, addressing teacher concerns in a timely manner, creating a welcoming physical environment for kids to return to.
Horner Junior High Cheryl Teerbeek Cheryl develops relationships with the students and staff, has a heart for students, tailors a lunch menu (displayed with balloons) to meet students interest, never turns a student away.
Irvington High Christine Abogado Christine is an excellent resource for students, helps them with FAFSA, scholarships, college applications and career and technical programs. She is engaging and approachable with students and has expanded our community programs on campus.
Kennedy High Felipe Novaes Felipe literally started a brand new position the day before Maze Day and successfully managed the distribution of books to all students during this time. He has wasted little time in organizing new processes and supporting students and staff in his new role. Through these first 4 chaotic weeks, he never once showed dispair or stress. He simply did his job and adjusted very well to his new role.
Leitch Elementary Kristela Gonzalez Kristela started at the same time I did at Leitch. She had no school experience and jumped right in. She is a hard worker and has a great relationship will the entire staff. She is always calm and manages situations with ease. She goes over and beyond and helps keep things running smoothly on a daily basis.
Maloney Elementary Connie Stengl Connie is part of the fabric that makes Maloney great. She has served the community for over 20 years. Connie understands that it is all about the students, and our students love to help Ms. Connie.
Mattos Elementary Onelia Soriano Extremely hardworking, conscientious, and caring team member who has prepared our school with love and care. Our site sparkles and shines because Onelia makes sure every inch is super clean.
Millard Elementary Peggy Salazar Peggy is proactive about stepping out of the role in her classroom to help whenever or wherever needed, especially with our special education students. She readily volunteers for specialized training, such as Epipen and CPI training. We appreciate Peggy's teamwork spirit!
Mission San Jose Elementary Shanthi Sukumar Shanthi is a rock star. Start of school went smooth and has continued. She keeps everything together with her positive outlook and willingness to help.
Mission San Jose High Kristen Vanderpol SPECTACULAR job preparing the 5-acre campus for opening. Kristen orchestrated the de-cluttering of 10+ classrooms ensuring a more orderly and safe environment for learning.
Mission Valley Elementary Cara Madden Cara is what enables our school to run so effortlessly. She is always calm, even in the most stressful of situations and can support students, staff and families with the utmost of care. She single handedly got MAZE Day planned and carried out. She is on top of everything, from dropping and adding students to accommodating staff requests. I cannot say enough about her professionalism and dedication to MVE. She sees our families and part of the MVE family.
Niles Elementary Martin Sanchez Martin is family and the kids love him. He volunteered to coach BOTH Niles soccer teams last year. He is ALWAYS smiling and graciously takes requests to help keep our campus beeeauutiful.
Oliveira Elementary Anne Damron Anne consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Oliveira had a smooth opening while helping two new administrators because of her attention to detail. Anne also assists other school sites whenever needed and does so with a smile. She has her lens completely on students and families and helping them feel comfortable at Oliveira. I am thankful to be working with her again and can not thank her enough for all of the help she gives everyone on our campus, especially me!
Parkmont Elementary Paulina Sanchez Let's face it, she runs this place! She keeps everything running smoothly and knows procedures inside and out. She really is the heart of Parkmont. I know I'd be lost without her!
Patterson Elementary Gwen Norstrom Gwen has been supporting our new secretary with different tasks and also in learning our school culture. Gwen was also instrumental in putting together our MAZE Days. She is dedicated to our school community and she does her job well and is attentive to details in order to ensure that our attendance is correct and inputted in a timely manner. Gwen is a Panther Star!
Robertson/Vista Mary Barrs Mary is not your ordinary attendance clerk. Her nickname on campus is "Mama Barrs". She treats every student with respect and is often seen in the student office making sandwiches for students that don't have lunch. She also plays a key role on our "Will" team and pushes in classrooms daily to support students and teachers during FLEX time.
Thornton Junior High Tana Steinert Tana goes above and beyond for the staff and students of Thornton. She is respected by everyone and is the "Go To" person for ANY questions.
Vallejo Mill Elementary Liz Whalley Liz has a cheerful, welcoming personality that fosters a positive school climate. She is an amazing secretary and learns very quickly when new processes or programs are implemented. She is punctual, dependable, and goes above and beyond, when necessary. She adapts well to the constant changes that occur in the school setting. Whenever I'm out of the office, I feel confident that Liz can hold down the fort. She is so caring with our students and is well liked by the entire community! Vallejo Mill is lucky to have her as our school secretary!!
Walters Junior High Tracy Clark Tracy has worked countless hours helping staff and students to have a smooth start of the year among construction chaos.
Warm Springs Elementary Ron Hartmangruber Ron goes above and beyond his duty with a positive attitude. Is always ready to serve all staff members and is loved by all.
Warwick Elementary Jane Dymond Jane is our right hand man. She is always willing to help out where she is needed. Our office is always receiving compliments on their outstanding customer service. She does not need to be reminded to follow-up on task as she ALWAYS gets the job done. She is a wealth of knowledge and is highly respected.
Washington High Ken Culp Ken does a great job organizing our book room and making sure students receive books in a timely fashion. Ken is very well organized, kind and smart. He also does special projects for the school, such as getting a quote for replacing existing lockers.
Weibel Elementary Jamie Quezada Jamie goes above and beyond his job. He is well respected and loved by the entire staff. It's not just this month, he's been going above and beyond for years!
District/Dept. Staff Name Reason
Assessment & Accountability Hyde Lo Hyde does an amazing job of getting boxes, and boxes, and boxes of assessment to sites on time.
Budget, Audit, Attendance Rossana Santos Rossana is a true definition of customer service. She is a true professional who performs her tasks without complaining and takes care of staff members around her.
Curriculum & Instruction Maleki Lopez Maleki knows the answer to every question and brings calm to C&I
Elementary Education Nicole Bryant Nicole coordinates our big events such as the District Spelling Bee and the Science Fair.  She is thorough and never misses a detail.  Our events are always a success because of Nicole's hard work! 
Fed & State Karyn Booth Karyn is a wonderful asset to the department. She has knowledge and understanding of each of the programs we operate as she has worked at every single desk in the department i.e. OA3, Staff Secretary 2 and now Staff Secretary 3. Her customer service is impeccable and she takes care of the entire department. She is extremely helpful and takes pride in her work.
Human Resources Classified LaTonia Silva LaTonia supports both classified and certificated with benefits, retirements, and the 2nd Annual Benefits fair
Human Resources Certificated Marlene Leal Marlene supports both classified and certificated with benefits, retirements, and the 2nd Annual Benefits fair
Maintenance Ops, Grounds Gary Hamilton Gary is always going above and beyond the normal duties of a Mobile Maintenance Technician. He often takes care of situations without me being aware that we had a situation. He is a Leader in our department who is a prime example of a public servant for Fremont Unified School District.
Secondary Education Ann Doan Ann always goes above and beyond and is extremely calm with parents.
Special Education Bobbie PLatt Bobbie always goes above and beyond. She is efficient and organized and she does it all with a smile!
Superintendent's Office Barth Paine Barth has literally changed how the public looks at the District through great work on the District website. Works well with all schools and departments to put their best online.
Technology Sheena Lal Sheena can do everything! She is very responsive with all department requests often working beyond her hours to assist.
Transportation Meghan McAndrews We have sure worked Meghan to the bone in special ed! With her cool demeanor, she has managed our routes like a champ and never loses her calm. She is organized and an excellent communicator. Meghan is proactive and gets the job done.