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Shout Out - October 2018
Posted 10/24/18

Becky SevillaCarol LemosOn October 24th, Dr. Wallace announced her 'Superintendent Shout Outs' as part of FUSD's monthly staff recognition program. Of those nominees, a site staff member and District Office staff member were selected at random for special recognition. Selected this month were Mission Valley Elementary Paraeducator, Becky Sevilla, and FUSD Facilities Department Secretary, Carol Lemos.

October nominees:

School Staff Name Reason
Adult Education Roshni Easley Roshni helps support the Adults with Disabilities Program. She's instrumental in the success of the program.
American High Bernadette Pereira Bernie has the 9th grade class this year, which is nearly 700 students. She did an excellent job collecting and organizing all the paperwork from MAZE Days. Additionally, she verified all absences by the end of the first day of school so those students could be properly dropped.
Ardenwood Elementary Dawn Holderfield Whether it be for an individual student, for a class, or for the school at large, Ms. Holderfield routinely demonstrates her commitment to supporting students. She performs her job responsibilities with care and compassion. She is also quick to go above and beyond her standard role. Ms. Holderfield accompanies students during their Science Camp learning adventure, she comes to campus in the evening to provide child-care during parent information nights, and she sports our mascot's costume for assemblies. Thank you Ms. Holderfield for all that you do for Ardenwood Elementary.
Azevada Elementary Barbara Bousquet Barbara is always eager to assist our school in any way that we need. In addition to being our RSP Para, Barbara also does before school and lunch time supervision for us; and because she enjoys assisting us with the students, Barbara also volunteers her time to help us put on our monthly school-wide Character Counts assemblies. Her assistance is greatly appreciated by all of the Azevada students and staff!
Blacow Elementary Tara Chalfant Tara has stepped forward and taken upon additional duties in our office while our secretary is out on leave. She helps sub secretaries with everyday duties. She has prepared bank deposits, gift and donation forms, prepared the picture day schedule and so much more. One day this month the school was without a sub secretary and she just took care of the office on her own. Thank you Tara for all you do for Blacow.
Brier Elementary Ana Herrera Ana always goes above and beyond with her duties. She often jumps in to translate documents when urgent. Ana is always positive with students, staff and parents.
Brookvale Elementary Harold Francis Harold serves in many capacities at our school site. He helps before and after school as well as at lunch time supervising and keeping students safe. He serves as our BB referee for girls and boys basketball, he came and helped supervise students during back to school night so that parents could attend their child's classroom presentation with their teacher, he also volunteered his time to pressure wash the students lunch tables after school as he saw a need to keep them sanitary for the kids at lunch time. He is amazing, he is an asset to our school and he comes up with creative ideas to keep our campus safe. He also attended safety meetings and designed window coverings for the MPR if we were to have a lockdown drill and needed security. He is the BEST!
Cabrillo Elementary Christine Sanchez Christine Sanchez is an observant night custodian. After cleaning one of Cabrillo's classrooms multiple times and noticing hair on the floor near one desk, Ms. Sanchez notified the teacher of her observation. This took the teacher to a quick web-search where she learned about Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder). The teacher contacted the parent who confirmed the teachers suspicion. The child has been referred to COST where he will be redirected to the school nurse. This was all thanks to Ms. Sanchez's observations.
Centerville Junior High Jason Williams Jason has displayed true teacher leadership this year. He shares responsibilities as the English Department Chair as well as shares responsibility as the ELD Department chair. This year he has also decided to help lead the African American Focus group and is truly making a difference for our students. He is a strong advocate and supports all students at Centerville to be successful.
Chadbourne Elementary Rodney Victorine Rodney is with us for a few hours a day but he always goes above and beyond to help out. He is my finance extraordinaire and the best yard duty person around. We appreciate his time and support and the students enjoy having him outside to help them.
Durham Elementary Janelle Frederick Janelle make sure that EVERY day counts at Durham Elementary. She is very thorough in her records and follows up with families who may need support. She is a great team player!
Forest Park Elementary Darcie Leone Darcie has been at Forest Park for a number of years as a paraeducator and is always ready to lend a hand. She supports students and staff in numerous ways around the school. Her kind and gentle demeanor make her approachable and collaborative. She is insightful and has a great understanding of the needs of all the students she works with. We are so fortunate to have Darcie!
Glankler Preschool Lisa Hillman Lisa comes to school with a positive attitude every day and is always upbeat. She is the first to acknowledge her peers weekly for the support they provide her students. She recently has scheduled yoga classes for staff as a great way to unwind after a long workweek.
Gomes Elementary Mr. Mac (Richard Mc Quade) Mr. Mac is a Noon Supervisor at Gomes and he has worked here about 15 years. He comes early (about 9:30) and volunteers his time to help, before he starts his"lunchtime job". He takes his work at Gomes seriously. Mr. Mac is 83 years old!
Green Elementary Kristen Ross Kristen goes above and beyond everyday. She comes to work early and is always here hours after her assigned time. Although she is off work on Fridays, you can often find her at Green assisting the RSP teacher and others. Kristen is always willing to help out wherever we may need her. The students and adults on Green campus love working with her.
Grimmer Elementary Denise Klawitter Denise always puts her best foot forward. She not only completes the responsibilities of her position, she cares deeply for all students at Grimmer. She always lends a helping hand wherever and whenever the need arises. She is a team player and never worries about working outside her particular position. She is a true Grimmer Bear!
Hirsch Elementary LeAnne Kodama LeAnne is a great secretary who helps keep the school running smoothly. She has been an invaluable asset in helping me learn the Ins and Outs of our school. She goes the extra mile with all our staff and is always willing to give a helping hand.
Horner Junior High Liz North Liz is the lead and daytime custodian. She has a positive attitude, responsive and ready to assist. She knows the Horner facility very well, and is able to maximize our resources. She is trustworthy and hardworking. She is an invaluable asset to Horner.
Irvington High Armon Stewart Armon is a model in customer service. He makes connections with the students and is always willing to help parents when they are on campus and looking for a location or need help. He is willing to go above and beyond for our teachers and staff and is efficient and helpful to all. Not only is he effective in his job but he is always looking for ways to improve the school.
Kennedy High Angelyn Kiester Angelyn is constantly "fighting the good fight" in supporting parents, staff, and students as well as keeping everyone on task with deadlines, substitutes, and processes. She runs a tight ship and is always professional and welcoming in her demeanor towards others. In short, she is a great first impression for all who visit JFKHS.
Leitch Elementary Rachel Gai Rachel is a wonderful addition to Leitch. She is a great help in supporting all our students. In just a short amount of time she has been in every classroom introducing herself to students. She is proactive and a hard worker. Rachel is extremely supportive to staff and administration.
Maloney Elementary Manisha Bhagat Manisha has served the Maloney community for the past 12 years as a noon supervisor. She is very kind and attentive in her role. She represents the best of what Tom Maloney believes in, promoting a fun, nurturing environment that allows students the opportunity to grow and learn through play and social development. Manisha is a great asset and we are lucky to have her on our team.
Mattos Elementary Denise Liss Denise Liss is an amazing paraprofessional who goes above and beyond to serve students, her class, our school and the community. She is a dedicated advocate for children who is patient, caring and knowledgeable. Her work at Mattos is highly valued by all who know and work with her.
Millard Elementary Daylen Cofoed Daylen has a wonderfully positive attitude and disposition. He spreads his sunny cheerfulness throughout the campus as he completes his work each day. Daylen is amazing with our students, going out of his way to offer support whenever needed. He makes connections with students and makes a difference in their lives. Our entire community knows we can always count on Daylen. He takes pride in our campus, working tirelessly to make Millard shine.
Mission San Jose Elementary Kim Strack Kim has been working at MSJE for the past 7 months and truly brings a positive outlook to her job daily. She greets each parent, student or staff member with respect and makes sure that any issue is solved as quickly as possible.
Mission San Jose High Brian Soria Brian, who has also served as the Baseball coach, goes above and beyond in his classes. Brian's main concern is content, however he has a keen interest in the mental health and well-being of his students. To that end, Brian took a tool from a professional development, a "Menti" and surveyed his incoming 10th graders on the first day of school asking them to describe the last year. He then shared those results with the ILT. Brian then took it a step further and had parents at Back-to-School Night answer the same question of sorts, what word do you think your child would use to describe their 9th grade year? Brian then imposed the student and parent results as a way to spark conversation and a way to assure parents and students that he was committed to improving the results and making 10th grade a healthy and happy year for all learners.
Mission Valley Elementary Rebecca Sevilla Becky goes out of her way to ensure all students have the support necessary to be successful throughout the day. She always maintains professionalism when addressing students with behavior challenges. She treats all students as if they are her own children, ensuring they they have a positive experience at school. Becky also goes out of her way to support all staff members and mentors other para educators (including subs) to ensure each and every student has their needs met. Becky is a true member of the Mission Valley Family and encourages others to participate in social and other staff events.
Niles Elementary Shilpa Verma At the time of this nomination, the wonderful Shilpa Verma has moved to a new position at Centerville JHS. However, whether at Niles or another site, she is wholly dedicated to supporting her students. She takes it upon herself to learn about how to best address student needs through research. She is patient, collegial, intuitive, caring and a true life-long learner. She is missed at Niles, but we wish her the best in her new position.
Oliveira Elementary Liz Lascheck Liz is a dedicated employee who cares about not only the look of the Oliveira campus but also serving our students. She is consistently positive and goes out of her way to meet the needs of teachers and staff. Liz is always on top of what needs to be accomplished on our campus and finds a way to get things done. She is approachable and definitely a TEAM player.
Parkmont Elementary Debbie Grant Debbie is a wealth of knowledge! She has become such an integral part of our Parkmont Office Team! She steps up and steps in whenever we need her without us even having to ask. Her positive energy and amazing efficiency makes her one of a kind. Now if only she would agree to work full time! :)
Patterson Elementary Elizabeth Alexander Ms. Alexander is a wonderful team member at Patterson. She has brought so much joy to our library and she has also worked very hard to expand our library collection. She has a passion for the work that she does and when she reads to our students their faces light up as Ms. Alexander brings the book to life. We are very fortunate that Ms. Alexander is a Panther!
Robertson/Vista Tzu-Chien Wang Tzu-Chien Wang has been a wonderful addition to RHS. As the only CNA on campus, she has built strong relationships with both students and staff. She is a team player and always participates in school functions.
Thornton Junior High Karlena Hammill Mrs. Hammill has been vital to our implementation of FLEX and the Teachmore program. Her library is packed with students signing up for their choices. She has handled the masses! Her library is filled to capacity before school, during lunch and after school. It is truly a model library because of the changes she has made to get the students in!!
Vallejo Mill Elementary Sandra Smith Sandy is a valued part of our school community. Her collaborative, calming, and caring spirit with students, visitors, and volunteers add positivity to the office and school climate. In addition to maintaining efficient attendance and student records, she is dependable, works well with our secretary, and goes above and beyond when needed! I appreciate her being a team player!
Walters Junior High Cheryl Baldwin Cheryl has worked very hard to make a smooth beginning of the year. Her registration skills and the art of relationships are evident every day.
Warm Springs Elementary Katie Hart Katie has worked diligently to get Warm Springs Elementary's COST team up and running. She has collaboratively built structures and fine-tuned procedures to facilitate the referral and review process. Watching Katie to develop her leadership capacity has been wonderful.
Warwick Elementary Saranyan Subhasree This year has been a challenging year for Mrs. Shuba but no matter what has been thrown at her she maintains a positive attitude and comes to work with a big smile on her face. She has tons of patience and high standards for all kids.
Washington High Laura Schrenk Laura is working very hard to help students transition from Centerville to Washington. Laura runs Washington's COST team, she is the LINK crew leader, she helped created our new "transition" Health/Civics class, and she is helping with our new PEER Resource class.
Weibel Elementary Dora Vasquez Dora is always working hard to make a smooth beginning of the year for our Weibel families. We were able to launch Online Maze Day once again this year due to all her diligent hard work. She holds the office down and we can all count on her!
District/Dept. Staff Name Reason
Facilities/Construction Carol Lemos Carol is my right arm - without her, I couldn't pick up anything. She really manages the front for our department pleasantly and courteously.
Purchasing/Warehouse Kathy Ziakas Kathy has outstanding organization knowledge and dedicated employee. She always has the best interests of students in mind with the quality of her work.
Transportation Martha Esparza Martha Esparza single handedly made the start of school happen from a routing standpoint this year. She was directly responsible for building and routing all 700 plus curb to curb students. Our special education transportation was extremely successful thanks to Martha's hard work and dedication to the mission.
Human Resources Classified Gayle Cree Gayle is extremely conscientious in the work she produces, she is thoughtful in her approach and very thorough and professional in all aspects of her role as a Personnel Technician. HR can always count on Gayle’s institutional knowledge and her positive can-do style is a bonus!
Human Resources Certificated Sandy Green Sandy works very hard to insure that we are in compliance with credentialing of certificated staff. She is always willing to assist staff members and think outside of the box in order to help resolve issues that may arise. In addition, she has a wealth of knowledge and is our "go to" person on credemtialing related guidelines.
Curriculum & Instruction Deepa Iyer Deepa makes sure all our professional development happens. She handles the details--entering the class into ERO, monitoring enrollment, working closely with coaches, printing and organizing materials, often setting up rooms, and tracking attendance. She supports the entire C&I staff with a big smile and a "Can Do" attitude.
Assessment & Accountability Juli Mackie Juli has taken on an additional role providing teacher support with Engrade this year and has done a fantastic job navigating all of the technical chaos with calm and grace.
Fed & State Angela Ekman Angela is an employee that goes above and beyond everything she does. She always pitches in when we are in a crunch. She is extremely positive, upbeat and provides stellar customer service. I have received many emails from administrators letting me know how wonderful of an employee she is. Angela always meets her deadlines and is extremely passionate about supporting our English learners.
Elementary Education Jamie Whitelaw Jamie is a wonderful asset and addition to our team. She quickly learned the "Fremont way" and is always flexible and positive. If she doesn't know the answer to a question, she knows how to quickly research and learn to best support our schools. We are fortunate to have found Jamie.
Superintendent's Office Deanna Wendel Deanna personifies selfless service to the District. After more than 20 years in various roles in FUSD, Deanna retired this month and is off to greener pastures. When I was hired five years ago as Asst. Superintendent of Instruction, Deanna showed me the ropes and helped me learn the ins and outs of the "Fremont Way". I am forever indebted to her for that passing on of knowledge and support throughout my tenure here. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement, Deanna!