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Shout Out - Nov/Dec 2018
Posted 11/20/18

Bruno WhittleMike TrippRecently, Dr. Wallace announced her 'Superintendent Shout Outs' - of those nominees, a site staff member and District Office staff member were selected at random for special recognition. Selected this month were Niles Elementary Lead Noon Supervisor, Bruno Whittle, and FUSD Warehouse Driver, Michael Tripp.

November/December nominees:

School Staff Name Reason
Adult Education Donna Upchurch Donna quietly and steadily works to ensure that complicated state and federal budget requirements are met, helping us maintain fiscal solvency. She is a critical staff member. Without her expertise and accounting knowledge, it would be difficult to manage the budget requirements of the school.
American High Brock Morais Brock joined AHS at the end of last year and he quickly established himself as an asset to our staff. He suggested new ideas to our parking lot and bus pick-up that have brought many parent compliments. Brock is always professional and helpful in the variety of situations that happen in a school day. He is doing a great job at helping keep AHS a safe campus for all our students.
Brier Elementary Kevin Eckerdt Kevin has been a dedicated custodian at Brier for the past seven years. Throughout his tenure here, he has always been conscientious about his duties. Maintaining a safe and clean campus is his number one priority. Aside from his exceptional performance, he holds a "Fun Fact" Friday for the students, asking them questions and rewarding them for correct responses. Students look forward to this every week. It makes the Friday lunch engaging and fun!
Cabrillo Elementary Ana Ramos de Montes Ana joined Cabrillo at the end of the year last year and has helped update the system used to manage the purchase of items needed for the custodial team. When she was hired, Ana took it upon herself to inventory all supplies at Cabrillo then prepare a spreadsheet with the inventory on hand. She is able to communicate effectively with the office staff by using the Custodian Team Drive where she maintains her inventories, orders, and sub plans for the day and night custodian.
Centerville Junior High Jeannine Schneider Ms. Schneider is an amazingly talented secretary with an incredible sense of customer service. She is always a professional and helps to make the many wheels of our Junior High School run smoothly. Every Monday, Ms. Schneider provides home baked goodies for all that come through the office. She organizes staff functions and provides opportunities for our staff to better know each other. Ms. Schneider is always positive and when things get a little crazy she can be counted on to provide sound advice. Her knowledge and history with Fremont USD is unmatched. One thing many people don't know is that Jeannine has an excellent sense of humor, whether it be stuffing a big blow up decoration in an office, or papering the principal's office with Bosses Day posters, she is quick to provide laughter, joy and a positive attitude.
Chadbourne Elementary Trudy Wentworth Trudy Wentworth for keeping me afloat and sain. She dives in to all situations and helps out everywhere she can. I would be a wreck if it were not for here saving me and guiding me. She goes above and beyond for our students, staff and community. She never misses an opportunity to say hello, bye and ask how peoples day are when they come in the office.
Forest Park Elementary Phil Humphreys Phil has been at Forest Park for MANY years. He attends every Forest Park event and supports the school in countless ways. Phil organized our traffic drop off and pick up and trains 5th and 6th grade students to be Safety Patrol leaders. Students, families, and teachers love Phil and truly appreciate his hard work and dedication. If we need something done Phil is always happy to help. His dedication to Forest Park is second to none!
Glankler Preschool Paul Oliphant Paul is new to Glankler this year; however, he has already made HUGE contributions to our program. He plans thematic music assemblies monthly for our students at both school sites to the delight of our preschoolers who dance around and play musical instruments. In addition, this weekend, he will represent Glankler in the staff competition of FUSD's Got Talent. When he is not performing and song-writing, he is doing an excellent job providing therapy to students and participating in IEP meetings with parents.
Glenmoor Elementary Karen McCluskey Karen is not only balancing her own large caseload but has also taken on being case manager for both of our SDC classes filling in for teacher who are out. She has done this all with a smile! Karen is an advocate for our students ensuring that they are in the least restrictive environment and being challenged at whatever level they are. She is always checking in on her students during lunch or recess to make sure they are practicing their skills. Karen is an asset to our Glenmoor Family.
Gomes Elementary Contiza Collantes-Kathan Contiza is the glue that holds us together. She has a strenth when it comes to technology. Because of all these things we depend on her and she always comes through.
Green Elementary Sam Clemens We are lucky to have Sam at Green. He takes pride in his work and always makes sure our school is safe and ready for students each morning. During the many years that he has worked here, he has built relationships with the Green community. Each day Sam receives many random calls from the office to clean up messes around campus; he gets to them quickly and never complains.
Grimmer Elementary Laura Garcia Laura is always there to support our families, students and staff. She does everything from working with our newcomers to translating correspondence for newsletters. She has been a support to the Grimmer community for over 10 years, She attends all school events with a smile and greets everyone with a warm and friendly attitude. She helps to make Grimmer a welcoming school for all.
Hirsch Elementary Alana Pierce Alana is an amazing staff member. She works tirelessly to make sure that our students (and sometimes staff) get fed quickly and efficiently. She greets every student with a smile even when the line doesn't seem like it will come to an end! One of her talents include knowing almost all of the names of every student who passes through the line. She will fill in for breakfast when it is needed and is always trying to help things run even more smoothly than they do. She has even gone above and beyond to support students being picked up at the end of the day. Thanks for being a BULLDOG, Alana!
Horner Junior High Virginia Wong Virginia is a consistent, reliable and resourceful school secretary. She finds ways to meet the needs of a very large student, staff and parent body. In addition, she supports the Admin team and works tirelessly to get all jobs done. The energy level she displays is amazing, and we often wonder how she moves she quickly. She wears many hats, and does not hesitate to help out with any task. She has a calm demeanor, which is a plus in a junior high! She is respectful of others and professional. She is an invaluable member of the Horner team.
Irvington High Roxsan Agront Roxsan is wonderful addition to IHS. She is such a welcoming face to our new families and provides excellent customer service. She goes above and beyond with the amount of time she spends with them and is willing to answer any question and accommodate their needs. She is also a wonderful team player and an important member of our clerical staff. She always has a smile on her face no matter how early in the morning or late in the evening it is. She is a huge asset and we are all very appreciative of her.
Leitch Elementary Tanya Escobar Tanya is a hard worker and dedicated to her assigned schools. She is new to the position, however it seems she has been here for years. Tanya knows all procedures and protocols and works hard to make sure we are always in compliance. She calls parents without hesitation and is willing to attend SARP meetings, SST meetings or COST when needed. She comes in everyday with a smile and is truly a joy to work with.
Maloney Elementary Angie Andersen Miss Angie has been a part of Maloney for over 20 years. She is always warm and welcoming to each individual who walks in the Maloney office. She develops deep relationships with families while supporting them through the good and the bad. Besides being there for the community and staff, Miss Angie always has my back! Honestly, I don't know what Maloney would do without her!
Mattos Elementary Becky Galloway Becky is an expert leader at our school. She does so much for students, staff, and parents always working to make our school an organized, high functioning educational institution. Her expertise has served her as a mentor secretary, site leader, team player, and educational advocate. Becky works extremely hard to provide outstanding service to our community and her reputation as a knowledgeable and extremely capable secretary is well deserved. I feel lucky to work with such a wonderful leader, learner, and thinker.
Millard Elementary Terrie Kaczmarek Terrie is an icon at Millard. Having worked here for many years, she holds a wealth of historic knowledge about our site. Terrie is extremely capable, dependable, and well-organized. Not only does her work stand out as top-notch, she is a joy to work with everyday. She gives tender care to our students, is delightful with parents, and is loved and appreciated by our entire staff.
Mission San Jose Elementary Rene Carranza Rene has been such a positive worker since he arrived two years ago. He is always here on time and gets to work right away. He takes his position very seriously. The campus is free of trash and other unwanted items. Besides making the campus welcoming, he interacts with students and makes sure they are having a good day. On his own, he helps supervise our valet pick up and directs parents to follow the rules of the road. He is always finding other things to do around campus once his daily tasks are completed. I have the utmost trust in Rene that he is on top of things and has the best interest of MSJE when it comes to his duties.
Mission San Jose High Alice Washington Alice is a true professional who takes immense pride in her work.  The 5 acre campus has never looked so good.  From the moment Alice arrives on site at 6:00 AM she has either broom or blower in hand.  She ensures leaves, debris, and anything else that is unsightly is removed.  Alice is friendly to ALL students, staff and visitors.  Beyond that, Alice takes time to ask those in our campus community how THEY are doing.  She listens to hear and help rather than to simply respond.  Alice is an unsung hero and her attitude and efforts should be applauded.
Mission Valley Elementary Michael Rivera Michael always steps up to the plate and offers help to everyone on our campus. He is an amazingly dedicated teacher to his students. He goes out of his way to support each and everyone and ensure they know he truly cares about them. While he continues to help the staff with curricular items, he has also stepped up and taken on student council. He is a person with great integrity and one who is a true role model for our students.
Niles Elementary Bruno Whittle Bruno has been coming to Niles every day for over 4 years to work with our kids. He is the go-to person at lunch for students who need support with everything from conflict resolution to untangling the tetherball rope. He has a knack for working calmly through situations and for building rapport with the students. He helps orient new supervisors and created a supervisor email group to assist with communication. He also served as a last-minute chaperone for a very rainy science camp when another chaperone became ill. He is truly a member of the Niles staff and family.
Oliveira Elementary Jenny Inman Jenny has worked tirelessly to set up COST at Oliveira. She has a passion for helping all students on our campus and wants to find a way to help them. Jenny has a gift of listening to teacher input when running a COST meeting and helping the TEAM think of strategies. She continues to work on setting up a flow for intervention to assist teachers in next steps. Jenny has a positive attitude which assists with teachers feeling comfortable when attending meetings. She consistently works hard to see that COST on the Oliveira campus runs smoothly and students needs are met.
Parkmont Elementary Sarah Cabral Sarah is one of our Noon Supervisors and is a ray of sunshine at all times. She is always willing to listen to the students, try to help them make better decisions and keep them safe. She has taken on the task to create a schedule for the other Noon supervisors, train new noon supervisors, and helps communicate important messages. She is reliable and responsible and we are really lucky she continues to work at Parkmont, since both of her children have moved on to Centerville and Washington. Thank you so much Sarah!!
Patterson Elementary Jillian VanLuchem Jillian began at Patterson this year. She has been working very hard to learn all that she can in order to support our students and our school community. Jillian has a great work ethic and is a team player. She greets everyone that comes through our doors and does so in a manner that is warm and friendly. She has embraced the Panther pride and is a great addition to our school. We are very fortunate to have her in our team!
Robertson/Vista Duarte Teixeira As the lead custodian, Mr. Teixeira has a work ethic that is second to none. He takes pride in the quality of work he produces, he is thorough, and has an overall understanding of the position. Going above and beyond is the norm for Mr. Texiera. After a big storm or in preparation of an event, it is not uncommon that Duarte is here on his own time. He is an integral part of the RHS team and all staff appreciate the hard work Mr.Teixeira produces to make their environment clean and ready for learning. He is able to work independently and is very resourceful in resolving issues that arise. He is an outstanding employee and the RHS team is lucky to have him.
Thornton Junior High Barbara Roberts Barbara Roberts has been a dedicated paraeducator in Fremont for over 30 years. She goes out of her way to support the students and classroom teacher. She enjoys working with the students and seeing their progress throughout the school year. The students also enjoy working with her and appreciate her caring efforts in their success.
Vallejo Mill Elementary Lisa Roszel Lisa is a reliable and resourceful LMT. She works well independently and with others. She coordinates our book fairs with much success and has stocked our library with many new books. She continuously inspires and encourages students to read through contests and by modeling her love of reading. Lisa is well liked by all and often goes above and beyond to help in any capacity when needed. When it pertains to books and reading, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge that make her an asset to our school community.
Walters Junior High Alana Sumbler Alana works extremely hard to be accurate while doing Walters attendance records. She continues to educate herself with Board Policy and California law. Her relationships with students and guardians is positive and supportive.
Warm Springs Elementary Karyn Uyehara Karyn Uyehara is our crossing guard warrior! She has gone above and beyond to keep our students safe, by going out early for crossing duty, seeking out the proper training and qualifications, and does this all on her own time. She sometimes goes out to help when she doesn't have yard duty. Thank you Karyn for keeping out community safe and for sacrificing some of your morning time to do this!
Washington High Julie Johnson Julie is a true professional who possesses a tremendous work ethic and an integrity that lifts the entire office up. Julie has a great sense of humor and she gets along well with students. Washington is lucky to have Julie Johnson working in the office.
Weibel Elementary Annette Mastroieni Nettie has been a wonderful resource at Weibel for the staff. She has been our part time OA1 for couple years. At numerous times she has filled in as a substitute for our OA1/Attendance clerk and our secretary. She is someone we rely on heavily and really lucky to have at our site.
District/Dept. Staff Name Reason
Budget, Audit, Attendance Betty Ng Betty is the most senior member of the Budget, Audit & Attendance team. Betty is a true picture of punctuality and perfectionism. Because of her experience and knowledge she maintains complete grasp of the budgets she is responsible for, including some of the most complicated budgets, such as the Special Education. We are happy to recognize her loyalty to Fremont Unified School District.
Purchasing/Warehouse Michael Tripp Mike has a wealth of experience and does a fantastic job of meeting the needs of the departments the warehouse serves. Whenever an unexpected situation arises, Mike always rises to the moment and makes sure the issue is resolved and always keeps in mind the best interests of our students. As an example, when the district experienced a power outage at Irvington High School, Mike coordinated with the other warehouse drivers outside his normal work hours and brought the frozen and refrigerated food back to the district freezer/cooler. This ensured there would be no food spoilage as a result of the power outage.
Human Resources Carrie Pepares Carrie has a very pleasant demeanor and is always willing to help anyone who may need it. She is a true team player and a hard worker. Carrie understands several aspects within the HR office since she sat in several positions.
Curriculum & Instruction Jessica Andrade-Azua Jessica is the newest member of the C&I Department and she has jumped in with both feet! She has shown tremendous initiative both in learning the Destiny computer system and in making connections with the professionals who run our school libraries. She is already looking for ways to improve our service to students, teachers, and LMTs / Teacher Librarians. We are very pleased to have her working with us!
Assessment & Accountability Erin Dahl Erin is extremely knowledgeable (especially in everything CAASPP) and an incredible resource in the area of Assessment and Accountability for FUSD.
Fed & State Leticia Villarreal Leticia is the Senior Language Technician who has served English learners in FUSD for many years. Leticia is extremely helpful and passionate when working with families and students . For our students and parents, Leticia is sometimes the first FUSD employee that they have been in contact with and she always greets them with a huge smile. She is a great asset to Federal and State Programs. Leticia is a team player and always willing to support her colleagues, provide primary language assessments for Spanish speaking students, support the department goals and ensuring that we are in compliance with federal and state regulations.
Student Support Services Janet Shue I would like to recognize Janet Shue. She recently celebrated her 19th year in the district and her 5th year in Student Support Services. A couple of her core values are loyalty and dedication. From the first day I met her, she has always been a strong supporter of Fremont Unified School District and Student Support Services. Whenever anyone talks to her, it is evident that she believes in public education and FUSD. She is also a very hard worker and extremely willing to do whatever it takes to help SSS. She arrives early each day and gladly accepts the roles and responsibilities she has been given. She has accepted another aspect of her job, which is mentoring the new clerks in the department. Her institutional knowledge is invaluable to help train the new clerks and, at the same time, she is able to learn and adapt to new approaches and procedures. In addition to her loyalty and dedication to SSS, she also plays a foundation role in helping the department and district office build relationships. She wants people to feel special and recognized. She spearheads our Sunshine Committee and everyone in our department has a special and unique celebration on their birthday (come down and see their desk streamers). She also played a key role in organizing the district craft faire. This is another example of bringing people together and helping people build positive professional relationships. I firmly believe Janet should be recognized.