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Shout Out - January 2019
Posted 1/20/19

Linda BrooksLourdes Andrade TorresDr. Wallace announced her 'Superintendent Shout Outs' - of those nominees, a site staff member and District Office staff member were selected at random for special recognition. Selected this month were Mission San Jose Elementary CNS account clerk, Linda Brooks, and FUSD Budget, Audit, Attendance Account Tech., Lourdes Andrade Torres.

January nominees:

School Staff Name Reason
Adult Education Monique Edwards Monique has gone above and beyond in her new role as School Secretary, organizing various school events, ensuring that all facility issues are taken care of, and working diligently to have a smooth functioning front office.
American High Jeanne Burch Jeanne has served as the Account Clerk for many years and she does an outstanding job overseeing our accounts and their compliance. What makes Jeanne so valuable to AHS is her work with students, particularly the ASB. She is always supportive of student activities and events and she gives them the guidance to make sure their big ideas come to fruition.
Ardenwood Elementary Adrien Gleason In an environment where oftentimes science and technology receive the bulk share of the limelight, Mr. Gleason’s music instruction provides much appreciated artistic inspiration.  Mr. Gleason welcomes students into a rhythmically rich environment where they have access to instruments and sounds from across the globe.  With his unique talents, Mr. Gleason advises the Ardenwood Chamber Choir where exceptional students not only showcase their unique talents but also learn about the culture and history of the musical compositions they perform.  Mr. Gleason routinely works for the acquisition of additional site resources for his students through donation solicitations and recently has procured a classroom set of guitars which students are currently enjoying the use of. 
Brier Elementary Karen Haslinger Karen is an amazing instructional aide who is an integral part of our instructional team. She always puts students first and is cognizant of their social emotional needs as well as academic needs. Karen also heads-up our Safety Patrol before school. Her concern and care of student safety is paramount. She continuously monitors the students, cars and pedestrians, ensuring adherence to the safety procedures. I admire Karen's passion and am thankful to have her as part of the Brier community!
Brookvale Elementary Alysia Coco Alysia is always on campus supporting students and student activities.  Alysia donates her time at school events, serves as our schools noon duty supervisor and helps in a variety of ways.  She works in the classroom as a volunteer and has an exceptional rapport with parents, students and staff.  She is an asset to our school and is valuable member of our community.  
Cabrillo Elementary Miss Lynette Miss Lynette is a well-liked and respected member of our team of yard duties. She shows up every morning to support drop off then rejoins us for the lunch span.  What makes this employee stand out is her commitment to community. Miss Lynette does not now nor has ever had a child attending Cabrillo. She approached me last year to ask if she could volunteer at Cabrillo to support the kids. She is now a paid member of our strong team of yard duties. It is individuals like Miss Lynette whose support of the educational enterprise links the community to schools.
Centerville Junior High Kathy Hebert Ms. Hebert is an exceptional para educator always willing to go above and beyond for each of our Centerville Mustangs.  She works directly with our special education program supporting a wide variety of students with varying needs.  Ms. Hebert also takes a group of students to help with Math skills during her homeroom time.  Most importantly, Ms. Hebert brings a great sense of humor, a positive attitude, and a feeling of joy in all that she does.  Ms. Hebert is truly a dedicated Centerville Mustang and we are all grateful for all she does! 
Chadbourne Elementary Mary Bessler Mary has come to Chadbourne and she reads to ALL students and is a great resource for students and teachers.  She has a wonderful enthusiasm for introducing reading to our students.  Our Library has had a face lift since she has been here.  She has a great relationship with students and staff.
Durham Elementary Alfredo Segura Alfredo is an extremely hard working individual who keeps high standards in his job. He is very helpful to staff, students, and parents, We are so very lucky to have Alfredo lead our custodial team!
Forest Park Elementary Subhashita Narne Subha is such an asset to our noon duty team. She is punctual and we can always count on her to support in any way we need her help. When my lead noon supervisor is out Subha always steps up to fill in and take over his duties. She works well with other supervisors, takes direction well, and takes great initiative. I enjoy having Subha on campus because she treats all students and staff with the highest amount of respect! She is a wonderful asset to us at Forest Park!
Glankler Preschool Diane Dooley Beyond the wealth of experience she brings to her assignment as a program specialist, Ms. Dooley’s personal qualities and exemplary work ethic set her apart from her colleagues. Ms. Dooley consistently demonstrates integrity, maintains confidentiality, is reflective in her practice, is an active listener, is intuitive, and is able to think on her feet. These qualities are essential when working with a team of professionals, along with parents, with the goal of obtaining positive outcomes, especially during difficult or contentious IEP meetings. I have had almost daily opportunities to observe Ms. Dooley over the past eight years during IEP meetings, staff meetings, and in informal dealings with staff on a variety of topics, and she has been instrumental in the increases in my own personal growth and knowledge as the administrator of our special needs’ preschool programs as well as that of my staff.
Glenmoor Elementary Marilyn Dung Marilyn has been a part of the Glenmoor Community long enough that everyone knows to go to her for help and assistance. She is meticulous with her record keeping and takes care of students, teachers, staff, and the principal always with a smile. She is an asset to the entire Glenmoor Community!
Green Elementary Catherine Rice Catherine is an excellent teacher, who goes the extra mile to support our students at Green. She has opened her classroom this year for other teachers in FUSD by providing a professional development on GLAD practices. Catherine is always looking for new teaching strategies and different ways to reach her students. 
Grimmer Elementary Ermalinda Hokett Ermalinda has been a noon supervisor and volunteer crossing guard for more than 10 years.  She is always on time, cares deeply for students & staff alike. She is the lead noon supervisor and has saved the lives/prevented serious injury of more than one student in her tenure from crazy drivers on the road.  She is the first person people see in the morning. She greets everyone with a smile and makes people happy daily!
Hirsch Elementary Angela (Angie) Sheldon Angie is an outstanding paraeducator and former Hirsch parent. She is a valuable asset to our Hirsch community. Angie is always available to provide help and support to any of our staff. She helps out with decorative classroom flags, sound system setup, basketball scoreboards and score keeping to just name a few! She goes the extra mile in everything she does and we are so appreciative to have her talents here at Hirsch.
Horner Junior High Sonal Patel  Sonal Patel has a passion for helping students develop an interest in reading. She has started a special English Learner section of the library, and reads to the Moderate/ Severe students regularly.  The library is a welcoming place at Horner, and students pack it full everyday.  Ms. Patel takes special care to keep a diverse set of reading material for students.  Ms. Patel is a member of the School Site Council and provides valuable input at these meetings.  She is kind and thoughtful and an important part of the Horner staff. 
Irvington High Dana Kleinsasser Dana's sense of humor and competence are two traits that we value at IHS.  She is knowledgeable about all of the policies and procedures when it comes to all things attendance and is willing to hold students and parents accountable.  However, she does it with such kindness, positivity and humor that everyone who encounters her has an enjoyable experience.  She is a true asset to IHS.
Leitch Elementary Ashley Metcalfe Ashley's passion is contagious.  She is extremely positive and a wonderful teacher.  She makes learning fun and builds relationships with all students she interacts with.  Ashley is always looking for ways to improve her own learning and isn't afraid to take risks and try new things if she thinks it will benefit her students.   
Maloney Elementary Marisa Garcia Marisa has been part of the Maloney office staff for many years. Her kindness and understanding when communicating with families is her greatest asset. She is a professional when dealing with staff members and administration, and is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to doing her job. Marisa is always willing to lend a hand when we need her, and always has a positive attitude. Maloney is very lucky to have her! 
Mattos Elementary Sheri Mejia Sheri Mejia is a wonderful addition to Mattos this year. Her positive attitude, willingness to assist students, staff, and the community add sparkle to our office and make it a great place to get assistance. Sheri is super on top of constantly learning and building capacity in her position. She is a joy to know and work with as she is truly a caring, dedicated, and awesome person who cares deeply about doing a great job.
Millard Elementary Renee Jones Always ready with a quick smile, Renee is the bright and sparkly face of Millard.  Renee not only keeps our school running smoothly, she makes everyone feel happy, just by being in her presence.  Combine her outgoing personality and contagious laugh with her secretarial skills and efficiency, and Renee equals the best secretary a school could ever have!
Mission San Jose Elementary Linda Brooks Linda is our CNS account clerk who is fully committed to doing her job. She arrives early and always checks in with the office for any necessary last minute changes. Her attention to detail is evident as when students arrive to lunch, the food is out, drinks are ready and more importantly, she greets each student as they check in before getting their lunch. Linda's pride is also evident by our yearly health inspection reports as the lunch area always passes on the first inspection without needs to address. Our students are eating the best quality food possible in a clean environment and no one leaves without having something for lunch.
Mission San Jose High Lindsay Rotter Lindsay serves as a counselor at MSJHS and is the counselor department chair.  Today a parent came to see me and told me that without Ms. Rotter's interventions with her daughter, she would definitely not be coming to school and may not even be with us anymore.  She said that Ms. Rotter is kind, eager to help anyone, and effective in making kids feel important and heard.  I echo these sentiments.  Lindsay is a star on staff who puts what is best for kids at the forefront of all decisions. She is part of a team of counselors who has changed the role of the counselor to one who seeks out kids to support and guide ensuring that mental health is the focus.
Mission Valley Elementary Karen Hughes Karen's dedication to our students is admirable.  Karen is constantly finding ways to engage our students in fun-filled activities throughout the day.  She provides intramural activities for our 4th-6th graders during their lunch time (giving up much of her own time).  She is always willing to find a way to solve any problem and helps anyone needing it.  Karen truly does put KIDS first!
Niles Elementary Moira Jacobs Moira has been a noon supervisor at Niles since her own kids attended the school (they are all now in college!). Last year, she transitioned to our Resource Paraeducator position and we are thrilled to have her here for more than just lunchtime. She is intelligent, intuitive, and absolutely loves to work with our kids - particularly those that need some extra support. She has a knack for making challenging situations seem surmountable because she is calm and a skilled problem-solver. Nothing pleases her more than to see struggling students make academic progress. Thanks Moira!
Oliveira Elementary Christina Monkman Christina's passion for empowering student leaders is contagious.  She consistently finds the time to meet with the Oliveira Ambassador Council during the high demands of her current schedule.  The students on OAC are comfortable working with Mrs. Monkman and they know that their voices are heard.  The success of the Oliveira Ambassadors is in a large part because of the way she believes in their leadership and encourages ideas. 
Parkmont Elementary Lushia Villalobos/    Stella Pate Lushia and Stella volunteered to start a cheerleading team here at Parkmont for the first time ever!  These two are new to the grade level and/or to Parkmont and yet still decided to take on one more thing.  They are enthusiastic and having fun teaching our cheerleading squad cheers and dances to be performed at our basketball games this season!  Thank you!!
Patterson Elementary Camille Resendez Mrs. Resendez is dedicated to providing her students with quality education and making sure that they have the tools needed to succeed. She has an equity lens and advocates for her students. At the same, she collaborates with colleagues to find ways to build bridges between our school and home. The students feel safe and comfortable with her to be themselves and do their very best with the help of Mrs. Resendez. Mrs. Resendez is a great member of our team!
Robertson/Vista Delilah Hinojoza-Rood Mrs. H never skips a beat. Her humor, professionalism, and dedication to the school is consistent and genuine. Mrs. H contributes in many invaluable ways on campus. She provides meaningful feedback during meetings, works one-one-one with students to support their academics as well as their personal endeavors, and she even cooks breakfast for our students and families 4 times a year for students on the Principal's List. Mrs. H's kindness often works behind the scenes. She would not want this fact to be touted, so specifics will not be disclosed; however, her thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed.
Thornton Junior High Denise Mayfield Denise is very thorough and organized in her work of making sure the daily attendance is accurate and on time.  In addition, Mrs. Mayfield is very on top of the Independent Study contracts.  She works with families, explains the process, and makes sure teachers are complying to ensure $$$ for ADA is collected.  In addition to this, Mrs. Mayfield is constantly helping injured students, along with other numerous tasks.
Vallejo Mill Elementary Lisa Treverton Lisa is a valued para-educator with a positive, caring attitude.  She is friendly, conscientious, thoughtful, and well-liked by students, staff, and families.  Not to mention, she is an amazing baker and often bakes goodies for the staff!  At school, Lisa always puts kids first and is willing to serve any student in need.  She has a special heart for students with autism and special needs.  She is highly dependable, extremely organized, works and takes direction well from her Resource Specialist in support of student learning and progress towards IEP goals, and has the ability to create and initiate projects/assignments as needed.  Overall, she has an excellent work ethic, and we are very lucky to have her as part of our staff!
Walters Junior High Imelda Ruiz Imelda has worked with our students at Walters in a variety of ways.  She thrives in Community Based Instruction, many levels of academics and subjects.  She works with our current students and former students (Kennedy) with school beautification and upkeep.  Imelda is a real treasure to all of us as she continues to support students, staff, and administration.
Warm Springs Elementary Ron Hartmangruber Ron has been an integral part of the Warm Springs community for several years.  His work ethic and positive attitude provides an excellent example to our students and results in a clean and well-maintained campus.  Everyone who knows Ron will agree that he is a great colleague and asset to our school.  We appreciate him so much!
Warwick Elementary April Tapha Madeson April Tapha Madeson is a wonderful noon supervisor. She is reliable and great at what she does. The students and staff love her. She has multiple duties in a given day but does everything with such a calm perspective. Everyone should be so lucky to have an April in their team.
Washington High Rhett Spitzak  Rhett has been the lead custodian at Washington for over 20 years and he does a very nice job leading his crew and being a conscientious worker. Rhett has a tremendous work ethic and Washington looks great because of his efforts. 
Weibel Elementary Shova Sharma Shova Sharma has been a para educator at Weibel for a M/M SDC class.  She goes above and beyond to support the students and the main teacher in the class.  She is calm and connects with the students in the class.  This past month, she encouraged many students to go out and try out for the basketball team.  She volunteered to help students that needed transportation after practices.  We are so grateful she is part of the Weibel team!
District/Dept. Staff Name Reason
Budget, Audit, Attendance Lourdes Andrade Torres Lourdes has been maintaining budgets of all  facility related funds including Measure E, Certificates of Participation (COPs), Sale of Site, and Developer/Mitigation Fees. In addition, Lourdes provides budgetary support to the Irvington attendance area, and the Adult Education Program. Lourdes goes above and beyond in providing the customer service to everyone. She is a perfectionist who excels in balancing the accounts. She is currently working on her MBA program in order to move into more responsible administrative positions.
Facilities/Construction Ken Blackstone Since joining FUSD less than one year ago in 2018, Ken has quickly become a valuable member of our facilities team.  He very adeptly handles groundbreaking and ribbon cutting ceremonies, board and committee meetings, and often takes the lead on various public communications. Ken also keeps up with, and actively contributes to our off-kilter sense of humor in our department. He is a keeper.
Transportation Alejandro Rodriguez (Alex) Alex goes beyond the call of duty day after day taking care of our staff, students, and families. Although Alex's title is Account Clerk III, the role he fills is like having another leader in our department assisting. He takes it upon himself to make sure everything runs well and that everyone knows what is going on even though this is not a duty required of him. He is always making sure everyone in the department has the tools needed to get the job done and feels like a part of our team. Alex demonstrates all the traits of a leader and is very capable of doing so for Fremont USD in the future. Alex is the type of employee FUSD should retain, train, and promote for our future. It is a pleasure to have Alex as a part of the Transportation team.
Human Resources Angela Montoya Angela does a great job managing our hiring portal (EdJoin).  She is constantly updating postings and most recently, has updated the entire FUSD EdJoin portal.  Her diligence assists us in our ability to hire candidates in a timely fashion.
Curriculum & Instruction Maleki Lopez Maleki knows everything that is going on in C&I. She keeps track of people, processes, emails, phone calls, and everything else. She is calm and organized, but don't be fooled -- she can hold the line when needed. She is my right hand and I would be hard pressed to do this job without her.
Fed & State Catrina Aguilar  Catrina has transformed the type of services that we provide our immigrant students and families. She joined Fed & State over a year ago and has really been a great asset to our team. She is always willing to support her colleagues and take on any responsibilities that are needed. She is our lead on Parent Cafes which she is coordinating all aspects of the program to help staff implement them at our schools to provide a safe space for parents to organically learn from one another and strengthen the home and school connection.
Secondary Education Ana Esquivel Ana has been a great addition to the team.  She is a friendly voice to parents when they call and she has great follow thru.